Chapter 1

Bella's POV


A new year, one I had planned to bring in with someone special to me for the first time in my life. Someone outside my parents and Phil. That someone was going to be Edward Cullen and his family, whom I came to love like a second family. But that was before my birthday had taken place, before the truth had been revealed and I had just been too naïve at the time to realize said truth. Until now that is, and this truth that I talk about is a simple one.

It was nothing but complete and utter bullshit. Everything that had come from Edward Cullen's mouth was nothing but lies, well, almost everything I should say, but it is the lies that come screaming back to the forefront of my mind first.

"...time heals all wounds for your kind."

Now, allow to me share a little secret with you. Alright, a big secret. Edward Cullen and that prissy ass perfect façade family of his are actually a bunch of fucking vampires. Yes, you heard me. Vampires. Though not in the Dracula sense of the word, the knock off pricks don't even have fangs. They have venom but no fangs. How much gayer can you get? Well I'll tell you. They sparkle in the sunlight. Yes. Like what water does when the sunlight hits it, or diamonds. Skin is certainly hard enough, but diamonds are stunning, and a girl's best friend; and water is a beauty in its own right and just as dangerous as vampires.

Back to my main point though. Edward dared to say that my shitty human mind would forget him.


Short of having something knock upside my god damn head, or I befall victim to Alzheimer's disease, who in the HELL would forget something as important as the existence of vampires, eh? Nobody, that's who.

Another lie comes smashing itself against the front of my brain.

"It will be like I never existed."


Aside from the reasons I have already stated, and working within the trusted confines of knowing that I haven't completely flipped my shit and took a one way wrong turning to Insane Town, I have proof to the opposite in my mind and God damn wrist where James bit me when he wanted to kill me. Delusional calling for Edward Cullen. Delusional calling for Edward Cullen.

Speaking of delusions. What is most likely the only truth to come out of that fucker's mouth comes washing over me.

"You're just distraction to me."

Can anyone say bastard?

Yep. That is the only thing I can say is true that he told me, excluding the biggie of 'vampires are real'. The one thing I cannot fathom though is this: why in God's name didn't I work that shit out for myself sooner? After all I could see the ignorant dick, sorry, dickless, wonder wasn't normal. So why didn't I listen to my instincts on him afterwards? He constantly made me feel unworthy of being anywhere near him, not that he actively did anything to make me feel that way. OK, now I'm lying.

He treated me like a child. That's the truth of it, and all those times he had the nerve to say 'I love you' to me was just another lie. I highly doubt he's capable of love. I should have seen through the façade when they were so reluctant to turn me. Well, with the exception of Emmett and Jasper. Those two wanted me to become a vampire, though for different reasons. Emmett has a child like innocence, and just wanted to be able to have his little sister by his side for eternity. Jasper, being an empath, had to endure the blood lust of seven vampires, and because I'm Edward's singer, it made it even more difficult for him to be around me.

Rosalie was another story altogether. She never liked me. Didn't want me around and made no attempts to pretend either. So if I ever get the chance of revenge, it is only those three that will be free of it. Well, I'll make Emmett beg for few days before letting him off; poor thing was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Being married and mated to a woman whom loathes his baby sister's guts for reasons only she and Eddie boy knew. I knew that wherever Rosalie would go, Emmett wouldn't be far behind. Perhaps that is the reason why he has never got in touch with me. Doesn't want to risk problems with Rosalie. Jasper, I knew his reasons instantly for not getting in touch.


After trying to take a snap at me on my birthday, I knew he'd be so racked with guilt he wouldn't know what the fuck to do with himself. Strangely enough, although we never really spoke aside from when we were hiding in Phoenix together from James, I seem to miss him most of all. Weird.

Walking through the Cullen household, I find myself sneering at the level of effort they put into this façade. I mean really? I am now on the second floor, after I fucked up Edward's treasured piano. Granted not very original but whatever, it's the most important thing to him that I can destroy right now. Short of making his eternity a living hell, which I intend to find a way to do once I graduate. Somehow.

