Hey all, so quite a few people have mentioned that this is labelled a Bella/Paul story and shouldn't be now. IT IS a Bella/Paul story. I never said it was a fluffy story in the description and I never said it they got an HEA. In fact the very title is Fated to BROKEN love. I did not label it a tragedy because no one has died and to me its about love and sometimes having to let go and move on. She was broken after Edward and thought he was her forever but she found true love with Paul. This is the story of the love Bella shared with Paul, much like in my take, Twilight was the story of the love she shared with Edward, which ended painfully for her as well but the story would still be labeled Bella/Edward because it was the story of their love. Circumstance meant that didn't last either but the story is about things happening for a reason and silver linings, its about hope and love. True love doesn't always mean you end up together. Life doesn't always have an HEA but it doesn't diminish the love we feel and I don't feel that because their imprint was broken, this hasn't been a story about a Bella/Paul love. I'm sorry to those of you who don't like where I've gone. I did label it drama and there is a lot of drama.

Sorry, minor rant finished. I am sorry to those who don't like it anymore. Unfortunately I can't please everyone. Thank you for all your reviews. I especially thank those of you whose screen names I recognize from reviews of other stories I've written. You guys have stayed with me through several stories and breaks, all the ups and downs of my writing and I appreciate all of you. Criticism, praise and even your rants for the odd twists I can take are all welcome in my inbox at anytime. Even if I don't agree with them, like in the above because it IS a Bella/Paul love story. Ok sorry, I said the rant was done, on with the story...

They all slept out on the beach and when I woke in the damp chill of the morning I walked through the mist to the cliff and smiled out at the horizon, for the first time in a long time I felt serene.

I had no idea of the plan fate had for me but I had hope. At the very least, the people I loved the most seemed to have beautiful futures, maybe I would to, Paul's mother had said I would love again and I could only hope this time I wouldn't lose it but one thing was certain, nothing could make me wish I hadn't loved Paul, even knowing the pain in losing him, I'd have lived it again. Truthfully, before Paul, I'd been ready to live the pain of losing the Cullen's again as well. Love was worth risking the pain that came from losing it.

As I thought I watched the sun rising up over the water, through the early mist and clouds, I knew I would be ok, given time. I knew it, but I wasn't ready for it. The thing with time, there never seems to be enough, not enough time with Charlie, not enough time with Paul, not enough time with any of them, but no matter how perfect a moment, how much you want to hold on to something, time keeps passing, moving forward, whether you are ready for it to or not. This was a fact of life, and because it was a fact of my life that bad things would happen before I was ready to face them, it was there that Victoria found me. I could feel her behind me and calmly turned to the red head and regarded her. Victoria seemed to be waiting for something, perhaps fear but all I felt was that same serene calm.

It wasn't until Victoria's teeth latched onto my neck that I screamed. The pain instant as she ripped through my flesh and fire trickled into my veins.

The wolves had already scented her and Paul ripped her off me. Through the fire I saw the pack tearing her apart as Sam lifted me into his arms.

"Hold on Bella." He begged.

"Suck it out!" Leah hissed. "She said they sucked it out."

Sam looked down at me, "What do I do."

"This is your fate." I could hear the voice of Paul's mother in my ringing ears and knew. I would change or I would die, this was to be my fate.

"It's too much." Paul was shaking, "She can't, she wont, you have to let her change." I could see in his eyes he knew and quickly understanding dawned on all of them. Victoria had gotten too much blood out, put to much venom in, they either had to kill me or let me change.

"Tell me what to do Bella." Sam spoke softly as he kneeled on the cliff top holding my writhing body.

"Do?" Paul growled, "You do nothing. Let her change, call the Cullen's, we said we'd protect her."

"We said whatever she decides." Jared corrected his voice rough with emotion.

"No." Jake growled, "You can't mean… No. You aren't touching her." His body was shaking, "I'll stop you."

"She'll be a leech man." Quil's quiet voice spoke up.

"Who cares, she'll still be Bella." Seth added.

"A leech is a leech." Brady argued.

"We should take her out now." Embry agreed.

"Touch my imprint and I will tear you apart!" Paul growled, his whole body shaking as he stood to protect her.

"Do you really want to leave her to suffer like this?" Colin waved at me, the pain was making my back bow as lava coursed through me and I lay writhing in Sam's arms, tears and cries of pain like nothing any of them had heard before escaping my lips.

"Enough." Leah hissed. "It's not up to us."

