Ok first chapter here we go, ugh never thought I'd be writing an MLP fanfic ah well good to try something different, just know I don't usually do things this nice they're more dark and demented anyway.

Twilight was lost. Ever since becoming a princess she's been having trouble figuring out what to do regarding everything it seemed like she spent more time asking one of the other princess's what to do then actually doing something as a princess. At least she was able to stay in Ponyville becoming the unofficial princess there which was perfectly fine with her because she didn't have to leave her friends though she rarely saw them now with how much she had to do as a princess.
Twilight put down the document of latest tasks and sighed, she was a princess a princess should do as she pleases and a little down time wouldn't hurt anyone. "I'm heading out Spike," and left.

Outside the regular buzz of Ponyville welcomed her and felt like a long lost friend to Twilight, "Maybe I'll go flying with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy I do need some practice using these wings." Her thoughts were interrupted by screams as she realized all the other ponies were running away looking in the direction they were running from she saw a forest fire. "Fluttershy!"
And she took off running to find her friend quickly joined by her other friends, "What in tarnation is going on?" Applejack asked from beside her.
"No one saw it coming!" Pinkie Pie said.
"I just hope we can stop it before it reaches the town!" Rarity whined.
"We'll worry about that later right now we need to find Fluttershy!" Twilight said in response to all of them.
"Well come on then!" Rainbow Dash said back and all five ponies dove into the burning brush.
Soon the forest was filled with their broken cries of Fluttershy's name amidst the crackling of the burning tinder, "Come on Fluttershy, where are you?!" Rainbow said in an exasperated tone as she landed the smoke too thick to fly in successfully.
"Hey guys over here!" Applejack's call was barely heard through the fire but it was and within seconds all four made their way to Applejack to find Fluttershy trying desperately to free Angel from underneath a burning log.
"We have to get out of here Fluttershy!" Rainbow nearly shouted.
"I can't leave Angel!" Fluttershy retorted sadly.
"Alright everypony if we work together we can free Angel and then escape!" Twilight said. She and Rarity began using their magic to lift the log as Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were pulling on it from the sky and Applejack and Pinkie Pie were pushing it off of Angel; with a mighty heave the bunny was freed.
Fluttershy quickly picked up the slightly burned bunny and held it close, "Oh Angel I'm so glad you're ok!"
"We need to get out of here!" Rarity nearly screeched frightened. But no one knew which way to go, every direction looked the same, burning, falling apart, dangerous, looking up Twilight saw a small gap in the branches revealing blue sky.
"We go up!" she said each pony able to fly grabbed one who couldn't and flew upward erupting into coughing fits they pushed through the screen of smoke through the burnt branches and out into open sky flying away from the forest and landing in the middle of Ponyville.
To find the fire has reached the town and already houses are on fire, "We gotta put this fire out before it goes farther! Come on Pegasus ponies we're starting a storm!" The Pegasus ponies took to the sky the ones on the ground still evacuating, not knowing weather magic quite yet Twilight remained on the ground watching the others rise and spotted something or someone out of place. A black spotch against the smoke they hovered in the sky watching the fire but made no move to help the other Pegasus ponies, and then she noticed the horn on his head amidst the burning flare of his mane.
"He started this fireā€¦but why? Why would an Alicorn do something like that?" Twilight muttered confusedly more to herself, she didn't know how she knew that this particular pony had started the fire it was like a gut feeling that rang with absolute truth, which didn't make sense even to her but she couldn't explain it any other way.
"Come on Twilight we need to evacuate," Rarity gave her friend a nudge in the opposite direction but Twilight was having trouble averting her gaze from the mysterious Alicorn as if hoping if she stared like this he would stay there.
"Hold on," Twilight replied and took off flying towards the stranger. She barely got into the sky when he was consumed by fire and vanished. "Wait!" she called after him but no avail, slowly she flew back down joining the others on the ground and allowing them to lead her out of the town. As they left rain began to fall thickly beginning to put out the deadly fire.

