Abuto and Kagura sat beside each other in the dim hospital room, looking at Kamui and Ame. The man had fallen asleep with his head in Ame's lap, and for once in the two long days after their mini-war the man looked peaceful. Kagura seemed curious enough, probably due to the fact that Kamui never showed any desire to do anything but fight. A calm silence had settled over the group, and Abuto took a sip of his canned tea.
"So does he really love her?" The unexpected question was met with a long sigh. Abuto looked down at the Yato girl, allowing a soft smirk to curl his lips.
"It looks that way." He stated, offering a slight nod. The girl mirrored his motion and started to idly kick her feet up.

It became apparent that she was bored and Abuto decided to fill the silence of the room with a small conversation while he could. Peering down at the girl, he waited to catch her attention. When she finally looked up at him, he spoke.
"I didn't expect to see you here. But I guess its for the better, not like you two get to talk."

Kagura nodded again, and started to pull at the fabric over her knee.
"Yeah, but that's all because Baka-Nii doesn't want to. He doesn't care about his little sister." A small pout took the girl, and she poked her lips out. Snickering Abuto shook his head.
"Nah, he cares about you. In his own way. You're growing up well, kid. Look after yourself, our race is already pretty rare. And female Yato are extremely rare..."
Sighing, Abuto motioned to Kamui.
"And your stupid brother isn't helping... Taking a human as a mate." Shaking his head, Abuto rolled his eyes.

"Just keep doin' what you're doin', kid." With that, he patted the girl on her head. She stared at him curiously, before a large grin curled her lips. It was obvious that such approval was something she craved.

They remained in a mutual state of comfortable silence, until Ame started to move. The woman lightly sighed, and soon opened her eyes. She was slightly surprised to find Kamui on her lap and her expression didn't hide it.
"So you're awake." Abuto stated, and Ame shifted her gaze to the older man.
"So I am." She smirked, an the man mirrored the look. Standing up he walked to her side. Abuto sighed and gazed down at Kamui.
"He was awake this whole time... I told him to get some rest, but he wouldn't listen. Guess he was really worried about you."

The words brought a lighthearted smile to Ame's lips and she reached down to Kamui. Lovingly playing with his hair Ame sat up. Abuto remained silent, and Kagura stood up. Ame hadn't see the girl, and reached for a scalpel. She grabbed the medical blade from a small table to her left, and grinned.
"What are you-"
"It's Monday." Ame interrupted Abuto, and started to slash towards Kamui. The man caught her hand, still appearing to be asleep. Turning to peer up at Ame, Kamui grinned.
"No it isn't, you were asleep for a long time. And you went crazy."
"Crazy?" Ame asked, frowning down at the man as he pulled the scalpel from her hand.

"Yeah." Abuto stated and Kamui nodded in agreement. After taking the small knife Kamui released the woman, and placed his elbows on the bed. Suddenly scowling, he shifted his gaze. Ame was awake now. He could finally get an answer to his question. The woman peered at him curiously, waiting for him to speak.
"Ame, who was your old Captain?" Frowning at the seemingly random question, Ame stared at the man.
"Tamaki, why?" She asked, and Kamui once again averted his eyes.
"Uh, no reason."

A short moment of silence passed, and slightly baffled, Ame tried to think of a way to get him to tell her what was going on.
"Kamui?" Grasping his hand, Ame was met with an alarmed stare.
"No it's nothing." The man stated, shaking his head

Sighing Abuto spoke.
"When you were all crazy you said you loved your Captain. This idiot is jealous."
"Abuto!" Kamui whipped around to face the older man and his face flushed a deep shade of scarlet.
"What? You we're pissing me off." The man shrugged, and Kamui's jaw remained ajar. He hadn't wanted Ame to know the extent of her insanity. Or how he felt for that matter.
"Oh..." The woman's voice had grown small, and to everyone's surprise she a slow rush of red spread across her face..

Shifting her gaze, Ame placed a hand to her mouth. The tip of a single finger gently rested between her lips, and her thumb under her chin. Kamui and Abuto watched her, as well as Kagura, who was peeking from behind the older man.

"Uh... That's... not the Captain that I, uh... meant..."

Kamui stared at the woman wide eyed, and Abuto smirked in satisfaction. At least he wouldn't have to watch Kamui going crazy over the answer to that question again. A tiny gasp behind the older man caught everybody's attention and soon they were all staring at Kagura.
"It- It's like one of those love stories on TV! Something dramatic happens and forces the lovers apart only to bring them back together in the end!" The girl wailed, and Ame's face grew even warmer.
"Eh, no- No it's not..."
"Yes it is!" Kagura proclaimed appearing to be on the brink of tears.

Kamui was also speechlessly staring on, red faced.
"Alright, alright, don't tease them... They might die." Abuto placed a hand on the girl's shoulder, and Kagura peered up at him; still teary eyed.

A moment of awkward silence passed, and Abuto decided to break it.
"This is Kamui's sister." He stated, and Ame stared at the girl. The woman had just barely managed to calm down, and nodded slowly.

"Kagura-Chan, right?"
Everybody stared at Ame wide eyed, and Kagura grinned.
"Wow, she's one of those fortune tellers, too?"
Shaking her head Ame snickered.
"How did you know?" Kamui asked and Ame pointed at him.
"You talk in your sleep sometimes."

The man shifted his gaze and Kagura continued with the conversation.
"So human, are you Nii-nii's girlfriend?"

"Uh..." Switching her gaze between the two red headed siblings and Abuto, Ame tried to think of the best answer. Kamui appeared to be just as eager to hear her answer as Kagura. Wide eyed, Ame found that the man had donned his excited puppy face. He watched her expectantly, and Ame averted her gaze.
"Yeah... I am..."

The response caused wide, identical grins to curl the sibling's faces. Ame knew that if Kamui really was a puppy, as his expression had suggested, he probably would have been wagging his tail. And happily barked. What an odd image. But entertaining, nonetheless. A cheerful grin curled her lips, and a mutual moment of happiness surrounded everybody.

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