"Bella?" My vision was blurring but I turned my face from the pack to meet Sam's eyes, "You have to decide." He pleaded with me to take the choice from his hands.

"Bella?" I heard Emily's pained voice as the imprints made their way to the cliff from the beach below. I knew they were scared, and I knew in that moment they would rather me exist, even as this than to bury me, just like I'd rather see Paul happy with Leah than broken over what we had missed having. I turned from Emily and Kim's worried expression to look at Paul's haunted one and as ous eyes met a wave of pain rolled through me making me scream. Deep down, we both knew, I would become his mortal enemy and if he had hated the betrayal of our broken imprint because of them, how much would he hate me for being one of them? In that instant, the look in his eyes held my answer. Paul hadn't just recognized the broken imprint as a betrayal, it was the way I'd let Edward break me, the way I had given up living that was a betrayal. Now he was only moments from phasing, to guard over me, while I became his enemy because my death was something neither Paul could forgive. The imprint might be broken and he might not have loved me in this life but his soul knew that he would have and however much he hated vampires, he'd rather I was one than dead.

Sam's arms tightened around me. "Please." He begged again.

I knew they wanted to protect me, but what I would become, I prayed that not just Paul would forgive me, but that all these brave and beautiful people I had loved so well wouldn't hate me, "Jasper." I panted out before the pain could consume me, giving my final choice.

Life had done its best to break me, but I wasn't ready to give up and die.

Sam held her to him, hating the pain she was in. It was Jared who found the vampire in her phone and made the call.

They carried her to the border in the woods and waited, every painful twist of her body and moan from her mouth tearing at their hearts.

Finally Jasper arrived and stood just across the treaty line.

"I'm scared to move her." Sam whispered, still holding her tightly, "She's just seemed to quiet a little."

"You can't hold her for three days." Alice told him gently.

"We don't want to leave her." Kim sniffled, clutching Jared.

"She needs to be protected while she's like this." Jake fought back the trembling in his body to phase as he watched his first love suffer.

"We know you love her." Jasper sent out a wave of comfort, "We know how much all of you do but it will be better for her and safer for your tribe if we take her away now. I promise I will protect her."

Sam nodded and stood. Paul let out a growl and tried to take her from him.

"Paul." He hesitated as the shaking boy lifted her from his arms.

Leah rested a hand on his arm, "Give him a minute." She requested.

Sam nodded and they all watched.

"I wish I could have remembered loving you. I'm so sorry for everything. You'll always be my imprint, my soul mate, leech or not." He whispered into her ear and walked her over to Jasper. "She's your soul mate to." He told the vampire, meeting his eyes, willing his enemy to love and protect her. He had no choice but to give his trust but handing her over, how could he not have known loving her? How could he have passed that love over? Because she was a leech lover? Had he missed out on something so amazing that even here, the tiniest glimpse of what they could have been, broke his heart?

Jasper nodded and took her from him; "I will protect her, always."

Paul nodded, in his enemies eyes he saw something, a spark of understanding and respect and he knew, this demon loved his girl too and as he made the promise Paul swore, he wouldn't make the same mistakes with Leah. He'd love her right, the way she deserved, the way his sweet Bella had deserved. He wouldn't fail to protect his family, not the way he'd failed her.

Leaning down he smoothed the hair from her face and kissed her forehead, ignoring the vampire stench "I'm sorry." He whispered and stepped back, his body shaking violently. Jasper nodded at the other wolves and turned, running through the trees, Alice at his side and Bella, clutched in his arms. Behind him he heard the mourning howl of the wolves, one pain filled cry louder than the others.

They ran for hours until they reached a very secluded cabin and settled in to wait.

Alice brushed her hair and cleaned her up, dressing her in clean clothes. Jasper sent her waves of emotion he wasn't completely sure she could feel through the pain.

"Do you see anything Darlin?" Jasper asked Alice as they watched the girl they both loved.

"It's not clear." She answered leaning against him. "She'll stay with us though, at least for a while, even come back to the Cullen's with us in time and I see her happy. She'll be happy again." Alice reassured him and herself, seeking out the vision again. "She'll be happy and loved." She murmured as she reached out an took his hand, both of them waiting, unmoving, as they watched over her both silently promising that never again would they fail their sister, never again would she have to suffer alone and if they could help it she'd never suffer again but for now, for now they could only wait for their sister to awake to her new life.

So this is the end of the Bella/Paul story.

I hope at least some of you liked it, even if it wasn't the ending you hoped for.

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