Hello everybody and welcome to Turn 9 of the Bonds Beyond Worlds series. I thank you for reading and enjoy the Prologue.

My Little Pony: Bonds Beyond Worlds Turn 9


"Thanks for coming everypony. I needed you here for a night of fun, and I have a new spell, courtesy of the Princess, that I would like to try out." Twilight Sparkle told the ponies in her living room for yet another one of her meet-ups with her friends.

"Ooooo, a spell? I can't wait to see it!" Pinkie Pie stated enthusiastically.

"Thanks for the joy Pinkie, but I'm actually not sure what the spell will do, so I'm a bit unsure about doing this." She replied.

"Well we'll all help ya' anyways! It's a spell from the Princess, so it can't be harmful at all." Applejack told her.

"Alright, if you're all fine with it, then." Twilight got the book off of the table and skimmed through it until she found the spell sent to her by Princess Celestia. "What? This spell doesn't make sense at all, well, at least the words that make it."

"What do they say?" Sasuke wondered.

"From one to another, another to one, a mark of one's destiny singled out alone fulfilled." As Twilight told them the spell, she didn't notice that her friends were all covered in her own magic aura.

"Um Twi, I think you might of just used the spell on us." Rainbow informed her.

"I did? Oh no. How are you all feeling?" She asked.

"I feel fine. I think it was a faulty spell." Lelouch told her.

"Princess Celestia did say that it was a spell that Star Swirled the Bearded didn't complete, but how did it work?" She wondered. "Well I guess it had to do something, or else I wouldn't be able to complete it like the Princess requested."

"Oh well, at least we're all together now! So let's get this small party started!" Pinkie Pie rushed into the kitchen and pulled out everything needed for a party into the living room. She placed a cake on the table and Twilight helped her by using magic to cut it into twelve pieces. She then used magic to place the pieces onto places, and Pinkie Pie smiled. "Aw Twilight you're such a sweetheart." Twilight smiled, and they all took their plates and sat down somewhere on the living room floor and talked amongst each other.

After about an hour, they all noticed that it was time for everypony to get back home. Sora and Pinkie Pie were the first to leave along with Rarity, then Applejack, Serah, and Noel left afterwards, and then finally Sasuke and Fluttershy left, leaving Rainbow Dash, Kairi, Lelouch, and Twilight in the living room. Rainbow flew over to the door to exit the house, and when she did, she looked back.

"Lelouch, let's get…" She stopped once she remembered that Lelouch was staying with Twilight now. "Whoops, my bad. Well, I'll see you three tomorrow then." She left the house, and Twilight noticed that Lelouch looked a bit saddened by her recent action.

"You know I'm perfectly fine if you'd like to stay with Rainbow Dash." She assured him.

"No, I'm fine here. It just brought back some memories, that's all, even if those memories were just a week old." He replied.

"Oh, well then I think it's time that the three of us go to sleep as well." Twilight suggested. Kairi made her way upstairs, followed by the other two, and they got into their designated beds.

"Well, goodnight you two." Kairi told them, using magic to turn off the light upstairs, causing Twilight to smile. As they were trying to sleep, Twilight tapped Lelouch on the shoulder.

"Is something wrong?" He asked her.

"Not really, the spell is still on my mind."

"Oh. Well don't worry about it too much. It didn't do anything, but then again you did wonder why Princess Celestia would send you a spell that had no effect at all. Your job is to complete the spell, remember, so maybe it didn't do anything but take the form of a spell." He suggested.

"I guess you could be right. We'll see if anything happens to you all tomorrow." Hopefully nothing does happen because then I'll need to find a spell to fix it.

"Don't think too hard about it. Well, goodnight Twilight."

"Goodnight Lelouch." She gave him a small peck on the cheek and they both closed their eyes and fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, Twilight opened her eyes and looked around in worry. I can't get the spell out of my mind. I possibly could have put my friends in danger. She noticed that her struggling woke up Lelouch and he looked at her.

"Let me guess, the spell's still on your mind?" She nodded. "Twilight don't worry about it. Look, I'm perfectly fine right now and so is Kairi. Just try to get some sleep okay?" He told her. She nodded and Lelouch closed his eyes, going back to sleep.

I hope you're right Lelouch.

So how was the Prologue? I'm pretty sure you all know where this is going, and I'm really excited to type this part of the story. It'll all get better soon, I promise. Well, thanks for reading the Prologue.~Geasswolf Out.