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Chapter 5: Killer Instinct

The night was leaving us, day creeping in more quickly and Everest's horse was still missing.

Now that I could see more clearly, I examined the boy. I was right about his age, he was no older than I. he had dark brown hair that fell to his neck in a layered look. He had an earring in his left ear lobe, a crystal. His eyes were a fierce blue, like a sapphire. I had never seen such eyes. He had a tough build it seemed, like he would be a good fighter. His milky skin showed no flaws under his red tunic and blue pants. He wore black boots with a silver buckle and a black cape.

"Enjoying the view" and he was cocky. I looked away from him, blushing without letting him see. He was beautiful, but I would never let him know. Eager to change the topic, I said, "Where did you last see your horse?"

"Right here. The orc attacked us and he ran off."

I laughed. "You mean a big, strong boy like you couldn't fight off an orc?" sarcasm coated my words.

"Thanks for the compliments. And since you've complimented me, I see it fitting to compliment you." He paused, looking at me, his eyes moving up and down. I narrowed my eyes at him. "I…like your hair." He said. My face softened at his comment. Our eyes just lingered on one another for a moment, neither one of us wanting to break the connection. Just then, a figure descended from the trees over head. An orc.

I reached for the dagger, my natural instinct kicking in.

"Ah, you again!" the orc snarled at Everest. Everest stepped in front of me as the orc drew out a blade. I released the dagger from its holding spot, making sure the orc saw nothing. "This should be as easy as the horse." The orc began to swing his sword, doing all sorts of fancy moves. "First you, then your lovely lady. Gonna eat well tonight!"

"Oh, you don't wanna eat her. She has…a flesh eating virus. I don't even know why I travel with her; I mean who would want to wreck this face?" I rolled my eyes at his attempt to lure the orc away. The orc looked disgusted at his comment, curling his lip.

"Well there's still nothing wrong with you!" The orc charged at Everest, however, Everest ducked and rolled with great haste. I was shocked at how fast he evaded the orcs sword. He did not have a weapon of his own, so I wasn't sure how he thought he was going to eliminate the orc. Then I realized I still had my hand on the dagger. The orcs back was to me, Everest struggling to dodge the swings of his sword. I took a deep breath in, lunged forward and before I knew it, the dagger was inserted into the orcs back. The orc growled a bloodcurdling growl, agony pouring into his body. I yanked the dagger out, and the orc fell to the ground. Blood coated the dagger and I was stunned. I stared at the orc, not believing what I had just done. My body was very still, my eyes not leaving the orcs dead body.

"Aldis, where did you…" Everest started, looking at the dagger. With the sound of his words I darted my eyes from the orc's body to him, meeting his gaze. My body began to shake with fear, fear that of what I just did. I killed something. Am I no better than them? Tears began to fill my eyes I wiped the dagger clean of the blood onto with my cape and put it back into the slot on my belt. Everest was still staring at the dagger, confusion written all over his face. I closed my eyes, demanding my eyes to stop crying. I opened them to see Everest much closer to me.


I didn't want to talk to him about this. At least not now.

"Let's just, let's just find your horse."