Outside the town every pony gathered huddled with friends and family those who had suffered injuries were beinbeing cared for as those who had lost their homes sought another one with friends. Despite the horrible incident many were looking on the bright side of it and finding the good things, Twilight however could not get her mind off of the mysterious alicorn she had seen during the fire, his actions didn't make sense, none of this made any sense at all and that's what bugged Twilight the most.
"If you grind the grass any harder there won't be any left Twi," Applejack commented as she strode up.
Surprised by what she was doing Twilight pulled her hooves back, "oh sorry, I was lost in thought."
"What were you thinking about?" Rainbow dash asked as she alighted next to her friend.
Before Twilight could answer the rest of her friends cantered up, "almost eveybodys got a smile now even though things got burned, how's Angel, Fluttershy?" Pinkie Pie was saying.
"Angel's better now," Fluttershy replied holding the bunny close.
Rarity tossed her mane about of her eyes with an agitated huff before settling down among the group, "I'm just glad we got the living arrangements squared away until we can rebuild." Twilight looked around at all of them feeling a smile pull at her lips, she couldn't have asked for better friends and she was glad they were here to help her.
"Oh yeah Twilight weren't you gonna tell us something?" Applejack asked turning to her, the others following suit.
"Oh yeah, you see I saw someone during the fire someone I had never seen before in Ponyville," she began only to be interrupted by Rainbow Dash,
"That's not odd they were probably visiting and helped out when things got hairy."
"That's just it Rainbow Dash he wasn't helping he was just watching it happen, and..."
Rarity tilts her head looking at Twilight, "And?"
"Well he's an alicorn.." silence fell as this information was processed.
"So like princess Celestia and Princess Luna?" Pinkie Pie asked.
"Yeah like them but I've never seen one like him and I'm almost 100 percent sure he was the one who caused the fire to begin with," Twilight replied grinding the grass once more with her hooves.
Applejack snorted stomping her hoof, "Arson? That bastard he could have killed somepony!"
Rainbow Dash flew about in an angry figure eight, "We should find this bastard and give him what for before he does it again!"
"Hold on Rainbow Dash, we don't know what this fellow can do and if he really is an alicorn he'd have some powerful magic we don't know about," Rarity said in response waving her hoof at Rainbow Dash, "to charge into battle against him with so little knowledge would surely mean our demise."
Twilight nods, "Rarity's right we should worry more about helping out the rest of the town and gathering what information we can on this mysterious alicorn, I think I may have seen him one of my books somewhere."
Fluttershy flutters down gently, "are we sure he's really evil, maybe he's just misunderstood," saying such softly before yelping as Rainbow Dash flew up in her face.
"Are you kidding me? He started a forest fire for no reason and almost killed Angel and you want to say he's just misunderstood? Not a chance, he's as evil as evil gets!"
Pinkie Pie gets all excited all of a sudden and starts bunny hopping around everyone, "maybe he's just trying to throw a party and doesn't know how to use the fireworks!" The others look at her with annoyed looks not even bothering to give the weird explanation a response.
"Anyway," Twilight continued turning back to everyone, "I'm gonna return to my house and see if I can find that book I saw that alicorn in and I'll keep you updated if I find out anything on him."
Applejack stood up the other ponies joining her, "and we'll keep helping the townsfolk, come on guys and good luck Twi."
Twilight nodded watching them go before turning around and heading home briefly considering the idea of flying but deciding against it, the known rhythm of walking helping her think. The entire situation was odd to her not just the damage done but the fact this strangstrange alicorn only appeared now, was it some sort of conwincedense or was there a reason to his appearance? And even more strange was that Twilight swore that he had looked sad while watching the destruction he had caused, whicdidn't make sense at all. How could someone evil, feel remorse?

