She was running far far away. Footsteps were heard behind her as her breathing got faster trying to escape. She knew if she stopped he would find her taking her back to that horrible place. No more hurting, she thought to herself. I just can't go back.

She could feel the hard pavement underneath her bare feet as she ran. Then she heard him call after her. "Amanda! Get your ass back here this instant!"

Her eyes went wide with fear. She tried running faster but he was getting closer. Even though she was fit she was never a match for him. He was too strong for her. This was her only chance for escape and she wasn't going to let him get to her. Her eyes went hard with determination as she sprinted down the road.

"Amanda! I swear if you don't get back here now you'll have the worst punishment yet."

That's when she saw a black Kia Soul in front of her. She quickly moved around it still running but then she heard a crunch behind her. Her head turned to see his body on the road. Knowing if she went back to check on him he might wake and get her back. For that reason she kept running.

About 20 minutes later she finally found civilization. A real city where people mingled. She took a deep breath feeling relieved that she was out of Nowheresville and among people. A few minutes passed by before she stumbled up on to someone's porch. She started knocking incessantly until someone opened the door.

"He's after me," is all she said before fainting and hitting her head on the ground.