"Ah that's interesting."

"Sherlock! We're really not meant to be here, their evacuating everyone!" John barks in a whisper as Sherlock strides through the corridors like he owns them.

"Relax John, think how much we can learn from SHEILD, probably even more now most of them have left" Sherlock grins mischievously. He really is in his element in with all this technology to investigate. "Ah ha! What's through here?"

John pinches the bridge of his nose and takes a deep breath to calm his nerves, he watches as Sherlock slips sneakily through a door marked DO NOT ENTER- RESTRICTED ACCESS. He follows Sherlock into a staggeringly large room, it's full of computers and technology, two large sets of wires and pipes create a runway through the centre of the room, at one end hefty lot of technology encloses a glowing blue cube that's emitting bright blue sparks of energy. At the other, a platform surrounded by panels takes up the majority of the space.

Sherlock silently beckons John over to him where he stands next to a vacant – but complicated looking – computer.

"Fascinating" Sherlock breaths as his eyes dart at an alarming speed to examine the information on the monitor.

"What is it?" John whispers from next to him, flabbergasted that no one has noticed them yet.

"It's an energy source John, like nothing I've ever seen before" Sherlock began typing at the computer bringing up information.

"The Tesseract," John reads "Found by Johann Schmidt, a.k.a. the Red Skull in 1942 (original origins unknown.), contained and under examination by Doctor Selvic at SHEILD HQ. Sherlock this is deep stuff, we really shouldn't be here."

Sherlock doesn't answer but simply rolls his eyes and continues looking through the files.

At that moment an important looking man in a long leather coat strides into the room, John and Sherlock exchange a glance as they both notice the eye patch.

"Talk to me Doctor" He says calmly, but with a sense of authoritative urgency.

"Director" The man called Doctor Selvig replies.

"Anything we know for certain?"

"The Tesseact is misbehaving."

"Is that supposed to be funny?"

"It's not funny at all, the Tesseract is not only active she's…behaving.

"I assume you pulled the plug?

"She's an energy source! We turn off the power she turns it back on.

"If she reaches peak level…"

They stride up to the main computer, Fury eye's the Tesseract in distrust

"Are you prepared for this doctor? Harnessing energy from space?"

"We don't have the harness; my calculations are far from complete. She's throwing off interference, radiation nothing harmful, low levels of gamma radiation."

"That can be harmful."

John can tell Sherlock is listening intently while he reads through more data files on the computer.

"Where is agent Barton?

"The Hawke? In his nest as usual." He gestures up to the small maintenance area over 50ft above the ground.

Agent Barton slides down the rope from his nest to join Director Fury on the ground.

"I gave you this detail so you could keep a closer eye on things."

"I see better from a distance."

"See anything that might have set this thing off?"

"He won't have. There has been no interference; it's nothing at this end Director." Sherlock states as he walks from behind the computer towards Fury.

"Sherlock!" hisses after his flatmate.

"At this end?" Fury askes, turning to face Sherlock in surprise.

"From what I've just read, the Tesseract is a doorway to another part of space. Doors can be opened from both sides; someone or something is trying to get through to our end. Simple really."

"Simple? Who the hell are you?" Barton askes disbelievingly.

"Sherlock Holmes, this is Doctor John Watson." John waves awkwardly.

Suddenly a wave of pure energy nearly knocks them off their feet as a portal opens up on top of the platform in a flurry of blindly bright blue light.

"And you may want to look behind you; I do believe a Norse God just came through a space portal into your lab."

Hey I keep watching Avengers and thinking it would be awesome for Sherlock to be there so here is this, just a bit of fun but if you like it I'll be happy to keep going. My writing skills are far from strong so if you see anything wrong of is it's just generally crap them send me a review/message telling me so I can get better THANKS: D