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I still don't know how it happened. How we came to be. Perhaps it was your friendly smile, or the way your quicksilver-blue eyes held a cornucopia of knowledge within their depths.

I fell in love with you so easily. And you, you recognized it before I did. You were ready, and you waited patiently for me while I slowly began to see it.

Neither of us said anything, but we knew how deeply we loved one another.

And yet…and yet I lay awake at night, guilt swallowing me into its murky depths. You are so young, so much younger than I. You're still merely a child in the world's eyes. How could I do this to you? If anyone knew…I'd be cast out, condemned for being the pervert that I am. I am a pervert…

Am I...? No, on further reflection, I do not think I am. What I feel is love, not lust. If it were merely that, I think I'd look to your friends as often as to you. No, I care for you for who you are.

* Laugh * You know, I believe that of the two of us, you are more mature. It was you who cradled my head in your arms that secret afternoon as you told me to let go of my fears.

"The world is not us, and cannot judge us for our actions," you said, holding me as if I were the child.

You'll make a great mother someday.

And you never doubted my love. Even as I confessed my fears to you, you just smiled gently and held faith that I wouldn't leave you.

As if I could.

You grow lovelier every day, you know. I'm glad you got the part you did in the play. You looked regal, untouchable, like a painting in a dream. I told you as much. You're very pretty when you blush.

But, I don't think you've ever looked as radiant as the day I gave you your ring. "Don't loose it until it becomes a wedding ring," I said.

"I won't," you said.

And the kiss. Our first kiss. Soft, sweet and all too short. The barest meeting of lips. A touch, then over.

You smiled at me, your eyes ever knowing. We could wait. We could wait until the world was ready, for we're secure in the knowledge that we need only live for each other and no one else.

My Rika, I love you.

Your Yoshi.

A/N: Terada's full name is Yoshiyuki Terada. Yoshi means "good" or "respected" and Yuki means "goes own way" so I think his name fits him very well. I know it's very short, it only took about half an hour to write, but I like it all the same. Review, if you like. I put it up because I liked it.