I suppose I could always go to the Volturi. Or go in search of Victoria. Then again she's probably as stupid as I once was and will just kill me. Hmm, and thinking about it, if I were to go in search of the Volturi, they'd either kill me or imprison me for the rest of whatever life span I had and deny me the revenge that is rightfully mine.

Reaching the room of the fashion whore, I couldn't help but enter. Let's see. She cares more for her clothes, so if there are any left… Well, you get the idea.

Opening her wardrobe I find that there is, in fact, some of her precious shit left. Not very original in the areas of revenge but I'm limited here in what I can do. Besides, if the pixie bitch is seeing this, she's more than likely achieving the impossible and having a heart attack.

A few minutes later I am watching the clothing burn in the fireplace they never used. I can just imagine the screaming fit she's having, but I need to find a way to keep this shit from her second sight. When I am eventually on the same playing field, I don't want them to see me coming. Let them think I'm living a human life, dying somewhere one day. Though sooner than they think.

I wait until I grow bored of watching her precious clothes burning before extinguishing them and leaving. Not bothering to shut the front door, kicking the busted door handle out of my way, and the rock I had used to break in. Like the rest of my actions today, unoriginal but still very effective. Climbing into my truck I wonder what to make Charlie for dinner, and as I think about him, I am hit with a fresh wave of anger.

I had become so dependant on those two that until yesterday I was a shell of a daughter. A zombie, and he dared to tell me to think of my father when he only ever gave a fucking thought about himself. Sod the repercussions of his little game of fun. She was no better either. It is actually a coin toss on who was worse, both where telling me what to do, when to do it. Even fucking sleep, and I allowed them to. Mainly because I was weak, and the puppy dog looks and a smile was all it took to get me to comply. All they ever did was take, take, take and I let them.

My mind wanders back to when I gave Alice and Jasper the slip. Was that part of their fucking game? Let James kill me so they didn't have to deal with the pet any longer? Play the grieving boyfriend and best friend to everyone else whilst those two and their parents laughed it up. Or did they just not want to share their brand new toy with anyone else? It would certainly explain why I hardly ever saw Emmett or Jasper. Was Rosalie aware of what they were doing the whole time and her coldness was a way to subtly get me away from them? If that what she was trying to do, then I was too stupid to realize. Still, I have already endured the consequences of my own stupidity, and will continue to do so I'm sure. After all, I don't exactly have the best luck, but I'm not about to let the Cullens get off scot free either.

By the time I come back to my senses I find that I'm setting about getting the food ready for cooking. Man, have I been out of it. I hear my dad come home from the station. I don't think he has registered the turn around in me yet. The second he walks through the door however, I think he picked up on the difference. Which would explain why he is looking at me the way he is.


I turn briefly to smile at him.

"Hey Dad. Have a good day?" His eyes widen at my enthusiasm for conversation all of a sudden. I have to suppress a snigger as he nods his head numbly.

"Ye-yeah. It was good. Beat Andy a few times in cards, not much to do after all in a town this size. H-how are you feeling kiddo?"

"Been better. But I had an epiphany last night."

"Really? What kind of epiphany?"

Before I answer I toss some chicken into the pan. I turn to face him.

"Just that I'm better off without them."

Relief floods Charlie. Realizing just how much pain and agony I put him through, I feel a fresh wave of anger towards them.

"Though I do miss Emmett; he is like the big brother I've always wanted. But you know, between college life and the fact his girlfriend, for some reason, wasn't all that fond of me, poor thing is caught between the rock and the hard place."

Charlie nods.

"That's the one that's built like a pro football star right?"

I laughed. "Yeah. That's Emmett. Dinner will be a while yet I'm afraid. Attempted to get some closure, but I don't think it worked. Much."

Charlie smiles at me. Next thing I know, he is hugging me.

"It's good to have you back Bells." With that he went off to watch TV. As he left I saw his cheeks were rather red.

As I return my attention to making dinner, I make a silent promise to myself to make sure that I won't ever let another person, human or vampire, play me the way the way the Cullens did.

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