A pile of large spell books and history books etc moved and out popped Twilight's head frazzled and stressed, "Spike? Have you found that book yet?"
Spike set down yet another blue covered book with a dark binding with a heavy sigh, "No not yet, its rather difficult to pinpoint what book you were speaking of considering the only details you can recall is the color of the cover."
Twilight hopped out of the pile she was in and into another, "I know, I know but its all I can remember, though with something so interesting like another alicorn I've never heard of before in its pages you would think I would remember what the book was called."
Spike rolls his eyes, "You would think..." The search continued without so much as a single word that could possibly lead to the mysterious alicorn and eventually there wasn't a single blue covered book with a dark binding left.
Both Twilight and Spike collapsed exhausted against the largest mountain of books, "It's not here..." Twilight muttered in a depressing tone.
After catching his breath Spike looked at her, "Are you sure its a blue covered book?" Twilight nodded, "well I don't see it anywhere, you would think if it was so special it would be in some place special."

Twilight thinks to herself then her face lights up, "thats it Spike!" She says darting upstairs and digging in the drawers of her bedside table, Spike following a bit more slowly. "I did put it somewhere special! I read the part about the alicorn and wanted to ask Princess Celestia about it the next time i saw her. I put in my bag so i wouldn't forget it!

Excitedly she pulled the blue bound book out, it was large, heavy and old and almost falling apart even in Twilight's gentle hooves, "i remember finding this in a secret notch a little while back," she explained as she set the book down on the pedestal. Carefully she opened it and flipped to the single page describing the alicorn here she read;

A midnight stallion with mane of raging fire and tail of crashing waves, bringing disaster where ever he galloped, his lightning hooves bring calamity after calamity. Banished for his crimes against ponykind, should Disaster ever return it will surely mean the End.

Spike shuddered, "he sounds like a pretty nasty pony to me, I'm glad he's gone."

"Thats not it Spike, theres more to this then the book can tell us, we need to talk to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna even, one of them is bound to know more about him," she now running around preparing to leave, the book being the last thing into the bag gently placed on top.

"Should we really be getting involved in all of this? Disaster might get mad and hunt us down..." he looks around wildly half expecting the fiery maned stallion to appear out of nowhere.

Twilight finishes putting her bag on and looks at her friend, "Spike, I'm a princess now and it is my royal duty to protect Esquestria and everypony in it and I can't do that if I stick my head in the ground and hide away whenever disaster strikes. Pardon the play on words it wasn't intentional."

"Now that's what I call a princess!" Applejack comments from outside, the door flies open and all Twilight's friends canter in.

"I say Twilight you're becoming quite an admirable princess," Rarity adds tossing her mane out of her face, Fluttershy nodding agreement.

Pinkie Pie bouncing over to Twilight's side, "loved the pun! Very punny!"

"Well what are we waiting for? Lets get to Canterlot and solve this so we can stop these disasters!" Rainbow Dash declared to a chorus of cheers. "To the train!"

"So many puns!" Pinkie squeals bouncing after.

Such was closely followed by a long train ride in which the ponies conversation could easily make one think everythng was fine however the dark undertone to everything was a constant reminder that a dangerous presence still loomed over them. As they continued their journey the voice of the conductor is heard over the loud speaker, "we are experiencing minor engine troubles, nothing too serious but we may feel a few jumps here and there."

Applejack tilts her head confused, "that's weird the train just had annual maintenance yesterday," the train beginning to shake violently.

"Is it just me or is the train shakier the usual?"Rarity comments trying to keep her footing. Meanwhile Twilight finds her way into the conductor's train only to see why things are going array. An earthquake has begun shaking the entire plain cracks appear everywere and the conductor an auburn unicorn is trying his very best to stay on the tracks and keep the train stable.

"Where did this come from? We've never had earthquakes in these parts!"

