A New Chosen One

Chapter 1
A/N: If anyone has seen my profile recently, they will see that I like the crossover pairing of Harry Potter and Padme Amidala from Star Wars. I started reading them because as a child I loved Star Wars and decided reading some Star Wars fanfiction would be fun. I came across this pairing and loved it so I'm gonna take a shot at it. Harry will, of course, replace Anakin.
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A man dressed in a black cloak walked swiftly up a cobbled street. His destination was a modest house at the end of the street, which was previously invisible. Looking around, he saw Muggle children running around collecting sweets. He snorted; so pathetic.
He reached the house, and losing all sense of subtlety, blew the gate off of its hinges.
The explosion caused two adults: one with messy black hair and one with long red hair to look at each other with terror on their faces.
The man leaned over and pulled the woman into the hallway and into a small nursery at the end of the room. In a crib was a small boy with a bit of black hair on his head. He was looking at his parents in confusion.
The man bent down and picked up the infant and passed him to the woman.
"Lily, you know who it is. Get Harry out of here. Go run now, I'll hold him off!" he told her frantically.
While speaking, he pulled a wooden object out of his pocket. Leaning over and kissing Lily, he continued,

"Lily, I have always loved you ever since first year on the train. Please listen to me and get him out of here..." he then ran out of the room, not sparing a single backwards glance.

Lily watched her husband go with tears in her eyes. She knew that he would be dead in a matter of minutes and she knew what she had to do.
She walked into the master bedroom and pulled out her wand while Harry was still snuggled into her shoulder. She muttered a charm, and didn't let the drain affect her.

Suddenly a hole appeared above them swirled with purple and blue filled with stars. She looked up and spoke "Yoda my family created universe travel back in the beginnings of the Jedi, let my son use it now and train him in the Jedi way make him strong and rid your worlds of evil, just make sure he never ever comes back to this world". She stopped and waited to see if the Portal would accept Harry".

Then she heard a giggle. Harry had a faint blue glow around him and he was floating up towards the portal and would soon disappear into another universe. Lily let out some of her tears as she looked at her son for the last time.

"Goodbye Harry, we love you." When Harry had disappeared, the house exploded.

A tall man with dark skin walked through the halls of the Jedi Council Chambers on Coruscant. It was dark and silent the only sound was his gentle breathing. However, things were far from peaceful.

A few minutes ago there had been a huge disturbance in the Force and a lot of power had been drained from the city itself. The man knew every Jedi would feel it, but there was only one Jedi who would know what it was.
He finally reached his destination and walked into a round room full of chairs. He looked around and saw the smallest chair was occupied by just who he wanted to talk to.

The man knelt down on one knee in front of the chair and said,

"Master Yoda, I come with a question."

The small green alien looked at him and then said "Ask it, you may Master Windu."

Mace Windu stood up and straightened his robes.

"Master Yoda, did you feel the disturbance of the force a few minutes ago? I am afraid that evil is in our midst." he asked.

Yoda looked at him for a moment and chuckled, "Evil, you say, Master Windu? "

He chuckled again, "Master Windu, powerful you are, but much to learn you still have. Let the force flow, fight it do not. No, Master Windu. Not evil I sense. I feel a new youngling we have!"

Mace Windu was shocked; a new youngling! Usually, they had a full council meeting before accepting a child.

"Master Yoda, how can you be sure the child is suitable to be a Jedi?"

"Old he is, but strong with the force. Sent from a different universe he was."

Now Mace knew what the huge disturbance was. It was the portal the new Jedi must have used to get here.
"Very well Master. If you think he is good enough, we all do."

He turned with a swish of his cloak and walked out. He walked to his chambers hoping to do some meditating and find peace.

A few days later the council sat in a meeting about the new youngling. Apparently he was very powerful and had a huge usage of the force.
Master Yoda raised his hand and everyone fell silent. The master started to speak. "Very interesting this is, massive usage of the force this child has, much more than usual; his midi-chlorian count is the highest ever recorded!"

One of the Jedi in the room stood up and, with an arrogant posture, said, "That does not mean anything. I have a high midi-chlorian count and so do all of you. Just because he has a marginally higher count than us does not mean anything"!

Mace Windu looked at the young Jedi Padawan who had sitten back down by his master's side.
"It doesn't mean anything, does it?" He inquired rhetorically and impatiently, "Not even that he has twenty five thousand per cell?"

The Jedi around him gasped and exchanged shocked looks as the Jedi Master stared at the apprentice, never breaking eye contact.

Then the young man stood up and said "So what? He has a high midi-chlorian count and you automatically think he is the chosen one? How do you know the Chosen One needs to have lots of power? It could be me,", with this he raised his head slightly, "or anyone here. To that matter, it could be anyone in the universe! And you think it is a human who came here from another universe? You guys are mad!" He then walked out angrily, ignoring everyone.

His master stood up and bowed to the Masters, "Forgive me for my Padawan's behaviour. He is frustrated that he has not yet made an impression on the Order. Please excuse me." He walked out of the room, searching for his apprentice.

The council sat in silence for a moment then the Jedi Master Kit Fisto looked at Yoda and questioned,

"So you think this boy is the chosen one?"

All the Jedi looked at the ancient Jedi Master with looks of anticipation on their faces.

Yoda nodded, "Keep an eye on him, I will."

The Jedi all shared glances; they all trusted Yoda and knew he was right; they had found the one who would bring balance to the force.

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