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Epilogue - 7 months later


"Hey, Punky, move over a little to the right, please. Yeah, that's great!"

"Barbie, I need you to put your chin down a bit and, maybe, tone down the murderous glare in your eyes. I want you to look tough but still sexy, got it?"

"Lean forward, Katie, otherwise you're gonna poke Britney Smears' eyes out with your tits!"

"That's perfect, Cherry, just perfect!"

Damn right, she's perfect. She's perfect and she's mine, so back the fuck off, Mr. Bigshot Photographer Guy!

It's been seven months since the Seattle Sex Packets won the National Roller Derby Championship. The new season is about to start and it comes with a lot of publicity: magazine covers, newspaper articles, interviews on the local news channels and, now, a sixteen-month calendar to be sold nationally. Some of the girls have even spoken at area high schools, while a select few have been asked to pose for a couple of not-so-family-friendly gentlemen's magazines.

I don't think I've ever seen Emmett so proud of Barbie. Dumbass.

There's no way in hell I'd be okay with Cherry showing her stuff for other guys to beat off to. She's mine and I'm not sharing.

I look across the studio, watching her pose for the camera. She immediately turns her head my way, like she senses my eyes on her, and lifts up one side of her mouth in a smirk. I'm pretty sure she's not willing to share me either and I'm perfectly fine with that.

Coach Boo Boo Radley walks in, holding the team's huge trophy high in the air. As soon as the girls see their championship prize, they erupt in applause, cheers, and whistles. Even I get caught up in the moment and start clapping as Coach places the trophy front and center for the group picture.

Seeing Cherry and her teammates look at the trophy with a mixture of awe and pride in their eyes instantly takes me back to the moment they first laid eyes on it.

The Sex Packets kicked ass in Vegas. It was truly the best they'd played in years. There were plenty of fouls and time spent in the Sin Bin for both teams but, when it came to scoring, no one could touch Cherry Bomb.

I think my favorite play was when Cherry was being stuffed by an opposing blocker, making it impossible for her to pass. Barbie rolled up to her, grabbed her hand, and whipped Cherry around while booty-blocking the girl at the same time, knocking her to the ground. Cherry was then able to make her way around the rink, scoring the winning jam.

My ears still ache when I remember how Punky jumped up and down, screaming about how she was the one who taught Barbie that particular "waitress" move and that all the "haters can suck it". Thank goodness the people sitting around us knew to ignore her. I would've been embarrassed for them getting their asses kicked by a pregnant woman if they had disputed her in any way.

I'm brought out of my memories by the sound of an infant crying and a smile instantly covers my face. Watching Jasper stroll through the door with his baby daughter, Daisy, held snugly to his chest by a baby sling, I'm struck by how natural he looks in this situation. This is the happiest I've ever seen my friend and I'm amazed at what a great dad he is already. Don't get me wrong, he still speaks without thinking at times, but Alice is very quick to smack him upside his head when it's needed.

"Uncle Eddie! What's up, man?"

"I told you not to call me that, asshole! There's nothing wrong with 'Uncle Edward', you know?"

"Hey, don't be such a square, Godfather, and watch your damned mouth in front of my daughter!"

"She's only a month old, Jas. I'm pretty sure she doesn't know what we're saying. Now, hand her over."

Jasper gently reaches into the baby sling and lifts a now-calm Daisy up, his hand looking gigantic as it cradles the back of her tiny head. He places her in the crook of my arm and I pull her close to my face, inspecting her for any changes since the last time I saw her.

Just as I take in a deep breath, inhaling as much of her sweet baby smell as I can, I hear a gasp followed by a whimper. When I look up, I see my Cherry watching me and biting down on her plump bottom lip.

Ah, so she's turned on by me holding a baby? Good to know.

Daisy is only a month old but she seems very alert, staring up at me with her big gray eyes. I can't help but fall under her spell and I know for a fact that I'll be a hundred times worse with my own children.

I can't wait.

I look at Cherry again and feel the tips of my ears pink up. We've been together for almost a year now and she still has this effect on me. It's crazy. She also has other effects on me that I'm trying not to focus on while holding my goddaughter so, I hold Daisy up to my mouth and whisper, "Look, Daisy, it's your Aunt Cherry. Do you want to go see her?"

Cherry can hear me, of course, and she lets out the cutest giggle when she takes the baby from me, holding her tightly to her chest. I instantly want to jump her but, instead, I make myself turn around and talk to Jasper.

"So, is everything ready for the launch party tomorrow night?"

"Sure is! All we have to do is show up ready to schmooze our app to the top!"

Punky kisses Daisy's head before joining in. "I'm excited to finally have a date night! I love my baby girl but it'll be nice to have some adult conversation again."

A look of hurt passes over Jasper's face as he asks, "But, baby, you and I talk all the time."

Punky doesn't miss a beat. "Exactly."

A few seconds pass before Cherry lets out a snort, causing Punky to let loose the laughter she's been holding in. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she apologizes to her husband.

"Oh, Jazzy, you know I'm just picking on you! I love talking to you . . . and watching the way your mouth moves . . . and thinking about the other wonderful things your mouth can do . . ."

Jasper shows his forgiveness with a kiss so passionate Cherry feels the need to cover Daisy's eyes, while I feel the need to throw up in my mouth.

"Damn, baby, I don't know if I can wait two more weeks to be inside you. The waiting is killing me!"

My limit has been officially reached.

