Summary: At a tender age of five, Uzumaki Naruto already knew what he was going to be when he grew up. That's right! He was going to be a princess! A cute princess that was going to be worthy of his cool prince's love. Featuring Naru-chan and his prince *drum rolls please!* Eh?! Shika-kun?! ShikaNaru. AU with some OOC characters.

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Chapter 1: I want to be your princess!

12 years ago...

"Get away from our playground, wimp!" Two bigger kids hovered over a crouched blonde kid. He was just playing in the sandbox by himself and jumped slightly when he felt someone pulling him away from the sandbox and throwing him to the ground. When he was able to focus on what was happening, he saw two older boys looking annoyed at him.

The blonde tried to shield his body with his arms over his head as he saw one of the boys raise his leg in attempt to kick him. However, the kick never came and instead, he heard a gasp from the other in front of him. He opened his eyes, not realizing that he closed it earlier, only to see a raven haired kid holding the leg of the one who tried to kick him.

"Look, I can hear you from over there," The newcomer pointed to the other side of the playground. "And I can really say you guys are..." He pulled the leg closer to him which dragged the body to him, and then landed a punch to the other's face. "really troublesome." He finished as he turned to the direction of the blonde kid and walked towards him.

His blue eyes widened as he saw a hand extending down to him. "Come on." The owner of the hand said. The blonde's legs wobbled as he tried to stand up. As he reached for that slightly tanned hand, a decision was made. One that would change his life forever.

He's so cool and strong and nice and... He looked at their joint hands as they walked out of the playground. He's like a prince. He remembered his mother telling some story about a prince that rescued a princess. That's it! If he's a prince, my prince, then, I would be his princess.

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