Word must have gotten out. No it had gotten out. The day that Kamui heard rumors of a ship full of strong fighters, he was incredibly interested. How strong were they? Would he find a challenge? Though they were mere humans, he had to know. He had to test their skills. He vowed to find them, and play. He searched high and low, determined to go against them. The Yato was always looking for a challenge, and if there was even so much as a whisper of a strong group he would find them; he needed entertainment.

It was a typical day of travel for Ame. She was completely unaware of the oncoming threat. All of the people with her were. She lived on a ship, with other former members of the military. They would travel between worlds, teaching others how to react in life threatening situations. How to fight; survive. She was the only woman on the ship, the only woman who had made it through training. Lieutenant Ame. It had a nice ring to it. At the age of Twenty-Two she earned her position after completing medical school. The day seemed normal, but in the later hours, it was obvious that something was wrong. Panic was stirring in the pilot's room, and she opted not to rest. A long day of training had thoroughly exhausted her, but this was important. If something was going on, she needed to know. Pulling on a black long sleeved shirt and a pair of dull green cargo pants, she made her way to the navigation room.

"Corporal, status update." Walking to the co-pilot's seat, she sat beside the man. He was smoking a cigarette, staring at the monitor to the right.
"We're being followed..."
Leaning back in her chair, she pushed a chestnut lock of hair behind her ear. The woman placed one of her black heel of her combat boots on the dash board, staring at the screen.
"Any idea who it could be?" She asked, and the man shook his head.
She wasn't concerned. Every man on board was a trained killer, including herself. There was no need to worry, or so she thought. Grabbing the man's glass of whiskey she took a swig.
He glanced at her for a split second, before returning his attention to the monitor.
A moment of silence passed, and she left the room. It wasn't as serious as she had thought, but it never hurt to check.

That was half an hour ago, and now things seemed completely different. Chaos had erupted inside of the ship. Men fought for their lives. They had been ambushed, and Ame rushed to her bunk to retrieve her weapons. A few kunai, and a short sword. Everything else seemed to have been taken. Rushing into the main room, she was appalled by the scene before her. Corpses littered the room, and only a handful of her comrades were still fighting. Blood pooled on the blue carpet, and was splattered across the plain white walls. Unable to stand back and watch, she charged towards the Yato that were assaulting her team. A metal support beam was beside them, one just wide enough to wrap her hands around. Jumping up she latched onto the pole, swinging around, and kicking the three accosting Yato in the face. The moment they went down her men lept onto them, ramming swords into their throats, or shooting them in the heads.

A yell of terror caught her attention, and she rushed in the direction of the cry.
"Men, move out!" Though she didn't exactly have a group, the four men understood.
"Yes ma'am!"
She would do everything in her power to save who she could. This was her family, and all she had known for years. The soldiers trailed behind her, as she followed the sound of a battle. When she reached the room, she found tens of men fighting. The ship was filled with Yato, and it wasn't a surprise that it was mostly her men biting the dust. The men behind her rushed into the midst of the fighting, but she needed to find a specific man. Pushing her way through the room, she quickly disabled any Yato who charged at her- the secret was killing them before they could reach. If they even so much as touched her, it was over.

A/N: Yay! So this is my first attempt at a Kamui Fan fict. It was a sort of request/promise, so I hope you enjoy! I'll try to make him as normal as possible, though excuse me if he gets a little Ooc... Fan girl tendencies... ^/^

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