Chapter 15

Third Person's POV

"Damn Suga', that was amazing," Peter Whitlock said to his mate Charlotte.

After all these years together, it never failed to amaze either one of them how strong their love and passion for each other was. Cause it more than likely didn't hurt that they kept their sex life interesting, sometimes even dangerously so at least, if they were human.

"You were pretty good too, by the way," Peter added as a cheeky after thought.

Charlotte, or Char, looked at her mate before slapping his stomach, hard.

"Asshole," Char growled as she got off the floor, grabbing her clothes as she did.

"Oh, babe. Come on, you know I'm only fooling," Peter whined like a child.

Char scoffed in anger.

"I'll give yah fooling when I shove yah precious motorbike so far up your ass it becomes yah new spine," Char growled angrily.

Peter froze at his mate's words, not particularly relishing the idea of his prized motorbike rammed up his ass, but that might have something to with the fact that Char was the kind of woman that would certainly try it.

"Now, Char. Let's not do anything rash," Peter rushed out in a panic as he scrambled to his own feet, but unlike his mate, Peter didn't grab his clothes.

Char had quickly finished getting dressed and then turned round to look at her mate, the wind choosing that moment to pick up. Char didn't seem fazed at the sight of her mate being naked in the middle of an empty car park.

"Peter, just because I enjoy seeing you as naked as the day you were born doesn't mean the cop that arrests you would," Char said casually before bending down and picking up his jeans.

"So get your insensitive ass dressed," Char scolded him as she threw his jeans at him. He caught them with ease.

"Christ woman. Anyone would think yah can't take a joke," Peter mumbled to himself.

Char went rigid.

"I can too take a joke. My mate calling me second best, on the other hand, to a murdering bastard for a meal I WON'T stand for!" Char screeched.

Char noticed that her mate seemed to have paled, something she didn't think was possible for a vampire to do.

"WHOA! Char, babe. That was not what I meant! Wait, yah know what? That guy was seriously off, totally stoned and it's fucked up my brain," Peter rambled off in a panic. Why oh why did he think that would be a good joke?

Before Peter, who was still very much naked, could continue to grovel however his 'knower' kicked in.

"Fuck. Major's got himself a shit storm on the horizon, one second Char. Soon as I'm done talking to the Major, I'll drop to my knees and do anything yah ask," Peter said, his voice filled with worry for his brother.

Forgetting her anger, Char watches her mate as he dug out his cell phone and quickly set about calling the Major.

"Answer," Peter growled.

"Captain, this isn't a good time," Jasper's voice greeted Peter as opposed to a simple 'hello'

"No fucking shit. Major, my knower is kicking off, wherever you're headin', don't go there," Peter told him in an angered panic.

"Explain," Jasper commanded.

"Damn thing is too sporadic to make sense; the only thing I can tell with certainty is it is far too soon for your mate to face those who've wronged her," Peter explained.

"WHAT FUCKING MATE?!" A female voice screeched in anger on the other end of the phone.

Peter's eyes widened in shock.

"You didn't tell her! What the fuck Major?" Peter gasped in anger.

"Shut it, Captain," The Major snarled viciously.

"Whatever, not my problem. Get your asses to Minnesota, Char and I will meet y'all there." Peter snapped back before hanging up.

After he hung up, Peter rushed about getting dressed.

"Peter, what's happened?" Char asked worried.

"No idea, but I have a feeling it's got something to do with the crack pot twins and I don't need my knower to tell me that one," Peter said as he frantically got dressed.

Once he was completely dressed, Peter had to admit he was a little amazed he didn't tear his clothes to shreds, Peter looked at Char and noticed she had packed up their 'picnic', as it were.

"We need to get moving Char. Hopefully when we meet up with the Major and his mate my knower will give me more to go on," Peter told her.

The sound of sirens seemed to bring Peter back to the empty car lot where he and Char had just spent the last two hours feeding and making love. Looking round briefly, Peter decided it was time to get out of dodge.

"Let's get moving," Peter said urgently; he wasn't going to risk humans finding them right now.

Peter was so wired with worry right now he would most likely kill whatever cops showed up.

Char knew better than to ask right now what it was that got her mate so worried; he would tell her when he had enough time to calm down. Peter walked over to his mate, grabbed hold of her hand and with a soft smile, the two took off running into the night.

As they ran, Peter had a funny feeling that his beloved mate would still make him beg for forgiveness as soon as the time was right. Hopefully by the time came around, Peter would have a good way to make up his appalling joke to her.

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