The famous and powerful Akashi clan was feared and respected by many across the land. The newly assigned head of the clan was a young, but quite intelligent male. The red head, although new to the job, has already made quite a name for himself. Amongst the other clans that are always vying for territory, many already accepted the younger male as a strong rival despite them being older, and would definitely want respect from the younger leaders.

"Hmm.. I do not seek respect from those who does not serve me." Akashi murmured, his eyes still on the newspaper when his childhood friends (though he rather call them his acquaintances) talked about what their parents had spoke about.

"Aka-chin, you're so cold towards the other clan leaders." Murasakibara mused, chewing on the mochi the maids had left as refreshments for the few young masters from neighboring clans.

There were always socializing amongst the clans, and the Akashi clan was no exception. Akashi met the other boys during his first social gathering with his father. The older men move to the other room, leaving the children to themselves. At first, it was all awkward and quiet, each child gazing at the others with wary, for they were taught by their fathers to always be cautious of their enemies. But of course, one case was different. Akashi Seijuro was different. He gazed at them with eyes that looked into their souls. "Akashi Seijuro." he introduced himself, giving a slight bow to the other children, an obvious hint that they should do the same as well.

"Midorima Shintarou."

"Name's Aomine Daiki."

"Uh.. My name is Murasakibara Atsushi."

"I'm Kuroko Tetsuya."

"Wa! Where did you come from!?"

Akashi folded the newspaper and placed it beside him. "I just don't see a need to be friendly towards those who are planning to take me down although they smile at me and praise me for my intelligence, which they probably do not take interest in." Akashi took his glasses off, keeping them into the box.

"S-Seijuro-sama.." a maid called out for the redhead with one of the male attendants with her, holding a rather unusual guest. "One of the villagers from Kaijou village brought him to us.." She gestured at the male the attendant want carrying. The other males present had their eyes on the 'gift'. Akashi's eyes glimmered for a moment, the mismatched hues gazed at the blond.

His skin was fair, his eyelashes were long. He had the looks of a girl.

Akashi got up from where he sat and the other males turned their attention to their group leader. They had all willingly chose Akashi as their leader in their hearts, because he was the first one among them to be made a clan leader, and the one who held most authority now, and they know, in the future as well.

"What are you gonna do with him?" Midorima spoke, turning his attention back to the nails he was filing. "He didn't seem to have come here willingly." The rest agreed, seeing the other has been obviously drugged. Akashi used a finger to brush away a lock of hair on the other's face. His skin was smooth as silk, he noted to himself before inching forward to place a kiss on the other's lips.

"Uwaa~ Aka-chin is so bold.." Murasakibara muttered, stuffing another mochi into his mouth to cope with his embarrassment after witnessing such a scene.

"Committing such acts in front of us." Midorima glared at him. "Today must be my unlucky day."

"Go get a room, Akashi-kun." Kuroko sighed.

"Yuck! I had no idea you were interested in males!" Aomine made a face.

Akashi moved back to study his new toy. "I like gifts." he said simply. "Especially gifts that are useful to me." he added, gesturing at the maid. "Have him rest in my room." he ordered, receiving a bow in reply. "And, Tetsuya.."

"Yes?" The other male looked up from his book.

"I hope you've already finished preparing the things I've ordered you to." Akashi sat back down and started to organize his paperwork.

"Yes." Kuroko replied, placing a bookmark between the pages and gently closed the book. "I'll bring it over after dinner." Kuroko added, bowing a little. "I'll be leaving to prepare it."

"Hmm, yes.." Akashi opened a drawer to slide some paper inside. "It's getting late, isn't it?" he lifted an eyebrow, turning to look at the others. They all nodded, taking the invitation to leave quietly.

"See you soon, Aka-chin~"

"You'd better bring something yellow around, Akashi."

"Cheh! You and your horoscopic crap!"

"Good bye, Akashi-kun."

Akashi gave a small wave. "I won't send you out." he muttered, watching them leave. It was only when they were out of sight when he got up and begin making his way to his room. Sliding the door open, he gazed at the sleeping form of the blond. "You seem like you'd interest me."