"It's one things to say you're gonna let go. It's another to actually do it... to loosen your grip and let yourself fall."

Paige nervously drummed her fingers on the end table as she sat on the sofa awaiting the knock that would signal Emily's arrival. Today was her first day in therapy and she was irritable and nervous. She hoped her true feelings for her wouldn't show the minute she put those soft hands on her skin.

She was startled at the light knock on the front door and clearing her, she throat called out for Emily to come in. Her eyes skimmed over the girls dark pants and pastel top that was covered partially by a scrub jacket. Her hair was scooped back into a ponytail that brushed her shoulders as she walked. Paige's hands clenched as she realized she would give anything to feel that silky hair in her palms again.

Emily placed the huge canvas tote bag on the floor and moved closer to the sofa, her eyes taking in the fact that she had dressed as she had suggested in soft shorts and one of her Michigan swim tee-shirts. Her eyes took note of the muscle tone in both of Paige's arms and legs. It shouldn't be too hard to have the girls leg active again.

"Are you ready?" she asked softly with a slight tremor in her voice.

"Sure." Paige spoke, "How are we going to do this? Me lying on the sofa or what."

Emily laughed. "First, let's just test your muscle resistance and a few other things."

Paige actually smiled at her for the first time since she had arrived and she felt her heart jump into her throat. This was going to be harder than she had thought.

Smoothing her hands down the legs of her pants, Emily moved closer to stand near Paige's left side. Her hands were cold when they reached for her leg and Paige jumped slightly.

"I'm sorry. I tend to have cold hands at the beginning." Emily rasped in a husky voice. Her fingers were feeling anything but cold from the warmth of Paige's skin. Her hands quickly assessed the muscle tone in her leg and down to her knee. "Can you straighten your knee for me?" she asked.

Paige fought the nausea that rose in her throat when she was barely able to move her leg.

"Damn!" she burst out causing Emily to jump. "I can already see this will be a waste of time. I have almost no use of this damn leg! Nothing is going to help."

Emily sighed and moved her hand away from Paige's leg, "Paige, this is not going to happen in a day or even a week or even a month. It will take months of constant hard work by you to make this happen. It's all a question of how bad you want it."

Paige's eyes darkened as they swung to hers and Emily caught her breath as they blazed with a moment of passion before Paige quickly shuttered them. "I want it, Emily. I want it really bad." she whispered in a tone that left Emily shivering and wondering just what it was she wanted.

Clearing her throat she requested that she lie down on the sofa on her back with her left leg to the outside. Her eyes took in the lean body as she slithered down to lie full length on the sofa. She could see the scars from her surgery outlined on her knee and thigh. Her throat ached as she realized how much pain she must have been in.

Paige watched as Emily bent over her body and her hands settled on her knee causing her body to tense. Her eyes swept over the dark brown hair that swung forward to hide her face as her hands prodded the muscle of her knee and then moved slowly onto her thigh.

Paige gritted her teeth at the feel of her silken hands on her upper leg. The feel of her fingers moving smoothly over the coarse scars that surrounded her leg was almost more than she could take. She tried to force her thoughts to safer subjects with no success. Her breath was becoming ragged and harsh as her fingers cupped her upper thigh and pressed into the yielding muscle. She could feel a certain area of her body responding to her touch and she knew it was only a matter of time before Emily noticed it too.

Closing her eyes, Paige breathed quickly trying to prevent herself from moaning and smiled when she saw a deep blush cover Emily's cheeks. She knew exactly what she was trying to do.

Emily quickly pulled her hands away from her body and turned away to remove a few sheets of paper from the tote bag.

"These are exercises you can do on your own that will help strengthen your muscle tone. They are different from the ones that I will be performing on you every other day."

"Every other day? I thought we could work on this every day."

"No, Paige. You can't overwork your muscles at the beginning or you will have more trouble than you have now."

"Whatever you say Em." she smiled at Emily, "I just want to see some results." she stated.

Emily sighed. This was going to be a difficult road. Paige would no doubt expect immediate results and she was going to have a hard time accepting that it was going to take time.

"Just be sure and remember that you won't see immediate results," she said softly as she moved back to the sofa and picked Paige's leg up with gentle hands to begin the exercises.

After several minutes she heard a hiss and turned to see Paige's face white with pain and her teeth clenched on her lower lip drawing a spot of blood.

"I'm sorry, Paige. I know it hurts like hell, but sometimes when you first begin to use muscles again it is very painful. The more we work, the better it will get. I suggest you take a long soak in your hot tub as soon as I leave."

Paige nodded, her eyes never leaving Emily's face. Paige knew in her heart that as long as she could watch Emily's beautiful eyes, she could survive any pain.

Emily continued the exercises for several minutes before requesting Paige sit up so she could work on her knee. Paige slid her legs over the edge of the sofa and spread her knees as she stepped between them. Her breath caught on a gasp as the scent of Emily's hair invaded her mind. Her eyes were on level with her breasts and she struggled to concentrate on what she was telling her about the exercise.

Emily glanced at Paige and saw fire in her dark eyes and for a moment she was lost in those brown depths. Her breath was held as Paige's hand slid around her waist to pull her closer between her thighs. Paige's eyes were intent on her mouth and Emily felt a shiver course down her spine.

Paige was going to kiss her.

She could feel it in her very soul.

Her tongue slid out to moisten her lower lip and she watched as Paige's dark eyes flared at the innocent movement. Electricity coursed down her spine as the Paige's hand moved slowly up to her neck to grasp the back of her head. The roughness of her fingers caught and tangled in her hair as she watched her eyes with an intense gaze.

Using the gentlest pressure, she began to pull her head down toward her own. Paige could feel her sweet breath on her mouth, smell the minty scent of her breath... almost taste the sweetness she knew waited for her…

"Hey, Emily!" shouted Evan as he came barreling through the kitchen door.