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Lisanna led the group towards the rebel center, when alarms went off, and gas covered the sky. When they all woke, Lisanna checked the time.

"We've been asleep for 12 hours! Didn't you have a deadline!?" she cried to them, stroking Midnight.

"No! We only have 6 hours left!" cried Wonder Girl, frantically moving up.

"Okay, I'll take you there, we can travel on the broken monorail and head towards the main building. Slade's there and your friend too."

Now they were walking on the old monorail track, Midnight on Lisanna's shoulder, purring away.

"You little freeloader." She grumbled to her cat, smiling. Wonder Girl trailed next to her, chattering away while Batgirl and Raven both moved in the front, not talking.

"Say, Lisanna, where are your parents?" asked Wonder Girl. Lisanna didn't miss a beat.

"One's in hiding, the other one is dead. They were both heroes. My grandpa found out about my dad's job as a hero, and took him away to the Freeland WHEN Slade attacked. My mom died fighting Slade with some of her friends."

"Oh." Said Wonder Girl.

"You know," said Lisanna. "You look a lot like her when she was younger." She commented.

The talk stopped as Lisanna jumped off of the rail, and the others follow.

"Here's the main building." She said, and walked on, like nothing.

"Aren't you worried about alarms?" asked Wonder Girl, wondering.

"No. No one comes here; there are no alarms to trip."

They snuck into the building, and heard a voice,

"Who is this?"

"Gah!" went Wonder Girl and Lisanna.

It was Miss Martian and Starfire, who trailed behind.

"I'm Lisanna, the guide. THIS FREE LOADER IS MIDNIGHT!" she said loudly, but Midnight didn't move.

"God." She groaned.

"Sh!" said Starfire, and Lisanna shrugged the paused. 'Someone's coming."

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