A Beautiful Nightmare

Chapter 1

Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya

Warning(s): Male on male action, also known as yaoi. Cursing. A little blood, but nothing much. And of course, some violence.

Summary: After another one of their usual tussles on the streets, Shizuo heads home after he and Izaya seem to have a... Moment? Things just happen and end up getting worse from there. Will the two enemies fates be changed for the better, or will everything just get worse from here on out.

Authors Notes: I really hope you guys enjoy this, I have decided to re-write it to suite the way I see how things should go rather than how I saw it in 2013. Once again, I have written this without my beloved betta, she does not care for this pairing at all so I will not force her to read it. Thank you, and the comments help get ideas flowing.

A Beautiful Nightmare

Shizuo held a vending machine over his head as he chased Izaya down the streets of Ikebukuro. As soon as he felt close enough to the raven, the vending machine was thrown with all his strength. Izaya only dodged quickly and gave Shizuo a mocking smile as he glanced back for a single moment. "That all you got Shizu-Chan?" His words only pissed the blond off more.

Izaya just laughed as he did a graceful 360 to show the blond just how easy this was for him then continued running down the street.

Shizuo ripped a stop sign from the sidewalk and continued chasing the raven. This was considered a normal day in Ikebukuro.

As long as you were a local.


After chasing the raven for a little over 2 hours and throwing all sorts of objects that were found along the streets of the city, Shizuo had lost Izaya.

Dropping a stolen stop sign to the ground, he reached into his pocket and grabbed his pack of cigarettes, pulling one out and lighting it. He inhaled a large amount and held it in for a moment then exhaled.

He looked up at the sky. The sun was beginning to set and the sky was beginning to get a mixture of pinks, oranges and blues. Night was near.

He grabbed a new pair of glasses from his shirt pocket, having broken the pair he'd been wearing earlier due to being provoked by Izaya. Slowly, he began his walk home. He hoped nothing else got in his way or pissed him off, he really did hate violence.


The Next Day.


Here we go again...

Shizuo ran at Izaya, a crosswalk sign in hand. He was ready to hit Izaya with it like you would a baseball. It'd probably be the first home-run using a human rather than a ball.

Once close enough, he swung with all he had. But the raven ducked. Izaya planted his hands to the ground and shot his leg out from under his body. Shizuos eyes widened as his legs were kicked out from under him. What's more, he found himself staring down at Izaya, having landed on top of the damn flea. Shizuo shifted and lifted himself up so their bodies were no longer touching, he stared almost as though he was in shock from what had just happened.

Izaya smirked and pressed his thumb to Shizuos lips before running it down to his chin and holding it between his thumb and index. His smirk widened as he crawled out from under the blond, knowing his life was depending on it. Hopefully Shizuo would be distracted enough for him to get out of reach of the beast.

Shizuo grit his teeth as he pushed himself to his feet. "IZAYA! YOU DIRTY FLEA!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. He grabbed the crosswalk sign from the ground and threw it in the direction of the raven, but one quick turn down an alley and he was gone, the sign lodged deep into the side of a building.


It was late as Shizuo walked home, but he really had no care as to what time it was. For some odd reason, he couldn't get the raven out of his head. He found himself reaching a hand up to his lips, feeling where Izaya had touched him. In the moment he was angry, no outraged. But now, there was a gentle tingle on his lips from the memory. It was strange. There was an odd feeling running through him.

It was annoying...

The blond growled and punched through the wall of the building he was walking past, bricks falling along both sides of where his hand had penetrated the seemingly strong structure. Again, violence was not the answer, unless the question was how to get rid of a flea. He continued his way home, the thoughts never once leaving his mind be.


Shizuo stepped into his apartment and closed the door behind himself; he didn't lock it, he never did. There was no point in doing so. Everyone except Izaya knew to leave him the fuck alone anyway.

He sat on his couch, kicked his feet up on the coffee table and laid his head back against the soft cushion. He felt his eyes closing. He would have liked to make it to his bed, but he was too tired to move and get his body back up.


Shizuos eyes opened slowly only to be staring at Izaya. The raven was standing at the end of his couch looking over him, giving the foxy smirk Shizuo despised. He tried to move his body, but an invisible force was keeping him down. Izayas smile only grew wider, "What's wrong Shizu-Chan, can't move?"

Shizuo grit his teeth as the raven made his way closer. Izaya reached a hand up and gripped the blonds chin, staring into his chocolate colored eyes. Shizuos eyes widened as Izayas lips pressed to his own his teeth biting down on the blonde's lower lip.

Izaya pulled away slowly and sat in Shizuos lap. Reaching into his jacket pocket, he pulled out his favorite knife. He flicked it open, holding it in front of Shizuos face for a moment before cutting the buttons from Shizuos vest and under shirt. He moved a hand across Shizuos chest and gave a childish smile. He pressed a blade against the slightly tanned skin and ran the blade downwards. Pulling the blade away, he licked the blood off the blade and closed his eyes. "Your blood has an unusual... Yet satisfying taste." His eyes opened, the dark brown orbs looking to have more of a red tint than usual.

