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"Mommy, look what I found!" my adorable six-year-old screams. I sigh, hoping it wouldn't be another frog. Or a dead bird like the one she found in the playground yesterday. I turn my head, curious to know what has caught Reagan's fancy today.

My daughter runs to me wildly, with an unknown object clutched tightly in her little hands. She slows her pace as she approaches me, her grin as wide as a Cheshire cat, reminding me so much of her dead father. Jake. I've tried so hard to get that name out of my head for five long years, but I fail constantly.

Trying to clear my thoughts, I focus on Reagan, who's right in front of me now. She looks up, her chocolate-brown eyes full of excitement and innocence. She holds out her hand to reveal her new find. I see a small glittering stone in her palm.

"Where'd you find it Ray?" I ask warily.

"On a stone bench near the swing. Can I keep it, pwheese?" she begs, like, literally.
Her little hands are clenched together with the stone held tightly in between them. Her eyes are pleading and she has her puppy dog face on.

"I don't know sweetie. Let's go find out if it's somebody else's and then see." I say.

I don't want any trouble to unfold; the stone looks precious. I hold out my hand to take her to the play area. She pulls my hand and I find myself running with her to the swing, where I find a man and a little girl about Reagan's age apparently searching for something. Suddenly, everything fits like a puzzle. Reagan understands too. She runs to them and taps on the little girl's back.

Reagan asks excitedly, "Is this yours?" showing her the little stone.

By this time, the man, who I assume is the father, rises after crouching under the bushes, having obviously been searching for the stone. I breathe heavily. God, he's beautiful! He looks like a model in his white button-down shirt and khakis ,obviously dressed for the rare sunny day. His disarray of bronze hair shows gold tints in the sunlight.

Then the little girl, who shares his hair colour and facial features, replies to Ray: "Yeah, it is. I thought I'd lost it. Thanks for not keeping it. My mommy gave it to me. She's in heaven right now, so I have to keep everything she gave me safely, like my daddy says. My name's Libby. What's yours?"

"Reagan, and my daddy's in heaven too." my daughter blurts.

The bronze-haired man looks curiously at their exchange and then at me. Then he says, "Hey Libs, why don't you play with your new friend and give the stone to daddy?"

"Okay, do you wanna play with me?" asks Libby. My daughter obviously says yes and then they run off to the other side of the park after Libby hands the stone to her father.

Now the man turns his attention completely to me and smiles. "Well, since our daughters are friends now, I think I have a right to know your name. Mine's Edward." he says, holding out his hand.

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