"Okay, that's it. I'm leaving before you two scar me more than you already have this past year. Cherry, let's give Daisy back to her crazy parents so we can get the hell out of here!"

Punky laughs and takes her daughter back. "I can't wait for you two to start having babies so I can laugh at your horny asses waiting for the six-week ban on sex to be lifted! Now, go, and have some extra kinky sex for me!"

I grab Cherry's hand and we practically fly out of the studio.

Even though we bought our new house together a few months ago, pulling into the driveway always gives me a thrill. This time is no different, although a major part of tonight's thrill is due to Cherry's hand stuck down my pants. It's a miracle I'm able to park in the driveway instead of the front yard because I'm so worked up.

We fumble our way into the foyer and crash onto the floor, our lips and hands never ceasing their explorations. Cherry and I have always had a passionate love life but tonight is different. A new electric charge is in the air and we're desperate to hold onto it, wanting the current to swallow us whole.

I force myself away from her body just long enough to pick Cherry up and carry her to our bedroom, our clothes scattered along the way. When she's completely naked for me, lying down but propped up on her elbows, I start at her navel and drag my tongue across her skin until I find her mouth.

Breathing in her moans, I know she's more than ready for me; I travel back down her body, blowing cool air on the wet trail I just left with my tongue. As our hooded eyes meet, I spread her open and flatten my tongue against her swollen pussy. Fuck, I love the way she tastes.

Cherry's hands are by her sides, clenching the bed sheets with tight fists. Sliding my arms under her thighs, I release the material from her grasp, lacing my fingers with hers while I fuck her with my tongue. There's biting and whimpering, sucking and writhing. My senses are on overload as Cherry gives in, letting go.

I barely allow her time to recover before my cock is completely buried in her warmth. Cherry clings to me as I thrust into her, groaning into her neck. This woman - my love - has unleashed the beast in me and I'll never get enough of her. She clenches down on me as she comes again and I immediately follow, gasping out her name - her real name - in ecstasy.


Holy hell, I love waking up sore in all the right places. My smile is slow but complete as I think back on all the ways Edward made my body come alive last night. I'm not really sure what came over him - he was even more passionate than usual - but I'm not complaining one fucking bit. I'll gladly spend the rest of my life blissed-out with that man.

The sun shines through our bedroom window, forcing the remaining bits of slumber from my body and making me notice music is surrounding me. My body is turned away from where he's sitting and I bite the inside of my cheek as soon as I realize that Edward's playing his guitar in our bed. I'm afraid that if he knows I'm awake, he'll stop playing so I do my best to just listen and relax, the excitement surging through my blood.

How did I ever end up with such a perfect man? Brilliant, talented, sweet, and fuckhawt . . . and now he's . . . oh, shit, he's humming. He's playing and humming and softly singing words like "say you will, say you will" over and over and it takes all my strength to keep me from shouting out "yes, I will" to whatever he's asking.

Now, he's laughing. Wait, what? Why is he laughing?

"I know you're awake, baby. Why are you trying to pretend that you're not?"


"Because I was afraid that you'd stop playing if I rolled over."

"You know, I'll play for you anytime you want me to, but I'd really love to see your face right now."

"I can't", I mumble.

"You can't? You can't what?"

I let out a deep breath before answering him, while he continues to strum his guitar. "I can't roll over right now. I'm too high-strung and turned on because of your playing. I'm trying not to jump you so I can enjoy this moment. You've been warned, though, as soon as this song is over, your ass is mine."

Edward barks out a laugh before the tone of his voice turns serious. "As much as I love it when you jump me, I want you to relax and just listen to the song for now, okay?"

I'm not sure what to think at this moment but he obviously has something up his sleeve. I take a deep breath and will my muscles to relax even though my insides are anything but calm.

After a few quiet moments pass, Edward starts playing a beautiful melody. His voice is tender but sure and my nerves are instantly soothed as I listen to the lyrics he sings.

"Forever can never be long enough for me

To feel like I've had long enough with you

Forget the world now, we won't let them see

But there's one thing left to do

Now that the weight has lifted

Love has surely shifted my way

Marry me . . . today and every day

Marry me if I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe'

Say you will, say you will"

OH. MY. GOD. Is he asking what I think he's asking?

I'm too stunned to move but that doesn't stop my eyes from filling with tears as Edward keeps singing.

"Together can never be close enough for me

To feel like I'm close enough to you

You wear white and I'll wear out the words I love you

And you're beautiful

Now that the wait is over

And love has finally shown her my way"

Edward pauses before whispering, "Bella? Look at me, please."

I slowly roll over to face him and I mentally kick my ass for denying myself the vision of this incredible man. His lap is barely covered by the bed sheet and the stubble on his jaw makes me ache to feel it between my legs again. But it's his eyes that have me frozen; piercing green and full of love and desire, with just a hint of mischief behind them. His gaze softens as he sings again.

"Promise me you'll always be happy by my side

I promise to sing to you when all the music dies

And marry me today and every day

Marry me if I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe'

Say you will, say you will . . . marry me"

He places the guitar against the nightstand table before lying down on his side, facing me. I finally allow my brimming tears to slide down my cheeks when I see Edward wiggle his pinky finger in front of me. Wrapped around the tip is the most beautiful engagement ring I've ever seen. He'd been wearing it the entire time he played for me but my eyes never left his face long enough to see it.

He takes it off his finger and begins to slide it over the ring finger of my left hand. Before it's nestled onto its home, Edward speaks the words I didn't even realize I wanted to hear.

"Bella, will you be mine forever?"


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