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Without further ado...Chapter 1!


"Hey, nice shot Black*Star." Soul called out. He took a couple of steps forward and placed his hands on his knees, satisfied with their team's point.

The younger boy grinned and yelled back, "Of course it was! A big guy like me always shoots the best baskets!" He gave a thumbs-up to Tsubaki across the court, who smiled weakly - she was on the other team, after all.

The rest of them giggled at the blue-haired assassin's constant over-confidence.

This baketball game was another attempt at getting Crona - formerly known as "The Demon Sword" with his weapon Ragnarok - to participate with his classmates at the DWMA. Everyone seemed to be handling it okay, especially Maka, so Soul decided to take a break.

Soul trudged over to the nearest park bench, where he noticed Death the Kid staring blankly out onto the court.

Huh. Probably analyzing the symmetry of the grass or something. Soul thought as he smiled to himself. This guy can be such a freak sometimes. Soul shrugged and sat down hard next to Kid, snapping the latter out of his apparent trance.

Kid jerked awake slightly, then calmly raised his head from its resting place on his palms and turned to face his new seatmate. "Oh hello there, Soul. Taking a break already?"

Soul smirked toothily and replied. "What do you mean already? It's been..." he paused to check his watch, then continued "...two hours. And your spoiled ass had been parked here the whole time, instead of out there in the game."

Kid looked around to analyze the setting. He noted the sweat covering the faces of his classmates, and caught a glimpse of the sun, which was now dozing in the sky, before turning back to Soul.

"Well then that's perfect! Because I just decided that the painted lines on the basketball court are indeed perfectly symmetrical; and it took half as long as last time!" Kid folded his hands in his lap and stared lovingly down at the concrete.

Soul's head spun with confusion and a little annoyance at his - could he call him a friend? What a weirdo... he thought, shaking his head in frustration

For a moment, the boys sat in silence, with Kid absorbed in his own world of symmetrical paint, and Soul trying to figure out what to say next. Finally, he cleared his throat and tried to continue the conversation. "Hey...Kid?"

After looking dazed for a second, the black-haired reaper boy faced the source of sound. "Yes, Soul, what is it?" He responded with a hint of enthusiasm.

The fire-eyed older boy fumbled mentally for a moment, as the had not yet worked out what to say. C'mon, be cool. Ugh, what is my deal today? He asked himself. In a split-second decision, he blurted out "You're really good with helping Crona, and stuff. Um...I know Maka appreciates it. So...yeah. Thanks I guess." Soul placed his arm behind his head, leaning into the curve of the park bench, and exhaled. Damn, why am I acting like a spaz? He inquired of himself once more.

Kid cocked an eyebrow, then dismissed the apparent nervous done in Soul's voice. "Okay...you're welcome, I suppose. It's no problem at all, really."

Again, there was silence between the two for what seemed like an eternity.

This time, it was Kid who interrupted the awkwardness. "So, Soul, how are you doing?"

Soul looked at Kid from the corner of his eye, then tilted his head, confused. "Eh?"

"I'm referring to the wound you sustained on your chest." Kid explained, tapping the area on Soul's body with the back of his hand for clarification. "Is it feeling any better lately?"

Soul coiled slightly at Kid's touch, but smiled. He was unsure what made him move - the scar didn't hurt anymore, even to the touch. And...was that genuine concern he heard in Kid's voice? Soul shook his thoughts away and replied: "Eh, it's alright; I try not to think about it too much. It's not cool to dwell on the battles of the past, especially one we lost."

Kid smiled half-heartedly, worried that he had wounded Soul's pride a little. But, why does that even matter right now? Kid wondered. Maybe...I can consider Soul a friend after all? His thoughts were interrupted before he could conclude.

"Hey, what do you say we get back in this thing?" Soul asked rhetorically, gesturing toward the game in progress. He had watched from the sidelines long enough - it was painful to see Crona's technique on the court. "Oy, Crona!" Soul called as he approached. "Your center of gravity is off. Try bending your knees..." Soul's voice trailed off as Kid remained seated, thinking.

Hmm, Soul thinks that I make a good mentor for Crona? How interesting. I thought the same about him...Well, I must uphold this new-found reputation as leader! Kid smiled and proclaimed to no one in particular, "Looks as if it's time for another party!" Satisfied with his decision, Kid rose to join the others, hoping dearly that he could manage to dribble the ball eight times before attempting a shot.


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