Extras-Cat Coins and more info

Cat coins: Coins that are used in the monetary system for Lucia's kingdom. 500 Cat coins is equivalent to one pound of gold. So 50 pounds of gold would be 25,000 Cat coins… only nobility are able to reach this level of wealth.

They are so surprised it is not even a question it is just a statement of their confusion. Well, except for Augustine who clearly know where this conversation is going.

Lilus: The god known as the moon, when it is at its fullest point (a full moon) it is said to be filled with knowledge. Lucia makes all her most successful battle strategies when Lilus is offering her wisdom. Example: Lucia created a strategy that toppled the once great kingdom of Catnia when she was just 14… It was created when Lilus was at its fullest point for the second time in the same month (a blue moon, or blue Lilus).

Augustine's room is completely clean just as it is expected of the queen's loyal advisors. Augustine doesn't exactly fall into that category, but why not do something to please her queen every once in a while. Also, it's to keep up appearances.

The confession of Daiz: Yes thinking of another while you are with somebody else is a sin acting on it will get you 15 years of penance and you will become an ordinary priestess. Not exactly worth it to me but Daiz seems lonely now the Abbismal has been leading his army to battle, coming home for a week, and leaving for months (this has been happening for the past few years so obviously their relationship has not shown Daiz a lot of love recently).

Augustine runs out of the closet… I have no words to describe how utterly amazed I was when I noticed this in here. It's like my subconscious was trying to say something about Augustine.

Sara's parents started it all and she only followed in her parent's footsteps. Her introduction might tell you otherwise, but Sara is not really evil. This was all part of her misguided attempts to win the affection of the one she loves.

Sara was in love with the prince and Augustine was in love with Lucia, but Augustine came up with a plan that involves all of them being happy. Uhh feel free to skip this next part until you hit the part with *back to Lucia, who is currently running and crying without any sense of direction… A bad combo*

The part with Sara and Augustine will definitely be 18+. Why? Because it's forbidden love between 2 girls. How would that not be 18+? Also, I can't just ignore it since it is just too pivotal of a part for me to not write about.

"Admit it you are just scared of being alone." –Sara …This is the most profound thing that will come out of Sara's mouth because she is shockingly right. She would have made a great psychologist.

Diaz's day off: Daiz spent a day off with her parents. Had she known that Lucia was lonely and looking for her then Daiz would have run to Lucia's side and asked "What can I do for you today?" Instead Lucia found Daiz locked in her room and Daiz's first response was "Oh how was your day my queen? I know I enjoyed some quality with my parents today." This would have been totally fine and appropriate to ask had this not been the day Lucia lost both of her parents. Daiz had no way of knowing but that did not make it any less painful for Lucia

Sara had a somewhat sheltered life, she is curious about trying new things because her parents were very strict and she is trying to enjoy her newfound freedom.

When Lucia is filled with rage like that escaping is the only option that won't get you injured… or worse.

The ritual would last half a day… it would only take half an hour for Augustine to bleed out from the re-opened wounds. Do the math Augustine, might be better to stay in bed.

Dark one could also be considered the reaper aka death.

Daiz thinks Sara and Augustine are disciples of the dark one, Andus. It's relevant because the disciples of the dark one like hiding in shadows just like Augustine and Sara. They are not disciples of the dark one but they will have a tough time trying to explain this to Lucia after Daiz tells her.

Forbidden love: Now all they have to do is keep this relationship a secret from the rest of the kingdom for the rest of their lives… no pressure.

Release: It sounds so good to a servant or anybody that has been forced into a job for the rest of their life. Lucia is releasing Augustine from her duties... Augustine is now able to do what she wants without having to ask permission. Not much of a victory for Augustine though since she never asks for permission anyways and Augustine tends to everything with as much freedom as possible the difference now there is no consequences for her actions as long as no laws are broken. Awesome right? Well apparently not for Augustine.

Veronica Vera… The artist from my favorite webcomic .com I need to give most of the credit for this story to her since I wasn't too creative with the names. I think I have BCB on the brain… I'm not convinced that is a bad thing. If you are wondering why I picked this picture you will just have to ask me in the comment section for Bittersweet Candy Bowl. I'll reply as long as you ask on the current page.