All Things Come to an End.

Pairing: No pairing

Summary: Sasuke finds something he thought he would never have to witness. His best friend lying on the ground, dead.

Warnings: Death of a character, blood, sadness

His heart sank when he saw the beaten and bloody body in front of him. The bright sparkling cerulean eyes were now dark, hazy, and lifeless. The golden blond hair was now faded. His tan skin was pale. The face that always seemed to have a smile on it looked shocked as though he never saw his killer approaching or he was surprised to have been beaten. Blood was stained all over his clothes and the ground around him. It was still wet and the scent of it lingered in the air, only meaning that his death was recent.

Rain fell from the sky, pelting anything it hit. Sasuke stood next to the body, his eyes wide in disbelief. This wasn't supposed to happen, Naruto wasn't supposed to die. Sasuke fell to his knees and punched the ground, anger and sadness filled his body. He grit his teeth trying to hold his emotions back, but couldn't. He yelled loudly, for all and any to hear. He didn't give a fuck, all he cared about now was Naruto. Tears formed, he tried his best not to cry, but they just began flowing, he couldn't get them to stop.

Although Sasuke had left the village, he kept it a secret but he still considered Naruto a close friend, he was truly sad that things had to end this way. Sasuke just stayed there mourning the loss of his fellow team mate… His best friend. He should have never left Konoha, perhaps if he had stayed this would have never happened to Naruto.

He had no one else to blame but himself…

… End…

IDK just something that came to mind about a year ago, I had lost the story but found it while cleaning my room. I'm not really that proud of it, it is kind of sad. This story was written back when I was beginning to be a writer so it may not be all that good as some of my other stories. Please review your thoughts, I am open to them.