a/n I am basing this fight sequence entirely on too many action movies. If it is completely absurd/unlikely, sorry! Also, I know it's kinda hypocritical, but there is one telepathic character I like, and that's this gal.

… …

20. Emma Frost

For once, Darcy wasn't stuck uselessly in the middle of a hostage situation. No, this time she had refused to sit by and let things happen when four guys in masks had stepped into the bank holding automatic weapons and shouting at everyone to shut up and lay facedown on the marble floor.

This was not okay.

And when one of the men headed her way, Darcy continued to stand, hands loose at her sides and feet planted firmly on the ground. It might not appear to be a fighting stance, but it was a good one.

The dude moved closer and closer, gun up and yelling all kinds of abuse in her face. She didn't move. Then he made the mistake of grabbing her arm, and the hundreds of hours of training kicked in.

Catch wrist with left hand, spin into arms, strike opposite wrist with elbow forcing opponent to release weapon, pull them forward off balance, drive back of head into nose, release wrist, spin and sidekick knee, right hook to force down into kneeling position, snap knee into chin, follow up with kick to side of head once opponent hits and sprawls on floor, catch up weapon from ground, retreat fair distance in case of retaliation attempt, check weapon.

From outside, the fight lasted less than a minute. To Darcy, it felt longer.

The man was barely conscious when her hands instinctively checked the magazine and the safety on the submachine gun, and raised the weapon in the correct hold, while she scanned the room for the next threat.

She hated guns, hated how permanent the repercussions could be, but her taser was useless in this situation and Natasha and Clint had both forced her to handle guns until her actions were automatic.

As Darcy surveyed the area, the three remaining bank robbers were already unmoving on the floor at the feet of a tall woman with pale hair and who was pulling off a completely white outfit better than anyone had the right.

When those cold eyes flicked over to rest on Darcy, who had already lowered the Heckler & Koch MP5 to aim at the marble and flicked back on the safety, Darcy grinned. "You must be Emma Frost."

The woman jerked back slightly in surprise. "I beg your pardon?"

Placing the gun on a nearby counter, Darcy went back and cuffed her guy. Grabbing up the MP5 again (Mainly to keep it out of the hands of the panicked civilians who still appeared to be mostly on adrenaline highs, despite the situation being contained.) she headed over to the woman's side. Giving her a long look, Darcy nodded. "Blonde, chilly Ice Queen who favors the color white, is hot enough to turn a gay man, and blessed with a truly impressive pair of ta-tas, which I salute. Seriously, you're making me work for my money here," Darcy spoke, waving at her own chest.

The staring stretched on for another few moments, then the woman burst out laughing. "Have you been speaking to Kitty or Remy?"

"Jubliee, actually."

"Ah, yes," Emma Frost nodded. "I do detect her adroit turn-of-phrase in that interesting description. And you are?"

"Darcy Lewis. I'm kind of the-"

"Avengers' Wrangler was the description I found most amusing," the blonde finished, smile sweet while she took the opportunity to closer study the shorter woman.

Unfortunately, it seemed one of her captives had decided the mutant's fight had disappeared with the happy expression, and he struggled against the force keeping him in place. This was accompanied by a snarl of, "You cunts!"

That made Emma turn, her face going disturbingly still. She walked back to the man, unmoving on the polished marble floor, and without a single ounce of hesitation, she stomped down with one lovely, white leather ankle boot on the man's hand. There were several wet crunching sounds that had everyone flinching, which were almost drowned out by the robber's high-pitched screech. And when the blonde spoke, voice slicing through the air like an ice storm, Darcy felt a shiver of primal fear tiptoe across her skin. "Your use of such a derogatory term is telling, particularly when you consider that you are in our power. I could wipe your memory from the mind of every witness here and abscond with you, take you elsewhere and teach you how to rip any human down, mentally, emotionally, physically, until you were nothing. And there is not one thing you, nor anyone here, could do to stop me." She pulled her foot away, lifting up the sole for a moment, and grimaced at the sprinkling of red blood that had dotted the shoe's underside. Her balance still perfect on a single, 6 inch heel, she wiped the viscous liquid from the other down the back of the man's jacket. "It would do you well to keep that in mind until the police arrive to remove you from my presence."

Darcy was forcefully reminded that, based on what intel she had sneaked a peek at, this was the telepath who had claimed the positions of White Queen and Black Queen in the "Hellfire Club". What information SHIELD had on the group was heavily redacted, sketchy, and still made the student nervous.

Yet she couldn't keep her mouth shut. "Okay, so you officially terrify me… And as long as you're willing to stay the hell out of my head, let's be friends!"

There was an anticipatory hush, before the blonde again released a surprised cascade of laughter. "I think I would enjoy that."

The sound of sirens finally reached the ears of the scattered former hostages, their saviors, and the thieves. While a good portion of those involved pulled out cellphones, calling family and friends (And Darcy was pretty sure that one dude was on Instagram, based on the lame attempts he'd made to get some covert shots of both herself and Emma…), the gorgeous mutant sighed. "I never enjoy spending time in police custody. Yet Scott insists we not aggravate the authorities. It's bothersome."

The student snorted. "I give it less than a minute after SWAT starts processing witnesses before someone I know gets called down to 'contain' me."

Emma raised a brow.

"The New York City chief of police doesn't really like me."

"That would be a tale worth telling," the blonde hinted.

Darcy shook her head. "Next time, maybe.

"You believe there will be a next time?" came the amused inquiry.

The brunette chuckled and winked. "Sweetheart, with me around, there's always a next time."