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Harry walked up to a door and punched a code into the keypad beside it. The door rolled across to admit him and he entered. He was standing in a cool dark room full of round chairs and only lit by the little light allowed in by the windows. The room was also completely silent.

Harry looked into the dead centre of the room and saw Master Yoda sitting on the middle chair. His eyes were closed and his breathing was relaxed, even and calm. Just by looking at him Harry felt somehow more peaceful. He smiled and sat down knowing that you never disturb a Jedi master when meditating.

After a few minutes Master Windu walked in, Harry noticed he was carrying a large box. Master Yoda opened his eyes and Master Windu sat next to him. Then he spoke, "Harry, you are probably wondering why we called you here"? As Harry nodded he continued, "Well the main reason was to talk about your past. Where you came from and how you got here, we decided it was time you found out".

He stood up and picked up the box and handed it to Harry. Harry took it from the Jedi Master and opened it. Just by a quick glance into the box Harry saw that this was the first time it had been opened. Then he saw a letter on the top and he opened it.

Dear Harry

If you are reading this it means that we have sadly died, and you have become a Jedi. In a way I feel like this is the best path for you. They can give you the best training and can make you into a skilled Jedi.

Harry I guess it is time you learned about your past. The world where you came from, as you probably know is nothing like the galaxy you are used to. As for your father and me this is even more so, Harry we were witches and wizards. I promise you this is the truth and the whole truth.

You would have been a wizard too, but of course the turn of events made this impossible. I know you are the Chosen one, who is predicted to bring balance to the force. I will not tell you how I know this as you would not believe it if I did. However the magic you had due to your father and my own abilities, channelled into your force powers, and gave your force powers and abilities a boost. This means as you may have noticed you have a greater connection to the force than some other Jedi. The more force abilities you gain and the stronger your connection becomes the more able Jedi you will become.

Harry, you are probably wondering how your family knew of the Jedi and how to send people to the world of the Jedi, well Harry it is complicated.

You see Harry your father is what they would call a Pureblood, this means that the family he had before him on his father and mother's side were magical. However I am what they would call here a mudblood. This means that my family are non-magic, however there has been magic in my family. This means that my ancestors produced a squib, someone who is born into a magical family with no magical abilities and over the years my family's magical sorceress were lost. I was the first witch in the Evans family for over two century's. The reason I was able to send you to the universe you live in, was because when my ancestors were still magical, they invented portal travel as you may have been told, and discovered that universe. I discovered this when researching my family and your fathers through the magical archives.

Harry, as I can offer you o true support like a mother can I will give you this advice. Follow your heart and don't be afraid of the consequences.


Mum and Dad

P.S The future will reveal itself when it is ready to do so.

Harry finished the letter his breathing ragged and he was feeling tears threatening. He closed his eyes to fight them down, but when he opened them, he saw Master Yoda and Windu had turned away out of respect. He let a few tears roll down his cheek and then wiped his eyes clean.

Then he looked up at the Jedi masters, "Why now"?

Master Windu spoke. "Well Harry we thought it was time you learnt about your past, and at your age we felt it would be appropriate. I know the Jedi cut off family ties but we felt in your situation it was unavoidable".

Harry nodded in understanding then pulled the box towards him. He opened it and pulled out the first item on the top. It was a cloak, but very different to ones he was familiar with. It was light, very light it had an aura about it. He passed it to Yoda and he examined it. He looked at it for a moment, waved his hand over it then said, "Magic definite". Harry nodded and put it back in the box. Then he picked up a piece of paper or it looked more like parchment, he looked at it, it was blank. Again he handed it to Yoda and he performed the same diagnostics. Then spoke, "Magic, but unsure how to work it I am".

Harry again nodded and replaced it in the box. Then thought of a question. "Umm excuse me masters, do you think one day when I am older obviously it would be possible to go back to my own planet"?

Master Windu sighed and put his hand down. "Harry, I regret to say that, that would be impossible. That world's oxygen would be poisonous to your body and the mass of gravity would crush your body, as it has become used to this system. That was why it was so dangerous for you in the first few days you were here".

Harry nodded, then he stood up, bowed to the masters and spoke. "Excuse me masters but I have a mission to prepare for".

