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Last time: The boys are forced to switch locations, completely throwing the police off and making their chances of escaping slimmer. As time passes, the torture worsens, leaving Carlos and Kendall broken. Meanwhile, the remaining half of BTR and the Knight family is shattered and Mr. Garcia is determined to pull them together, find the boys, and fix everything.

Hold On... Chapter 6: Hopeless

Scott Jones looked at the list of who he's sold the boxes to, rubbing his temples frustratingly. "No, this can't be right..." the delivery man sighed. He dialed his boss' number.

"Waddya want? I'm busy," the grumpy man barked over the phone and into Scott's ear.

"I-I understand, sir. But... This 'Andy Rodriguez' person I sold the bear traps to was apparently murdered two tears ago!" Scott exclaimed, eyes switching from the computer screen to the list of people.

The boss on the other line rolled his eyes. "What, so a ghost ordered your bear traps?"

Scott's eyebrows knitted together. "N-No, this man was very alive. He... He even signed the contract for the delivery! He seemed smaller and younger than a 25 year old man though... I couldn't really get his face because his hoodie was so baggy."

"So you think someone used the name Andy Rodriguez to order the bear traps?"

Scott scratched his hair thoughtfully. "Possibly," he said.

"Maybe you should check with the police on that, I have someone else on the line. Get back to work!"

Scott sighed as his boss hung up the phone and proceeded to dial 911.


Antonio watched the kids slowly nibble on their slices of grilled cheese. It was a sad sight, really. Everyone was so... Sad. Like a shadow of their former selves.

Katie suddenly pushed her plate away and got up from the seat. "I-I'm not hungry. Thanks though, Mr. Garcia." She said before quickly going to her room and closing the door shut.

"Yeah, thanks Mr. Garcia but I'm not hungry either, I think I'll just go watch some TV..." James announced, Logan agreeing with him right after. They proceeded to stalk to the couch to watch TV, but Antonio could easily tell they weren't focusing on the obnoxious cartoon one bit.

The officer sighed. This was going to be hard. This isn't his job though. This is Jennifer's job. Feeding the kids, cleaning up after them. These kids needed the mother figure of the household right now and she's up there sulking in her room? That was unacceptable.

Antonio stomped to Jennifer's door and pounded on the door. "Jennifer? Jennifer open up right now. You need to come out," the man tried, but no answer came. Anger was starting to creep up in the pit of his stomach, but then remembered what his son has always said about taking sensitivity classes. So he tried again, a fierce edge in his voice but not angry and demanding.

"Jennifer, listen. I know this is a tough time right now, I know how you feel. My son's life is in the hands of the same kidnappers your son's life is in. But you still have three other children out there that are still your responsibility. The flights from Minnesota have been delayed because there's a storm there now. Logan and James need a mother more than anything, and you're the closest option right now. And what about little Katie? You need to come out, Jennifer, please. For their sake."

It was quiet for a moment, before he heard a lock click on the other side of the door and it slowly opened. The red head came out and Antonio wanted to grimace at the smell but knew better. Poor woman probably hasn't bathed since they went missing. "Why don't you go wash up? I'll take it from here for a bit, okay?" Jennifer gave him a weak smile.

"T-Thank you. Thank you so much Antonio. I... I know where Carlos get's his sweetness." and with that the petite woman went to go take a shower.

Antonio sighed and went to go see what Katie was up to.


Kendall cried out again as he received another blow to the face. Everything hurt, but the one thing he was most focused on was his ankle. It just hurt so much!

Was it broken? That had been a pretty nasty crack.

Another punch to the face. Another kick to the ribs. Another knee to the stomach. His insides felt like goo!

Suddenly, it all just... Stopped.

"Alright boys, I think that's enough," He could faintly hear Damian say. He tried to look around, but it hurt just to even open his eyes. He had long, angry, pink scratch marks that started from his eyebrow, down his eyelids and to the middle of his cheeks from where one of the huge men were clawing at him. His nose felt like fire as blood traveled down both nostrils. He was pretty sure the outside and inside area of his ribs were bruised, his stomach has taken a lot of damage too and if he paid a lot of attention he was sure he was missing a tooth. He didn't even want to THINK about his ankle!

The poor blonde screamed in agony when he was pulled to his feet, tears stinging his scratches on his face. How? How can anybody be so cruel? Kendall was a good boy, loyal to his family, very good to his brothers, and he was kind. What did he do to deserve this?

He spat out some blood, and Damian half dragged half carried him to the cell he was in before. Kendall didn't even try to fight him. He was simply in too much pain and just wanted to sleep.

He sobbed loudly in pain when Damian pushed him to the ground roughly and cuffed his wrists. And with that, Damian was gone.

Kendall sniffled but didn't get up from where he was thrown. He tried to shift to a more comfortable position and groaned. When he decided it was good enough, he closed his scarred eyelids and slowly let himself drift off.

But before he can let sleep overtake him, he softly whispered, "P-Please be o-okay, C-Carlos..." and he fell asleep.


Carlos, however, was not okay.

If what they were doing to him wasn't bad enough, Gavin decided to film it. They filmed everything, and made him say stuff he'll regret for the rest of his life.

