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I woke up in the morning like it was just a regular fucking day. Sadly, my life just continues to get more and more HECTIC! It's all smiles for me! I still can't believe what happened…Oh, Death, please tell me that it was all just a lame-ass dream…I woke up and got dressed, as usual, and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Soul was in there. I hate it when in the shower, fogging up the bathroom, when I have to BRUSH my TEETH!

"Soul, honestly, why do you have to be in here, making it impossible to breathe, while I'm trying to perfect my oral hygiene habits?" I asked, eyeing the shower curtains.

"It's like you WANT me to smell like blood and the remains of kishins," he responded, sighing.

"How do you even have the breath to sigh when it's so stuffy in here?" I complained, shoving the pink toothbrush in my mouth. Soul sighed again, much louder and obnoxiously this time.

"God damn it, Maka! You wouldn't even know what I go through!" he exclaimed. I spit into the sink.

"Are you kidding me?! It's WAY harder being a meister than a simple weapon!" I yelled at the bathtub.

"LIES!" Soul yelled back at me. Then he ripped open the curtain just enough to reveal his chest and stared at me, hard. I stared back at him with the same cold stare.

"You don't even realize how hard it is to jump around and avoid being sliced to places, all the while trying to lug you around with me!" I exclaimed.

"Um, exactly who was is that saved your ass from being kicked? Oh right…ME!" Soul yelled back. Then he closed the curtain again and waved at me to exit the bathroom. I pivoted on my heel and stomped out of the fogged room. Death, it's like he'll never appreciate me! I thought. Meanwhile, Soul was thinking, Lord Death, sometimes I think that Maka is just as clueless as Patty when it comes to things like this…She can't be THAT ignorant, she reads…!

Soul sat down next to me and took a spoonful of cheerios from my bowl.

"Um-excuse me? Did you just take a bite of MY cheerios with MY spoon?!" I exclaimed, grabbing my utensil out of Soul's hand. Soul made an angry face.

"Yeah, so?" he asked, lifting his shoe onto the chair to tie it, "I didn't want to get my own. I'm not going to eat an entire bowl." I lowered her eyelids at him and exhaled loudly through my nostrils. We sat in silence for awhile until I was done eating. I grabbed my backpack and walked out the door, Soul following me. We walked to school and every once in awhile one of us would scoff or say something inconsiderate just to piss the other one of us off. When we came home, we completely ignored each other. Blair took note of all of this, and she finally had a devilish idea…

"Why are you guys so mad…?" she asked, looking back and forth between Soul and I.

"Soul's an ass!" I yelled.

"Maka's a bitch!" he exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. Blair just nodded suspiciously and turned her attention back to the magazine she was reading…I'm pretty sure in was porn. Then we went to bed. Nothing really happened during the night that I know of. All I remember is hearing the faintest little pitter patter. Then there was nothing but quiet. That is, until I woke up.

I shot up out of bed and whipped my head around. I had just woken up from the WORST nightmare…I looked down. Why the hell am I shirtless…How come I am so…ripped? I quickly noticed that was in…oh Death…Soul's room! I jumped out of his bed and realized that my pigtails weren't flopping around as usual. I looked at the full-length mirror at the foot of his bed, and my jaw dropped at what I saw. I screamed louder than ever and someone ran into Soul's room. Then I realized something: I ran into Soul's room.

"What the hell-?!" I screamed, looking at myself. I screamed the same thing. My voice was deeper, huskier. I looked like Soul. I had white hair and crimson eyes. WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?! I heard the faintest giggle coming from a certain purple cat, but thought nothing of it.

"Soul?!" I asked, running over to the version of myself that was before me.

"M-Maka?" he asked, looking at me from head to toe.

"W-We're in each others' bodies!" I yelled, grasping for my pigtails but quickly realizing that they weren't there. Soul looked at himself in his mirror.

"W-we are…" he stared into the mirror, mesmerized by what he saw, "Maka? You look…" I clenched my fists.

"Don't you dare even say it," I growled, stomping away from him. He looked back at me.

"How did this happen? I'M SO SHORT!" he started flailing his arms at me. I held out my arms to try to get him off of me.

"How the hell am I supposed to know?! But…does this mean that I can turn into a weapon now…?" I wondered aloud, looking at my arm. Soul nodded and then shook his head. He sighed.

"We have school today…tardies aren't cool," he said, and left the room. I peered at my new body and grimaced. Then I moaned at the realization that I would have to change my clothes. I groaned and covered my eyes. I then swiftly pulled off the pajamas and replaced them with red jeans and a yellow hoodie over a regular white tee shirt.

Soul, now stuck in Maka's body, took on the realization that he had to change into day clothes for school. He sighed and just did it without complaining. When he noticed that he couldn't get a hard-on because he didn't have that ability anymore, he pumped his fist in the air and walked into the kitchen proudly, ignoring a scream that came from his former room.

I gaped down at the red jeans that fit too tightly and almost started crying when I finally took recognition of what had just happened in those red jeans…It was too embarrassing to even say…I apologize. I then trudged out of the room and sighed pathetically as I sat down next to the body I wish I still lived in. But no, I can't be in that body anymore because life hates me.

"Soul I mean-Maka," I said awkwardly.

"Yes, Soul?" he replied emotionlessly.

"Don't tell anyone about this…" I said, twiddling with my fingers, "They'd think we're total weirdos…"

"No prob," he gave me a thumbs up and winked.

"Also, if you're going to be me, don't do that," he said nervously. He just rolled his eyes and bit his pen cap. Then he went back to reading the newspaper.

"MAKA!" I shouted, pounding a fist on the table.

"What?" he asked, not even bothering to look at me. I just growled again and stomped out the door. I sighed. This going to be a LONG DAY…I thought. Soul, er-Maka-seemed to be enjoying the new body. I, in turn, was not. AT ALL.

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