This will be a fairly short fic for me. I cannot imagine it going beyond 10-15 chapters roughly. It's inspired by and loosely based on a guilty pleasure of mine: Barbie movies, this one being "Barbie in A Mermaid Tale".

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Sixteen Years Ago...

"She is beautiful, Your Highness..." The merman who entered the throne room bowed before his Queen.

The beautiful Queen of the underwater Kingdom of Aquarius smiled, holding her baby close to her, swishing her pale green tail slightly and her long, pale blonde hair floating around her head.

"Thank you, Ezekiel. She is. There is only one problem: she has been born as her father is: with legs..." The Queen unwrapped the seaweed green blanket warming her child, showing that the child she held did indeed have legs and not a tail. She may have greatly resembled her mother, but the tail was the missing vital element.

"Because of me, she will be able to breathe underwater, but she will not be safe from my sister. I must find a way to keep her safe from Heather..." The Queen sighed.

"Oh yes, Queen Dawn. Once she finds out you have had the child, she will come after her for sure..." Ezekiel said, worriedly flicking his grey tail.

"I need to find a way to keep her safe..." Queen Dawn said.

"Your Highness, you said that the Princess' father is Human. Will she not be safe in the Surface World with him then?" Ezekiel suggested.

"I would send her to be with her father, but I am told that he died just before I had her..." Dawn sighed sadly.

Ezekiel bowed his head for a moment. "Does she not have other Human relatives?"

"She has her grandfather, but I do not know if he will take her..."

"Then why not try and see, Your Majesty?"

Dawn sat silent for a few moments as she re-wrapped the blanket around her newborn daughter tightly.

Then she floated upright.

"I will try. I will send a message to her grandfather asking him to meet me in the cove." Dawn held up a hand and a glowing bubble formed in front of her.

Holding it close to her lips, she whispered into it for a few moments, then blew on it gently, sending it on its way.

Later that evening, Dawn packed a bag filled with her daughter's things, saving for last a silver jewellery box with the young Princess' name on the front.

Removing her silver necklace with a silver shell shaped pendant and a tear shaped aquamarine gemstone with a pearl in the centre embedded within the shell, she sighed as she opened the box and placed it gently inside before closing it.

The baby started to fuss slightly as she tucked away the jewellery box.

"Hush, hush, young one. You'll be okay..." She hugged the baby closer to her as she swam off; dodging the sharks and stingrays that seemed to get more in number the farther she got away from her palace.

At last, as the sea grew dark, she could see the light of the moon reflecting on the surface above.

She rose above the surface slowly, flicking her hair out of her face and comforting the child she held as she had started to cry.

"Shhh. It's going to be okay, my little daughter..."

Dawn glanced up to see an older-looking male figure on the beach.

"Thank you for coming, Walter..." She spoke softly as she swam up to the small cove where the figure paced up and down.

"How could I not come, Dawn? You are the mother of my granddaughter. I couldn't just abandon you both now. Trent would never forgive me and she is my only family left in this world..."

Dawn smiled weakly as she handed over her daughter as well as the bag of things she had packed for her.

Walter smiled at the baby, who had now calmed down and was looking at this new face curiously.

"What is my granddaughter's name?" He asked, smiling down at her.

"I have decided to name her Bridgette. Anything you need to know about her is in the large, light blue envelope. As for this..." Dawn reached into the bag and held up the jewellery box.

"You need to make sure she gets this when she turns sixteen and thus she comes of age in the mermaid half of her heritage. On that day, she may be able to save Aquarius from Heather's tyranny if there is anything of it left by then..." Dawn sighed sadly.

"Must you go back? You would be safe here as well..." Walter pleaded.

Dawn turned away, beginning to descend into the water slowly.

"I would, but unlike Bridgette, I do not have legs and I cannot make them. Plus my people are at war with Heather and her forces. I cannot abandon them at a time like this..." Dawn glanced back at her daughter and her daughter's grandfather.

"Please take care of my little Princess until she is ready to meet her destiny, Walter..." She waved sadly before diving into the water again.

With a tear in his eye, Walter spoke softly even though Dawn would never be able to hear him.

"Of course, Dawn. Bridgette will lead a happy life here on land until she is ready to rejoin you again. I will make sure of it..."

He turned to leave, clutching the only little person he had left in this world, determined to make good on his promise.