Scissors' Fate

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko no Basuke.

Characters: Akashi Seijuuro. No pairing.

Warning: Monologue only. Psychotic thoughts.

Akashi's P.O.V.

Blades. I love the sight of it. And the functionality, or I should say the purpose of this thing.

Well, this pair of beautiful blades is something that you normally won't point on people.

But I did anyway.

Just like officers would normally fire guns at some people. It's the sole reason gun was made, to be fired.

This beautiful blades, will accomplish its purpose as well. To threat. To hurt. To cut. Its fate was to do those things.

Or you would say that, it's not right to point something that dangerous at innocent people?

But what is "innocent" anyway?

Free from sins? Is someone like that even exists?

Didn't commit any crimes? Is it really the definition of "innocent"?

Oh well. Not that it matters.

Who are people to judge someone innocent, anyway?

They're all sinful people to begin with. Right?

Well, because I always win, I'm always right. No one shall oppose that fact, or I'll kill whoever opposed it.


How I love the sound of the blades, clashing with each other.


How I love the scared expression on people.


This is its fate.


To cut. To hurt.


This is the scissors' fate.