As Jack was still thrusting into him at full force, Gavin was holding the phone, filming.

"Doesn't that feel good?" Gavin smirked. Carlos just sobbed and closed his eyes. Jack stopped for him to answer the question, but didn't pull out.

Gavin kicked the small Latino. "I SAID, does it feel good?!" When Carlos didn't answer again, Jack suddenly thrust into him way harder than all the other times, making the poor boy scream. "Y-Yes! I-It feels good..." he whispered brokenly.

Gavin chuckled. "You're just a filthy little whore, aren't you?" Jack once again repeated his actions when Carlos didn't respond.

"AH, y-yes! I-I'm a whore..."

"Say you want it." Gavin demanded. Carlos sobbed. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. "I want it..." he whispered quietly. He got the same punishment as before and screamed "I WANT IT!"

Gavin laughed hysterically and stopped filming.

"You see Carlos?" he taunted. "Your friends back at home are going to see how dirty you are."

With that said, Carlos sobbed harder than he ever has before.

He really WAS dirty, wasn't he?


Carlos grunted as he was pushed back into the cell after the shower Gavin allowed him to have. He did nothing but stared helplessly as Gavin hooked him back to the chains. Without saying anything else he left the room.

No matter the length of his shower, he still felt completely dirty. The things he said... Oh God, what if James and Logan hate him after? He can imagine them thinking how much of a slut he was, and stopping to look for him. They wouldn't even try to save Kendall, all because of him. Because he didn't fight back.

Wait. What about Kendall? Carlos snapped his head up and spotted Kendall laying in the corner, looking absolutely terrible.

He slowly crawled over to the blonde, careful not to move his waist and lower too much, and placed Kendall's head in his lap. He put a hand on his cheek and ran his thumb over a pink scratch on his eyelid and let a few tears fall.

"This is all my fault Kendall... I just wanted to say t-that I'm so s-sorry... I don't even know why you still comforted me when I was freaking out the first day we got here. Or when they drowned me. Or when Gavin scared me. Or why you gave me your food. I don't deserve it. Any of it. I'm so sorry I brought you into this mess..."

And with that, Carlos began to sob loudly, cradling Kendall's head in his lap. He didn't expect for Kendall to grab the hand that was on his cheek and kiss his palm lightly. His green eyes were glazed over with pain, but if you look deep enough, you can see green eyes full of understanding and acceptance.

"Carlos, stop saying that," he whispered. "I don't know exactly what happened to you in there, and I hope you'll tell me soon but I want you to know that whatever made you feel this way shouldn't have happened and you don't deserve it. You're my best friend, my baby brother, my bandmate, and you mean the world to me."

Carlos smiled down at him, tears still falling from his eyes. Before he can say anything, Kendall brought his hand to his hair and pushed Carlos' head to his chest, and Carlos just broke, sobbing and blubbering into the blonde's chest.

As tired as he was, Kendall refused to sleep until Carlos was done crying, so all he could do is keep a gentle grip on Carlos' hair and shush him until he fell asleep.

But before Kendall could allow himself to sleep, he noticed Carlos was missing his shirt and he felt pity and anger creep up from his stomach as he slowly began to realize just what happened to him. No, no this couldn't have happened.

This was one of the main things Kendall wanted to protect Carlos from. And he failed. He failed his baby brother. How could he?!

Before he drifted off to sleep, he somehow managed to slip his own shirt off and slip it on Carlos' bare torso. It was hard in the awkward position he was in, but it was the least he could do.

Finally, he slept.


James and Logan sat on the couch, staring blankly at the TV. They weren't even watching it, just thinking. Thinking, missing, remembering... All they wanted was their other half back. That was all they needed. They didn't need food, they didn't need hygiene, they needed their brothers. It may seem ridiculous if they ever said that to anyone because you need food and hygiene to survive, but it made perfect sense in their mind.

They missed their leaders comforting voice, warm green eyes, bushy eyebrows, and his pep talks that would keep them together. They missed their little brothers stunts, his helmet, his life-filled chocolate eyes, his kind heart and his cuddles. It just wasn't the same.

Suddenly, James' phone vibrated in his pocket. He took it out and saw it was a video. A video from a blocked number, but he KNEW. He just KNEW it was THEM.

But the boys wished they had never watched the video.

In it they saw Carlos being tortured in one of the worst ways possible. They watched with wide eyes as a strange man who wouldn't turn his face to the camera kept slamming into their naked baby brother. This man was taking advantage Carlos. Their brother was being raped right before their eyes and they couldn't do anything to help him. They just felt so helpless.

The man who was filming wasn't any better because the things he forced Carlos to say were god awful. The boys watching couldn't hold it in anymore. When they got to the part where Carlos called himself a filthy whore, Logan brought a fist to his mouth and sobbed into it, looking away from the phone because he simply couldn't watch anymore. James was shaking as his jaw moved weirdly because he was gritting his teeth so hard they chipped. His knuckles turned white as he clenched his fist. When they made Carlos admit he wanted it, he lost it. He threw his phone to the other side of the room and sprinted out of the apartment. Where? He didn't know.

He just couldn't stay locked up anymore when his two best friends needed his help.


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