Oh boy. I'm supposed to be finishing my other stories, but instead I'm here starting a new one, for a TV show I've never written about yet. Yes, this is my first Big Time Rush fanfic. But lately, I've been in LOVE with BTR fanfics and thought I'd try one! So, if I get anything wrong, PLEASE correct me CALMLY. Thank you! Oh, and I'm doing something a TAD different for this story that I never really do. At the beginning of each chapter, there will be a recap for what happened last chapter, and at the END of every chapter, there will be a preview for the NEXT chapter. Get it? Now here, gentlemen and gentlewomen (shoutout to whoever can guess what that's from) I present to you, Hold On! :D

Summary: After a minor argument with Logan, Carlos takes a walk to blow off some steam and Kendall goes after him. But little did they know they stepped into a death trap when they're kidnapped by the vilest, meanest, and most wanted criminals in LA.

Rating: M.

Warnings: violence, language, nudity, sexual assault, and other dark themes which I'm most sure will happen. I have a sick mind :p whatever it wants, it gets.

Pairing(s): None, really. But if anything, Kenlos. But I'm aiming towards more of a brotherly fluff kinda thing, ya know? But it can turn into romance if the readers want, but I can put a poll on my profile for that.

Hold On... ~ Chapter 1: Stranger Danger


"Carlos, I'm not saying this to offend you! All I'm saying, is that one day your stupid stunts will get you seriously injured," Logan tried to reason. After almost killing himself in yet another reckless move, the smart boy knew it was finally time to put his foot down. Carlos tried to say something, but Logan beat him to it. "Even with your helmet."

This was, what, the fifth time there has been a brace on his wrist?! ...Okay, maybe not fifth, more like third, but he HAS broken his arm before. Logan was scared that someday, he'll get worse than a broken bone. The brown-haired boy gulped.

"Logan, I'll be fine. Stop being such a worrywart! You're worse than my mother," the Latino mumbled.

"I dunno, maybe he's right, 'Litos," the pretty boy suggested, taking a seat next to the tan one on the orange couch. "We just don't want to see you hurt, that's all."

"But Im fine, guys! Really! I don't need to be babied-" Logan's eyes narrowed.

"Sometimes, Carlos, you're so immature. Maybe you DO need to be babied. You sure act like one!"

Kendall squirmed uncomfortably and James watched nervously. If its anything Carlos hated, it was being called a baby. The boys knew that. Logan seemed like he was TRYING to push his buttons.

"What are you saying?!" Carlos snapped, standing abruptly, trying to ignore the dull ache in his sprained wrist.

"What I'm saying, Carlos," Logan sneered. "Is that you're acting like an immature child! Try being more careful and stop acting so STUPID!"

Stupid. Another thing Carlos didn't like to be called.

"Logan, maybe you should take it easy-" Kendall tried, but Carlos was already making his way to the door, angry tears in his eyes.

"Carlos, where are you going?" James called, rushing after him. Carlos growled.

"Out." was his reply, and he slammed the front door behind him.

It was quiet after that. Logan sighed, breaking the silence, flopping on the orange couch. He put his head in his hands and mumbled, "Ugh, why did I say that?"

"It's okay, Logan, you were just worried. I'll go check on him," Kendall said, going to follow the small boy.


It was getting dark.

That's what Carlos was aware of, as he nervously walked down the sidewalk, kicking a small pebble. He was never good with the dark. But he just didn't feel like seeing Logan right now... He was hurt and mad. He would go back and forgive him eventually, most likely soon, but right now he just needed to blow off some steam.

He whistled a familiar tune, Elevate to be exact, as he noticed how dark it had gotten after fifteen minutes. He stopped to turn around, but when he did, his whistling came to an abrupt stop when he noticed the sound of extra footsteps following behind him. He whipped around, expecting the worst.

"H-hello?" he stuttered, voice echoing. He gulped. Recently, two men had broken out of jail, after committing some of the most terrible crimes Carlos could think of. What if they were following him?

The small Latino tried to scurry away towards Palm Woods, but a hand grabbed his shoulder.

"AAH! HELP ME!" he screamed. A hand clamped his mouth shut. "Whoa, Carlitos, calm down! It's me! You'll cause a commotion!" Carlos relaxed when he realized the person who had grabbed his shoulder was not a predator, but in fact Kendall.

"Kendall! Don't ever do that again," the small boy scolded, looking up at his tall friend. "You nearly gave me a heart attack."

The blonde chuckled. "Sorry 'bout that." Carlos only huffed.

"So... Logan didn't mean what he said, you know that, right?" Kendall got to the point. Carlos sighed. "Yeah, I guess. It's just... I dunno. I just need some fresh air."

"Okay, then I'll walk with you!" Kendall announced cheerfully, but also in a way that says "You can't say no".

Carlos smiled a bit. "Fine."

After about a few minutes of chatting, the two boys didn't notice that the only light there was now was the moon, stars, and street lights.

"Whoa, it got dark!" Carlos said nervously. Kendall caught the wavering in his voice. He knew Carlos was scared of the dark.

"Yeah, but don't worry. Let's just head back," he said, guiding Carlos back to the Palm Woods...

Only to be stopped by a gruff voice. "Where do you think you're going?"

The blonde and Latino whipped around and gasped. Standing in front of them were two huge men, pretty dangerous looking too. Their faces were lit up by the street lights.

But Kendall recognized them. They were all over the news! How could you not?

And apparently, so did Carlos by the way he was shaking like a leaf.

"Well well well, look what we have here! Isn't it two of the pretty boys from that adorable boy band? What is it now, umm, Big Time Rush?" one of them teased. The other chuckled.

"Why yes, Damian, you're right. It's Kendall Knight, and the adorable little Latino, Carlos Garcia."

"Gavin, I think we found ourselves some fun."

Kendall gulped. He did NOT like the way he said that...

"Carlos," he whispered. "Run!"

But when the two boys turned to rush away and call for help, the brown-haired one, Gavin apparently, grasped Carlos tightly by his injured and sprained wrist he hurt from earlier.

"Ah- ow!" Carlos squeaked, yanked back. The squeak wasn't unnoticed by Kendall, however.

"Carlos!" The blonde gasped, now turning into protective mode. He stopped running and shot Gavin a menacing glare.

"Don't touch him!" Kendall snapped, throwing a punch only to have his fist squeezed in a larger hand, Damian's hand. He grunted and tried to pull away, but he was roughly pushed to the wall of a building they were passing by.

Carlos tried to kick, squirm, and scream for help but nothing worked. He was roughly pushed beside Kendall, and they shot each other worried glances.

When Carlos was punched hard in the jaw and blood trickled down his chin, the blonde snapped.

"I told you not to fucking touch him!" Kendal yelled, almost breaking free. He shouted names like "sick bastard" and "messed up assholes" as Carlos was punched again, and again, and again as e fell limp in Gavin's arms.



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Next Time: Carlos and Kendall wake up in an unknown destination. Meanwhile, Logan and James notice the disappearance of their best friends and start to worry.