In my story Hinata has spunk (NOT like road to ninja),An inner self, and her normal self(shy but tough, awesome, pretty blah you get it).BTW if it has Anti-Sakura I AM NOT AN ANTI-SAKURA!If you find some anti-Sakuraish in this story tell -Sakura does NOT include the following: Sasuke dissing her, Her getting humiliated(It's usual in sasuhina), it's just usual her(Sasuke fangirl) so no flames. Sorry if it sucks.

Chapter intro: Hinata Hyuga is about to be introduced to a new group. That's all I can say.

Hinata was getting ready for her first day at her new school. She was nervous but then again, her nii-san would be there. Hinata was leaving out the door when Hanabi blocked the doorway.

"No!" Hinata looked confused.

"Ummmm, Hanabi you're kind of in the way."

"No you can't leave! Father won't let me eat breakfast lunch or even dinner! I'm starving! He uses all the hot water so I have to shower in cold water!"

Hinata felt sad for her little was finally free of her father's clutches and Hanabi was stuck there for about 8 more years. (A/N: Hanabi is 11 in this.)

"Ok Hanabi."

"So you'll stay?"

"No but I'll make you a deal. I'll send you food everyday if I can and I'll arrange for someone to let you bathe in hot water. So, do we have a deal?"

Hanabi was silent for a minute.

"Ok. But you better keep your word!"

Hinata giggled. "Cross my Heart and hope to die. Ok then see you Hanabi"

Before Hinata got out the door Hanabi hugged her. "I'm gonna miss you sis." She said with tears streaming down her face.

Hinata looked at her little sister. "Don't worry, I'll be back as soon as I can. If you're having trouble with father you call me ok?"

"Thank you Onee-chan"

Hinata said something that Hanabi did not hear. "I'll make sure that man doesn't hurt you the way he hurt me."




Hanabi was still a baby at this had woken up from her nap and started crying when she heard the screams. Neji also heard the screams and was running toward the scene. "HINATA-SAMA! HANABI!" Hinata and Hanabi's mother was on the floor and they Hinata couldn't do anything about it.

Hiashi suddenly started banging Hinata's head on a wall, a mixture of tears and blood streaming down her face. By the time Neji got there, Hiashi had already fled the scene, Hinata was on the floor, and Hanabi was still crying. Neji had taken care of Hinata and Hanabi ever since, while their father had eaten like a king and did nothing but lay back and relax all day.

Hinata would have died if Neji hadn't been there to bandage still has a scar on her head from that day.

End of flashback

"Hinata-sama!" Hinata looked to see Neji in the car signaling for her to hurry up. Hinata and Hanabi said goodbye and with that Hinata and Neji were off to school.

Hinata was happily walking in the school with her nii-san when they stopped walking in front of a group of boys. A brown haired boy with read streaks on his face spoke first.

"Hey Neji who's the cutie! Did you finally find someone else other the bun-bun girl?"Hinata blushed. And who's this bun-bun girl?

"Touch my cousin you're dead." The crew looked stunned. Then a boy in spandex spoke up." Well…I do see the resemblance. They both have long hair and white eyes." Which was two of the most obvious similarities.

"Hi I'm Hinata."Hinata was surprised she lost her stutter. She just suddenly felt confident with this group of boys she hasn't even met yet in presence. A blonde haired boy shoved Neji out of the way and got in Hinata's face." Hi Hinata I'm Naruto! Nice to meet ya!" Then the brown haired boy from earlier. " I'm Kiba." He mouthed "call me".Hinata thought he was lucky since Neji didn't notice. Next another brown haired boy. "I'm Shikamaru..zzzz" Then came the boy in spandex. "I AM ROCK LEE OF THE YOUTH!" And last a raven haired boy. "Sasuke." Hinata somewhat felt intimidated by his glare. She felt all cold inside when she looked into his eyes, but still kept her head high.

"Nice to meet you all."