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The voice sounded in the silence between them. Their heads snapped towards the direction of it, finding the redhead, followed by a couple of servants.

"Yo, Akashi." He got up from the grass, followed by Kise who was busy patting the grass off his yukata to notice the glare Akashi gave. "You're up rather early." Aomine spoke quickly, sensing the tense atmosphere Akashi was imposing with his stares.

"Indeed." he replied.

"My father sent me to give you this." Aomine took out an envelope, a renewal of the alliance between the two clans.

"Alright," Akashi received the envelope and tapped it at his lips lightly. "I suppose you have no other business here, yes?"

"Yeah, I'll be going now. See you, Akashi." Aomine turned to glance at Kise who was listening and watching their conversation and gave him a little wave. "See ya." Kise gave a little bow, turning away from them entirely, missing out the brief exchange they had before Aomine left.
"Daiki, next time if you even dare see him alone, I will kill you."


Akashi smiled at his response, taking it as a yes, and returned to Kise. Kise had eyed the navy haired male leave before his eyes darted back to Akashi who was waving for the servants to leave. A show, perhaps, so that Aomine wouldn't push his luck. But Kise saw no point for the act. With such authority, who would?


"Huh?" Kise broke away from his thoughts.

"Stay away from Daiki."


"You're in no position to ask, Ryouta." was what the red head said before turning on his heels, and entering the house again, leaving Kise wondering about the sudden warning and order.

Kise found out that the person who came around the most was Kuroko Tetsuya. His family owned medical halls around the country, and they worked closely with the Akashi clan, probably for drug dealing.

Kise also slowly learned more about the other males that came. Midorima Shintarou's family specialized in jewelry (lucky charms mostly). Murasakibara Atsushi's family owned a renowned toy making company, which later expanded into the candy making industry. Lastly, Aomine's family literally owned the entire fishing industry. There are other smaller companies, but the Aomine clan was the biggest and most powerful.

All in all, all of them were of high status and from well-known families with power. Kise never dreamt he would ever look at them so up close. It was strange though, that Akashi had allowed him to sit in on their various discussions and meetings with him. Ever so often, Akashi would simply pull him into a kiss whenever he found the discussion boring or not to his interest. The others would make noise, use sarcasm, or cough for his attention. But none actually told him to stop. Kise could see mild amusement in Akashi's eyes whenever this happens. This man.. Really is seeking amusement in whatever he does. It may have seem like it's been very long since Kise stayed here, but actually, it has only been a week. Strange as it is, Akashi never touched him since. Kise was glad and grateful for that, but it scares him as well; a dreadful feeling of impending doom still lingers somehow.

Kise didn't like how close Akashi put him during the day, but totally closing him off during the night. Especially after what he had done to him. He almost hated him, but somehow, there was always something that made Kise curious of Akashi. Where were his parents? Why was he alone? Furthermore, what made a human turn into such a vicious and unfeeling creature?

Aomine had never liked Akashi bringing outsiders to discussions, and he was sure the others felt the same. But what can they say? Even their parents feared Akashi. If he was to ever defied Akashi, he was sure his parents would disown him entirely. Well, no matter, Kise being there, to him, was strangely acceptable. Aomine never felt pissed in his presence, since acquainting with him and knowing about him a little more than any other stranger that has ever stepped foot into their meetings. So he wasn't really a stranger to begin with.

What irked Aomine the most, surprising and confusing him, was when Akashi planted kisses on Kise. His cheeks, his neck, his lips. It wasn't because it was a boy-boy relationship that he was spectating, which he never liked. What he liked were well-endowed women who would readily throw themselves at his feet. Maybe it was because he knew Kise, and what kind of a person Akashi was. Not only that, he cpuld see that Kise was upset and uncomfortable with all these, evident in his constant blush and frown on his face. Embarrassment, was all Aomine could think of when it came down to what Kise was feeling. Knowing Akashi, he probably scared Kise into submitting to him. That was what he did to all his subjects, rendering them helpless, but very loyal.

Ah, he didn't really know what he was feeling or thinking actually. Throughout the week Kise was here, Kise had small talks with him. There was something about Kise which drew him to talk to him. Sometimes the urge became quite bad. He wanted to see that face. That sad face which would try his best to smile despite what he was going through. Those red eyes that probably were results from crying the night before because he missed home. Kise's stories about life outside were also interesting. Some times it was about heading to the mountains to fish or hunt. Some times it was about climbing trees and inventing games out of nothing. They always kept him occupied. But of course, they didn't meet all the time. Akashi's warning still echoed in his head, and he wouldn't dream or think about defying his orders. But Kise had somethinf that made him want to risk it. Well, it was thrilling to him as well, something he hadn't felt in a long time.