Chapter 20

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A/N: Thanks for anyone who stuck this through all the way. Well, here is the short epilogue, and don't worry, I will try my hardest to work on my other stories and I am not abandoning any of them. As for this chapter, I will be changing ages a bit. Enjoy.

~Thirteen years later~

"Dad, I see them!" Seth yelled, waving frantically at his best friend, Hugo.

Harry laughed as he watched his oldest run over to the group of red-heads with the one brunette in the middle. Ron and Hermione had two kids, both with hair as red as their father. Hugo was thirteen, the same age as Seth. Rose was eleven, the same age as Harry's only daughter, Lily. Harry and Severus also had Toby, who was only nine.

"Dad, will you and Father be riding with us on the train?" Lily asked, tugging on her dad's hand. Harry looked down at her.

"Yes, we will be in the Professor's carriage with Toby. Why?" Harry was wondering if she was scared, as Seth had been when he started out.

"Just wondered." Lily answered, running off and hugging Rose. Harry smiled and looked back at Toby and Severus, who had paused to talk to Draco and Ginny with their son, Scorpius, who was twelve. Severus glanced over and grinned at Harry, who grinned back.

As Harry and Severus were both professors, all three of their kids grew up around Hogwarts, unlike Harry who had no idea it existed until his eleventh birthday.

Severus and Toby caught up with Harry, who waited for them. The three of them walked over to Hermione and Ron, who were now talking to Neville and Luna. They had twin boys, Lysander and Lorcan, who were nearly twelve.

As they walked, Harry waved to Dean, who was standing with Seamus and their adopted daughter, Dina, who was thirteen. Harry smiled, knowing that Seth had a bit of a crush on Dina.

Seth had surprised everyone by being sorted into Ravenclaw. Hugo was in Gryffindor, Scorpius was in Slytherin, Lysander and Lorcan were in Hufflepuff, and Dina was in Ravenclaw. Teddy, who was fourteen, was in Gryffindor and already at Hogwarts. Remus was ill from the last full moon and Sirius was already at Hogwarts, co-teaching with Harry for Defense. That way Harry had more time with Toby. Severus continued to teach Potions, Neville took over Herbology, and Hermione taught Charms. Ron worked for the Auror department with Draco. Ginny was signed on to play with the Holyhead Harpies, and Luna took over the Daily Prophet.

All in all, everything was exactly the way it should be.