When he left Mace Windu looked at Yoda. "Why wouldn't you let me tell him the real reason he couldn't go back to his home planet"?

Master Yoda sighed then replied with his eyes closed. "Ready for truth he is not".

Mace Windu nodded uncertain, he might be one of the most senior Jedi in the temple, but when Yoda spoke, he felt like a youngling all over again.

Harry stood outside a transport waiting for Padme. His stomach was a knot of nerves of seeing her and being alone, and excitement for his first assignment on his own.

Then he saw Padme walking up to him, guards behind her, she bowed to Harry and he returned the action. The guards left and they started walking towards the ship to take them to Naboo. Then Padme spoke. "Suddenly I'm afraid".

Harry nodded, resisting the urge to take her hand. "This is my first assignment alone, I am too". Then he joked seeing the astromech droid behind them. "Don't worry R-2 is with us". They looked at each and smiled, then they walked onto the ship.

Hours later it was dark and Harry and Padme arrived on Coruscant. Padme had left for her chambers, and Harry had decided to walk around the lake like he had done all those years ago.

Harry stood in the dark garden lit only by lamps, and had a few guards walking around, he set off at a slow pace and thought about Padme. The journey here had been filled with many awkward glances and not much talking. He sighed glancing up at the moon. He walked off to his room, desperately trying to not think about the times he and Padme had shared here all those years ago. The golden moments, the happiness and how naïve he had been.

The next day Harry stood on the balcony waiting for Padme. He looked across the palace scenery and it didn't look like much had changed. The sun glimmered over the lake, the garden still had a large expanse of lush green grass, people and guards wondered across it. Harry smiled, he had to admit, he had missed this place.

Then he felt a familiar presence. He turned around and the sight he saw made the air vanish from his lungs. It was Padme. And she looked gorgeous. She was wearing an open back dress which was lilac and purple, her hair fell down in elegant locks down her back and her little make up did nothing to hide her gorgeous features and her chocolate brown eyes.

Harry took a silent breath then bowed to Padme. "Good morning".

She smiled, "Good morning Harry, I hope I didn't keep you waiting".

Harry gave a tiny smile, then without thinking spoke; "Padme if you look like that I don't mind if I wait all day".

Realising what he said only far too late, he rushed to cover himself but Padme silenced him. "No Harry, we have to talk, I hate all this awkwardness between us".

They walked over into the garden and sat down. Padme spoke. "Harry you and I both know what happened those years ago. We were young and we acted on our feelings rashly without thinking about it. But we mustn't do that now for our duty and ourselves. I still feel differently about you, and I am sure you feel the same with me. But we must not act upon those feelings".

Harry nodded. "You're right Padme, you are always right it would only cause trouble for both of us".

She nodded then they stood up. "Now come on lets go grab some breakfast I am incredibly hungry, and I remember you're appetite so you must be too". Harry smiled and followed her to the dining room.

After their talk things became much more relaxed for Harry and Padme. They enjoyed the days on Naboo and harry especially like visiting Padme's parents.

They walked into the kitchen and Padme was crushed in a hug by her mother, meanwhile Ruwee, walked to Harry. "Harry Potter, it is an honour to see you again. I hope you are well, now sit down I hope you're hungry".

Harry smiled but then Jobal grabbed his shoulders and looked at him. "The little boy who rescued my daughter. I can't believe it. Now make yourself at home, I have a dinner prepared I hope you like it.

Meanwhile Padme had been pulled into the adjoining room by her sister.

Sola spoke. "Padme is that really the one who saved your life when we were kids"?

Padme nodded, suddenly feeling a rush of annoyance at how she remembered her sister had a crush on Harry.

Sola smiled. "I admit I thought he was cute when we were younger. But now I feel really bad. I can see how you feel about him, you love him and he loves you even if you deny it".

Padme felt another rush of annoyance, she spoke. "Sola I don't know where you got that idea but I promise you my relationship with Harry is nothing but strictly professional".

Sola smiled, "Oh you poor, poor girl, denying your feelings and love is blinding you". Padme had, had enough and was walking out but her sister called after her. "Padme, that feeling you can't place for Harry the one you get a headache trying to figure out, that's love". Padme frowned and walked out, but inside her mind was a whirl.

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