"I have an idea who it might be," Twilight replies peering out the window. Though the glass shakes with the ground she sees the flaming mane above and watches as he lands up ahead and rears up and slams his hooves into the ground. A lurch follows throwing Twilight and the conductor to the floor of the train both barely able to get up in enough time to watch a huge crack sprout from the edge of his sparking hooves stretching across the land in front of them.

"Hit the breaks!" Twilight screams.

"I can't if we stay in this area we will all die! We have to speed up and hope the tracks don't split apart before we get there!" Both focus on the track the train picking up speed as its wheels barely stay on the rails, the crack widens ahead as the shaking increases, the front wheels go over it, it widens further the back wheels begin to go over and the track breaks apart of the stress of remaining together too much.

The back end of the train dips into the huge crevice behind them followed swiftly by a chorus of screams, "Everybody out!" the conductor calls out.

The ponies jump out windows and doors escaping the train taking charge Twilight flies up, "Pegasi! Under the last car push it up! Unicorns! Use your magic to pull it forward! We have to work together to save the train!"

Without hesitation the ponies begin to act trying desperately save the train before it drops, it seems to be working and they've almost got it on solid ground when Twilight notices the alicorn who caused this above flying away.

"Wait!" she calls after him letting go of the train and flying up after him, "Disaster, stop!"

The midnight alicorn stops looking over his shoulder, his odd purple with blue pupils focusing on her and making the new princess hesitate briefly, he half turns to look at her more fully still too far away for any real conversation.

The moment's hesitation disappears and she flies a bit forward only to pause again at the sound of her friend's voice, "Twilight! We need your help! We're going to lose the train!" to her, her friends always come first even if that means giving up a chance to gain new information on the new alicorn. Quickly she dives back down to join Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash who had called her back, taking her place and helping to push the train back onto solid ground; above the alicorn flies away.

As the last of the train's wheels get back on the some how intact track on the other side the ponies drop to the ground exhausted, "That was insane! We barely made it out of there alive!" said Rarity.

"Uh Twilight, no offense but why did you leave when we almost had it back on the ground?" Applejack asks looking at her friend, the other ponies join her gaze at their royal friend.

Twilight sighs looking up at the place where the alicorn had been, "I saw Disaster and I wanted to talk to him before he left, ask him why he's doing this but I realized if I did I wouldn't be able to help you guys get the train out of the crevice."

"At this rate we will see him again, there's disasters everywhere!" Pinkie Pie replies a bit to excitedly.

"You're just a little too excited about the world ending Pinkie," Rainbow comments rolling her eyes.

"I think Celestia and Luna might know who he is or at least a bit more then we do," Fluttershy adds.

The conductor canters up to all of them looking somewhat relieved, "Thanks for the help rescueing the train, everything is still in working order so we can move whenever you're ready," the ponies thank him and he goes back to the conductors car.

"Come on girls lets get to Canterlot," said Twilight, the ponies loading back up into the somewhat beaten up train. The rest of the ride to Canterlot is amazingly uneventful a slight rain follows them but nothing close to another disaster and they're grateful for that; what they didn't expect is that upon arrival royal guards are waiting for them at the station. With a few short words all six of them are led to the castle where both princesses are waiting, as they walk up around guard darts past them to Celestia, "Princess Celestia word from Saddle Arabia, the sandstorms have gotten worse, no pony can leave or enter they're stuck there." Celestia looks even more depressed by this news and nods him off.

Taking her cue Twilight runs up to the princesses, "Celestia, Luna, We have to speak with you, its about Disaster," both princesses turn to give her their full attention. "Who is he? Why is he causing disasters everywhere?"

"Seriously what's the guy's problem?" Rainbow Dash adds flying in closer.

Luna lifts her head slightly and takes a step forward, "There is no easy way to explain this and really its painful, but..." she trails off lowering her head.

Celestia lays her wing on her sister's shoulder and sighs, "All of you, listen carefully," she pauses looking at Luna who nods slowly then back at the other ponies, "Disaster is our brother."