A/N: OK here's a bit of back-story: the revolution never happened, because Katniss never volunteered for Prim, who was never reaped. That year, the girl from 12 won, and then went, with Haymitch, into the 75th games.

And, now… The Capitol is still in charge; it's the 250th games!

President Hail was concerned; this Quell was risky. Mind you, the past 9 had just as dangerous, and previous Presidents hadn't been that bothered. No, it was OK, Hail would just be assertive; a good president for Panem.

Erinna, the President's PA, ran in, to tell Hail that she was on stage in two minutes.

Before long, President Hail, who had only been president for 6 months (This was her first games), stepped up onto the stage.

When the anthem ended, President Hail began to speak, reminding everyone of the Dark Days, the founding of the Hunger Games, and the laws that were laid out, stating that, every twenty-five years, the anniversary would be marked with a quarter Quell; a glorified version of the games, each with a meaning, to refresh the memory of the uprising that killed so many.

She continued, explaining the previous Quells; the 25th games, to remind Panem that children were dying because their parents chose for them to, the tributes were voted in; the 50th games, a reminder that two rebels died for each capitol citizen, twice as many tributes were sent to the arena; the 75th games, to symbolize that even the strongest cannot overcome the Capitol, the tributes were reaped from the existing pool of victors; the 100th games, a reminder that no-one could protect the weak from the devastation of a rebellion, the tributes were selected from children form the age of 6; the 125th games, to remind the districts that the capitol suffers too (There was very nearly a rebellion that year), half of the tributes were selected from the capitol; the 150th games, to symbolize that many rebels died for nothing, three times as many children were sent to the arena; the 175th games, to remind Panem that the rebels could not protect those closest to them, the tributes were reaped from the families of previous tributes; the 200th games, when, as a reminder that the rebels could not defend their lovers, the tributes were reaped as couples that were dating at the time; the 225th, to show that everyone is injured by war, the tributes were all children that had a bad injury of some sort.

"And now, we honour our 250th games; our tenth quarter quell." The President started, as a little boy in a white suit stepped forward, holding a simple wooden box. Hail selected an envelope marked with a 250, and retrieved the square of paper from inside. With out hesitation, she read. "On the 250th anniversary, as a reminder that no-one, no matter how innocent or strong, can escape the law, six tributes shall be selected, from three age categories: five to eleven, twelve to eighteen, and nineteen to twenty-five.

Then, the President left the stage.

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