DISCLAIMER: I do not own Supernatural or any of its characters. Any character names in this fic are purely coincidental, but the name of the town and lake are actually locations in Nova Scotia. Had to send the boys back to the Maritimes! Hope you enjoy my next attempt at a chapter fic, as most of my stories are one shots. Hope you enjoy!


The summer night was practically still, not a sound save for the rustling wind in the fields, the sounds of crickets and the faint call of an owl in the distance. It was a peaceful night, perfect for young lovers to cuddle in the back of pick-up trucks, huddled in blankets or to simply just lay in the dew kissed grass, gazing at the stars. Not that many young lovers would be spending much time star gazing. The moon shone peacefully amidst a starry June sky, casting a calm, but somehow still rather eerie glow upon the Antigonish Harbour. Inside his mom's battered early 90s model Honda Civic, Ryan Jones cruised along the practically deserted road, "Party Like a Rockstar" blaring from the stereo system. The nineteen-year-old, on his way home from his part time job at the local movie theatre, was looking forward to a night of hard partying, drinking, and if he was lucky, some serious fucking. Shit, Carly Harris was smoking, with her pouty lips, platinum blonde hair, and deep blue-green eyes.

Ryan smiled at the thought, and drew a quick breath of anticipation. Sure, he and Amanda hadn't technically broken up yet, but the two had agreed to a break, so what harm would a little fun in the bedroom do? Fuck, Mandy was more than welcome to do a little exploring of her own. And Kyle Ross was a pretty good looking guy…

The song was clear and beautiful, soft and yet somehow loud enough for Ryan to hear despite the blaring hip hop on the radio. Instinctively Ryan eased off the gas and lowered the volume to nothing, listening. Had he really heard something, or was his imagination playing tricks on him? Curious, Ryan lowered the driver's window, listening again.

Sure enough, a soft, sweet song carried over the harbour, causing Ryan's heart to nearly skip a beat. It was seductive, gentle, like a woman whispering into his ear. And somehow, in between the melody, the young man heard his name, ever so faintly…


The young boy closed his eyes, breathing deeply as one caught in the midst of a powerful orgasm. And then, there she stood: a beautiful woman with long auburn hair, tousled just enough to be sexy, wide green eyes, and fair skin, to the point of pallor. She was wearing a long white spaghetti strapped sundress, the soft green floral pattern matching her eyes, her feet bare. Slowly the woman made her way to the Honda, a look of desire on her pale, and yet still beautiful face. She gestured for Ryan to open the passenger door for him.

He readily complied.

Slowly the mysterious woman made her way to the passenger door, still singing in her clear, intoxicating voice, and slid in the seat beside the young man. Closing the door behind her, the woman gently ran a hand along the pant leg of Ryan's black work uniform pants, landing strategically slightly below his pelvic bone. Ryan drew in a quick gasp, closing his eyes as the woman continued to seduce him, leaning in and nibbling softly in his ear.

"Come to me…"

And then, suddenly, Ryan's driver's window snapped closed, the locks on the doors secure. Suddenly feeling a surge of panic, Ryan tried to pull up on the lock, to no avail. The engine gunned, and Ryan felt his body slam against the seat, as if some force were pinning him down. The woman smiled, kissing him on the mouth, but Ryan tried to push her away, no longer charmed for the temptress's advances. But before he could attempt to fend for himself, the woman vanished, as if from thin air. The engine gunned a second time, the car righting itself to face the darkness of the harbour.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK!" Ryan tried desperately to reach for the key, desperate for any attempts to kill the engine, but the force pinning him to the driver's seat was too strong. The back windows, as suddenly as they had closed, were now wide open, useless to the pinned teenager behind the wheel. The car suddenly lurched forward plunging into the dark abyss, filling it with water in seconds. As the water filled the boy's lungs, pulling him into darkness, Ryan's last conscious thought was: that's the last time I let a hot woman in my car.