"So… your grandfather told you that you are a half mermaid princess from a kingdom under the sea?" Gwen raised a skeptical eyebrow as she, Bridgette, Lindsay and Geoff sat in their favourite cove.

"Yep." Bridgette skipped a stone on the water.

"That's the trippiest thing I've ever heard, dudette..." Geoff commented.

"I believe it!" Lindsay exclaimed, making Gwen roll her eyes.

"You believe that Bridgette is part mermaid even when everyone knows that mermaids don't exist?"

"They do too! Why would Bridgette's grandpa lie to her?" Lindsay asked.

"Maybe he thought it would be a funny joke or something…" Bridgette shrugged.

"Lying to you about your mom and dad doesn't sound like my idea of a funny joke…" Lindsay folded her arms and pouted.

"It also doesn't explain all these weird things happening to me around water either…" Bridgette pointed to her hair where instead of it having blue streaks, it now looked more like blue highlights.

"Magic tricks. Ten bucks on the internet." Gwen waved dismissively.

"Those weren't magic tricks… That was real magic!" A voice Bridgette thought she'd heard only in her dreams said from the direction of the water, startling them all.

Geoff peeked out from behind the rock he had jumped behind.

"Girls, is that…" Geoff took in the sight of the purplish-pink dolphin that had surfaced.

"… a pink talking dolphin?" Gwen finished, wide-eyed.

"Ooh! She's so pretty!" Lindsay was the first to run forward and greet her. "What's your name?"

"I'm Janey." The dolphin answered.

"Oh great. So my hallucination has a name now…" Bridgette sighed, walking forward.

"Janey's not a hallucination!" The girl Bridgette had seen underwater popped up next to the dolphin, startling them all again.

"Where in the name of Neptune did you come from now?" Geoff asked, now emerging from behind his safety rock.

"Aquarius…" Janey and the girl answered in unison.

"Aqua- no way…" Bridgette backed up.

"Yes way! We came from your mother's homeworld, Princess!" The girl said.

"We hear stories of your existence all the time but to see that Queen Dawn's daughter actually exists!" The dolphin said excitedly.

"Bridgette, are we all having the same lucid dream?" Gwen asked, still looking stunned.

"It's not a dream! We need you, Princess Bridgette! Aquarius cannot survive for much longer without you and your powers!" The girl said.

"Nope. Still a dream. And this necklace?" Bridgette removed the necklace from the last night that she had been so fascinated with and threw it against a rock. "Is nothing but a fake!"

When the necklace hit the rock, instead of shattering or even cracking slightly, it floated into the air just in front of Bridgette with a soft, white glow.

Above the pendant, in what looked like a cloud of mist, an image formed of a beautiful, blonde mermaid with a light green tail sitting sadly on a shell chair, holding a bluish-silvery substance between her hands.

The girl broke the ensuing silence as the four teenagers with legs stared at the image.

"See? That image proves that Queen Dawn exists and that she is alive somewhere! Queen Heather must have kidnapped her and has her trapped somewhere!" The girl exclaimed.

"I think I may believe you now…" Bridgette said, still in awe of the supposed image of her mother, until it faded away and she shook her head to clear it.

Kneeling down to take up the necklace and fasten it around her neck, she began to think out loud.

"If I go with Janey and this girl, maybe if I help them, I can be a normal girl again and make all this weird stuff go away!" Bridgette gestured to the blue highlighted hair on her head.

"Are you being serious right now" Gwen and Geoff asked in unison.

"Yes I am! All these weird "powers" and the hair changing colour… I can't live like that forever…"

"I think Bridgette should go on this underwater adventure to save her kingdom!" Lindsay cheered.

"Even if this "Aquarius" place really existed, how would you even get there?" Gwen asked.

"I would take her!" The girl glanced at her dolphin friend and corrected herself. "WE could take her! My fins may not look like much, but I can move faster than a lot of people think!"

"This is crazy!"Gwen and Geoff exclaimed.

"I know it is, but so is my hair changing colour and water behaving as if I'm from the Water Tribe…" Bridgette made up her mind, glancing at the girl in the water who was flicking her tail back and forth out of the water with Lindsay following its every move.

"My name is Beth by the way. I never introduced myself earlier, sorry about that. I figure if we're about to go on an adventure together, we should at least know each other's names…" The girl in the water said.

"Yeah, know each other's names…" Bridgette chuckled nervously.

"Are you seriously going with them, Bridgette?" Geoff asked, still sounding incredulous.

"I am. It's the only way I can get control of these freaky powers and get my hair back to normal, so what else am I supposed to do?" She asked as she began to wade into the water.

"Well then, if you're really going…" Geoff kissed her. "That's for good luck."

Gwen and Lindsay rushed forward and initiated a group hug.

"I know I said I don't do affection, but you really are my best friend. You know that, right?" Gwen actually managed a half smile.

"Of course I do!" Bridgette smiled back.

"Good luck, Princess!" Lindsay wished her excitedly.

"Thanks, Lindsay. Guys, I need you to make sure that Grandpa knows where I went, okay? I don't want him to worry…"

"He'll be worried once he hears you're off to defeat an evil queen anyway…" Geoff shrugged.

"Well, goodbye, I guess. I'll be back soon!" Bridgette waved to them as she waded deeper and deeper into the water with Beth and Janey and soon disappeared from sight.

Now under the water fully, Bridgette marveled at her being able to breathe underwater now that she was calm and sure that she was not delusional.

"Come on, Bridgette! We've got to get you to your kingdom!" Beth cheered.

"Yeah… Kingdom…" Bridgette thought. "Where hopefully I can find a way to me a normal HUMAN again…"