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Chapter 3:The party part 1

Hinata was just sitting in the bathtub thinking when it happened.

Sai went home after that week had went by,and Ino was starting to say something when the guys had started fighting about something(though she didn't know what it was) and took it WAY to far. Hinata didn't know why Ino invited everybody in the first said she was going to take a bath to get ready but everybody arrived too remebered it all.



"Guys calm down this is so troublesome!"

"I think this is very youthful!"

"OM NOM NOM" ( Can you tell who is who?)

Hinata guessed Naruto and Sa...Sa...Sasuke? She still couldn't get his name!Anyway she guessed they had started punching and kicking when the bathroom door burst open and there were eyes staring at THE BATHTUB!


When Ino heard the screams she had no clue what was going where bleeding,Sakura stared agrily and jealosuly, (IDC IF IT'S A WORD OR NOT!)and somebody was finally took a look to see what it was and immediatly got jealous.

Naruto and Sasuke were faced down in the bathtub with Hinata pulled them out and noticed that there was blood in the water and all over their faces not to mention their faces were red and they were on the floor.

"NARUTO YOU PERVERT!"Everybody was startled when they heard the shrieking voice of the pink haired stormed in the bathroom picked up Naruto then punched him back onto the ground.

"I CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU FOR ONE SECOND!" Sakura yelled then punched him again.

"OWWWWWW! What about SASUKE-TEME!" Sakura then remembered the raven haired boy and walked over to him.

"Oh Sasuke-kun your face is all red!I'm sure it was an accident you wouldn't mean to do something like that to poor Hinata would you?"Talk about was amazed at how Sakura could change her personality so she realized she was still naked and in the bathtub.

"U-umm could you all get out so I can get a towel...please?" All heads popped up when the heard Hinata's soft voice and left the dried off a little bit,got a towel and exited the was embarressed to come out in only a towel but she did anyway.

As Hinata walked passed,Sasuke blushed at the sight of Hinata in only a towel,which was strange since he just recently plunged into the bathtub while she was in got dressed and went back into the room where everybody noticed that everyone was looked around for a spot to sit down then noticed the only available spot was next to Sa...Sa...

Oh why can't I figure out his name! She thought to herself and sat down.

Ugh! That Hyuga girl is next to MY Sasuke-kun! Ino noticed Sakura looking at her strangley and finally said something.

"As I was saying! I was thinking about having a costume party! I need help on the details,decorations...stuff like that! So you all are going to help me!"

"I got the DJ!" Said Naruto.

"I got the entertainment!" Said Lee.

"I got the food and drinks!" Said Choji.

"I got the decorations!" Said Sakura

"I got the people." Said Shikamaru.

"I got the money for everything." Said Sasuke and Hinata at the same time causing them to blush,which they don't know why.

"And I have the location! At Hinata's house!"

"Wah?!My house but w-why Ino-san?" Hinata had a gigantamungous ( Caution:not a word but idc) condo but just moved there and didn't want it getting all dirty.

" 'Cause I wanna see how big your house is!" Exclaimed Ino.

"OH CMON! Her house can't be THAT big for someone like her." Said was annoyed at the fact that Sakura thinks of her as some poor girl who just stumbled upon the school and they took her in.

"Sakura don't you remember from the academy? The Hyuga clan Is one of the most RICHEST clans in the village next to Uchiha." Said Ino.

"Then why don't we have the party at Sasuke-kuns house?" Asked Sakura.

"Cause I don' wanna! I already know what Sasuke-kun's house looks like.I wanna see Hinata's!"

"Oh cmon Ino-san my house isn't t-that big." Hinata said shyly.

"We'll have to wait and see!Alright everyone has their part so let's start planning at our individual dorms!"

"OKAY!" Yelled everyone in others left and started planning the party out with their thought to everyone has a different part to plan...

This is going to be SOME party.

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