So, um yeah. I'm not sure if this is a cross over. It might be, I dunno. But I hope you like it. It's going to be a great story!

The day was normal.

Or as normal as a day on the team could be.

Robin was walking around headquarters with Beast Boy, talking about nothing, due to incredible boredom. The rest of the team were around somewhere in Mt. Justice.

"I'm going to die of boredom." sighed Robin.

"Noted." Replied Beast Boy.

The lights suddenly flickered, and the building to rumble, and the female voiceover said, "WARNING- Unidentified Energy Impulse Detected."

The pair turned their attention towards the glowing blue electric orb forming in the center of HQ. At that moment, Nightwing and Impulse entered just as a clunky black box landed with a hard thud on the ground.

"It's a time machine." Noted Impulse.

The air was cleared around the clunk of metal, just as the rest of the team arrived.

"Is that a time machine?" inquired Bumblebee.

The team stood on guard, just as the door unsurely creaked open. A figure stepped out. It was a small girl. She looked about 13, but she seemed skinner then that.

Her posture was weak and loose, as though she had been beaten down in life. Her hair was short and choppy, as done so with a knife.

Her eyes, or should it be eye was a glassy blue, like she had lost a lot of blood. Her left eye was a messed up blob of red, bloody meat. Her left arm hung by her side, not moving. Her right arm was held up tight to her chest like she was holding something, her inside wrist bleeding, dripping drops of crimson on the floor. Her legs were cut and bruised, with fresh and old scars on them.

All in all, she looked really beaten down.

As soon as she saw them, her only eye filled with tears, which began to run freely down her stained face.

"I'm sorry." She managed to choke out.

"I swore I wouldn't cry. But-…" her tiny body started to shake a little as she cried.

"I didn't think I'd see you all alive and well again." She choked out.

"Um, what?" asked Beast Boy.

The small girl didn't move from her spot, but began to speak again.

"My name is Iris. I'm from the future. A terrible future. Thousands of people are dead. Only 10% of humans are left on earth, enslaved by a tyrant. And it's all my fault." She put her head down, tears still streaming down her face.

"What do you mean, it's all your fault?" asked Wonder Girl.

"I'd better start from the top then. But I can't reveal too much." Whispered the girl.

The team didn't move a muscle, wanting to hear the story.

"I joined the team in the future. Maybe a month or so from this time. It was fun, but I used to have these..." she struggled for the words.

"Fits. It was because of my powers reacting with a chemical compound in brain. Of course, I had to lie through my teeth to keep you from dragging me to a hospital. But they found out, and I was kidnapped. For months I was kept down in a rotten cellar, before they started to test on me."

Nightwing's heart raced. He knew the feeling, but kept a poker face.

"They embedded a device in my wrist. It controlled my emotions, and I soon began to feel happy or sad randomly to myself, controlled by them. They sent me in a rampage to destroy everything, and it worked. Little by little, the world was brought to a halt."

She took a shaky breath before going on.

"The heroes were killed off. They sent you to stop me. But Robin wasn't there, his dad found out about the whole thing, and dragged him away. But… things happened. The last people on the team who went into hiding were Miss Martian and Superboy.

But they said they hated me, and I was a disgrace to the team."

The room was dead quiet. "Why?" asked Beast Boy.

"Because… I killed Nightwing. I murdered him with my own hands."

The whole team looked from Iris to Nightwing, then back to Iris.

"Afterwards, I discovered the device, and ripped it out of my wrist. I tried to make things right again, but I couldn't do anything, so I went back to Mt. Justice , and Impulse with Tigress helped me build this time machine, and they were about to leave when we were discovered, and Impulse shoved me in at last minute. I'm trying to make things right again. But I don't know how to prevent it.

Being controlled really messed with my brain. It was horrible. You know the feeling don't you, Nightwing?"

Eyes turned towards Nightwing, who winced.

"How do you know about that?"

Her eye seemed to stare into his soul. "You spilled to me when we were fighting."

She bent her head down again. "I'm really sorry." She cried.

She dropped her right hand, and a small orb rolled a few feet, making a trail of blood on the floor.

"That's the thing I ripped from my wrist." she stared at the orb, lost in thought.

"Who is they? Maybe we can stop them before you even show up." Suggested Miss. Martian.

"They? More like him." She said bitterly.

Nightwing had seen it coming.

He only knew of one man who could do something like this.

"Slade." She whispered her voice suddenly weaker than before.

"It was Slade." She said once more, before she fell forwards and was caught by Impulse, who had run to catch her.

Everyone in the room turned their attention towards Nightwing.

His face looked grave, and compelled by anger.

"Nightwing, what's she talking about?" asked Robin.

Nightwing felt anger. He was pissed, or course. His past was coming back to haunt him. He couldn't believe he was going to do this.

He didn't even know that his old friends even kept the yellow and black communicator.

He felt his hand pick up the old thing. The large T in the middle stood out to the whole room.

The whole team stared at him as he clicked the button.

A beep filled the dead air. He lifted it up to his mouth.

"Terra. Come in Terra. Can you hear me?" he asked.


Then a suddenly beep and a voice was picked up. "Robin?" she asked.

"Its Nightwing now." he replied.

"Cool. What do you need?" she asked, trying to keep the awe from her voice.

"You have a new contact list right?" he asked her.

"Yep. BB and I both do." She replied.

Nightwing sighed a little.

"Terra. Call all Titians for a meeting at our base. This is an emergency."

She hesitated for a moment.

"What kind?" she asked him, and edge to her voice.



"What?!" she yelled.

"Slade." He said again.


Nightwing held it away from his face to prevent himself from becoming deaf.

"I'm on it. BEAST BOY! BEAST BOY!" she yelled, still holding the button.

Beast Boy looked confused.

"Yep?" asked a male voice.

"We have a contacts list to verify!" she yelled at him.

"Nightwing, I'll see you soon." And with that, the conversation ended with a click.

"Another Beast Boy? Cool!" said Beast Boy.

Nightwing glanced at him. "Yeah. An old friend."

He then stared, then clicked the master button, and spoke the words he had never uttered since he had left.

"Calling all Titans."

And it's the start of the story now! I hope you'll tell me what you think!