Shizuo could feel the mobility in his arms returning, quickly he reached up and wrapped a hand around Izayas throat. He pulled the man off him and pushed him against the couch, under himself. Izayas pocket knife fell to the floor, he gripped Shizuos wrist and choked slightly, the same smirk remaining on his face and not once leaving.

"So you're going to choke me to death now?" He asked, no fear or worry in his voice. "Go ahead. Do it. See how boring your life is once I'm gone."

"You damn flea. Shut the hell up for once!" Shizuo kissed the raven roughly. He had no idea what came over him, his body just happened to move on its own. He pulled away slowly and stared at the raven. He had just kissed his worst enemy, and was currently thinking of a few other things rather than just kissing the raven. Izaya choked again, needing air. He was beginning to feel faint. Shizuo instantly let go, a large red mark remaining on his neck. He breathed heavily, trying to regain his breath. He looked up at Shizuo, surprised as well as confused as to why the blond released his death grip from around his neck. "My life would be boring without you in it..."

"Aww, are you saying you love me Shizu-Chan~" Izaya said with a playful tone.

Shizuo growled and hit his head against Izayas, holding back his strength the best he could.

Izayas hands jolted up to his forehead. "Oww, what was that for!"

"Shut the hell up!" Shizuo said with anger, "we both know I hate you!"

"If you hate me, why are you so turned on?" Izaya asked, lifting his knee to rub against the bulge becoming prominent in Shizuos pants.

"I'm not." Shizuo lied, sitting back and laying an arm over his lap to hide his erection.

Izaya moved Shizuos arm away and put a hand to his crotch, rubbing it.

Shizuo bit back a moan, trying not to let the raven know he was enjoying the feeling. He rubbed harder, then gripped Shizuos package, squeezing it and sending pleasure through the blond. Shizuo pressed back against the couch and moaned quietly, surprised how wonderful it felt. He unintentionally pushed forward against Izayas hand, moaning a little louder. "I knew you would enjoy this Shizu-Chan."

"Shut the hell up. You're dead once we're done here." Shizuo grabbed the raven's hands and pinned them above his head, using only one hand to do so. He pulled at Izayas shirt, ripping it in half to reveal his chest. He then unbuttoned his pants, pulling them off along with his boxers. Izaya blushed slightly.

Shizuo licked three of his fingers then pressed one into Izaya. He pushed his finger in and out of the blond, a little inpatient with the process. He would attempt to take it slow at first and hold back as much of his strength as possible.

Soon another finger was added and Shizuo began scissoring them, pressing them deep into the raven's ass. "I should have made you do this." He pushed them deep into the raven once again.

"I'm sure you're enjoying this more than I would Shizu-Chan."

A muffled growl was hear from Shizuo and he pressed his third finger into the raven, causing him to wince and grip the couch cushion below him. "Don't say what I enjoy, you have no idea." Shizuo leant forward and kissed the raven roughly then bit the raven's lower lip as he had done to him earlier. He pulled away and licked the blood from his lips.

"You're ready enough." Shizuo pulled his fingers out from Izaya. He undid his pants and pushed them off, tossing them to the ground next to Izayas. The raven's eyes widened slightly as he stared at how large Shizuo was. He shifted around, almost uncomfortably until Shizuo grabbed ahold of his hips to keep him still. Izaya bit his lip, giving no care as it stung more as he put more pressure where Shizuo had bit him.

Shizuo parted Izayas legs and pressed his length into him only to receive a moan in pain. Shizuo stopped once he was in, allowing the raven to adjust himself. The raven had such a tight ass, it made Shizuos cock throb, only making him want more. A small nod gave him the ok and he began moving. He was slow at first, holding practically everything back.

"Damnit. Don't hold back!" Izaya yelled causing Shizuo to stop for a moment and look at Izaya in disbelief.

Shizuo thrusted hard into Izaya, the raven moaning and arching his back under the larger male. The blond pounded into Izaya, pressing his legs closer to his chest and bending the male nearly in half as he fucked him. He enjoyed every second he was in the lithe male. Izaya moaned loudly, a few tears fell from his eyes from the mixture of the pain and pleasure. Different feelings and emotions rushed through Shizuos entire body. The raven panted softly, Shizuo could tell he was already close. He could feel his own release approaching as well, and they had practically just started. Izayas arms snaked their way around Shizuos neck, pulling the blond closer to him and into a kiss.

One slam into the ravens prostate and Shizuo could almost see the pleasure shoot through the raven's body. "Shizuo!" The raven cried out and came, tightening around the blond's large cock. A moan pushed past Shizuos lips. Just when he thought the raven couldn't get any better, he managed to do it. Shizuo grunted, slamming one last time into Izaya then came, his fluids filling the raven.


Shizuos eyes shot open. He looked down and sighed as he realized he was hard. What sort of a dream was that? And why out of all people he could have dreamed about did it have to be the damn flea?! It made him sick to his stomach but at the same time his heart was beating out of his chest and there was another feeling he couldn't quite pick out. Either way, it was nothing to worry about at the moment. He really had to fix his problem and get the raven haired man out of his head.

This could become a real problem.

... End...

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