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"What?!" "Kendall, you're just going into labor, everything is going to be fine." Logan told me. James called the Hospital while Carlos called my mom, Katie, Gustavo, and Kelly.

"Logan, I-"

"Kendall, I have never been so sure in my life that you are going into labor." I couldn't argue with him on that because another round of pain surged through my body. This is probably something that'll pass.

I'm sure of it.

"Kendall you are definitely going into labor." Doctor Seal said as we rushed into the hospital.

"They didn't believe me. They thought I was playing around." James said, running to catch up with us. He reached to grab my hand but I moved away from him.

"Don't touch me!"

"What? Why?"

"This is all your fault!"




"Ignore him, he's going through pain." Logan told James before I felt more pain.


"But you just told me to not touch you." I grabbed his hand and held it tight as we reached the counter.

"My name is Doctor Seal, registered in California and I have a patient here by the name of Kendall Knight. We called earlier to say that we were on our way because he's in labor as we speak."

"Oh, so it's you that was playing on our phones."

"Does this look like we're playing?" Logan almost yelled at the woman before a surge of pain hit me. I squeezed James' hand and he hissed in pain.

"Woah, um-"

"Don't worry, I just need a team of Doctors, preferably surgeons and some nurses. He's going to be having this baby soon and we don't want to stick around and wait to see where it comes out at."

"Doesn't he have a-"

"NO!" I yelled at the woman.

"I HAVE A DICK AND I WOULD LIKE TO KEEP IT THAT WAY!" Her eyes widened in shock before she started calling people.

Four doctors and three nurses showed up and one of them put me in a wheel chair. Logan and Carlos stayed in the waiting room while me, James, and Doctor Seal headed to the back. Doctor Seal started explaining my situation and somehow took out all of the documentation while we moved.

"So where do we head to?" One of the Doctors asked.

"We need to head to surgery immediately." Doctor Seal told them before we turned a corner and went through double doors.

We turned into some cold room and they helped me out of the chair. I was sat on the table while the nurses went through the shelves for medicine. The Doctors all began preparing while James took off my shirt, pants, socks, and shoes. James was standing next to me, holding my hand, when the nurses came over and told me to turn on my side.

"Wait, what are you giving him?" James asked them.

"A shot of epidural to numb him so he won't feel much pain." The nurse told him before they rolled me back over. The Doctors gave us both a mask to wear while everyone else put on theirs. They pulled a small curtain in front of my chest and I looked up at James. He held my hand and we waited.

I could hear the Doctors asking the nurses for things and I could practically hear my heart beating. I felt a tears roll from my eyes when I heard the sound of a baby crying. That's when I knew it was our baby.

"It's a boy."

I woke up and looked around, trying to figure out where I was.

"Woah, calm down, everything's fine." James told me, pushing my head back down onto the pillow.

"What happened?"

"You fainted while they sewed you back up." I grabbed the blanket and James grabbed my hand.

"You have a pretty big scar and it looks kind of nasty."

"Well, at least I can see my toes." I said, letting my blanket go.

"Yeah." There was a silence before I gasped.


"He's getting checked out. Don't worry."

"We still have to think of a name."

"What about Carlos?" I heard someone say. James moved out of the way and I saw Carlos and Logan walking in.

"No." Logan said, rolling his eyes at his boyfriend's suggestion. Carlos sighed and continued on eating his ice cream he had.

"I have a baby and you get ice cream?" I asked Carlos and he stopped eating and thrusted the object in my direction.

"No, I don't want yours."

"I'll go get you some." James told me before he turned and headed out the room. Logan came over and sat in the chair next to me while Carlos sat on the edge of the bed.

"Dude, you just had a baby." Logan told me.

"I know."

"We made history as the first boyband to have a baby." Carlos pointed out.

"I noticed."

"Do you have a name in mind?" Logan asked me.

"Yeah but I want to ask James first." I said, slowly sitting up.

"Be careful. The doctors said you need a lot of time to heal."

"But I feel fine." I said, slowly moving the blanket.

"Kendall, please, you have to lay down." Logan said before nurses came in.

"Mr. Knight, please, you can't move."

"I'm telling you, I'm fine."

"That might be the medicine talking. Just please lay down." I looked down and everyone followed my eyes. I pulled my arms out of my gown and looked down at my stomach. Everyone gasped and I looked down at my stomach wide-eyed.

"B-Bu-But y-you had a baby a-and you-" The nurse stuttered before she fainted.

"That can't be good." I said, staring at her before looking back down at my stomach that looked like nothing happened. I turned to look at Logan and he shrugged. The other nurses took the fainted one out of the room just as James walked in.

"What happened?" He said before he looked at my stomach.

"Oh my god, your stomach. It-It's healed!" He said, running over to me and running his hand along my stomach. I jumped back and he gasped.

"I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?"

"No, your hands are cold." I told him and he chuckled before I heard someone run in.

"Kendall?" I looked up to see Doctor Seal, my mom, and Katie.

"Why is there a passed out nurse in the hallway?" Doctor Seal asked me.

"Look." James said, gesturing to my stomach.


"HEALED!" James yelled, cutting off Doctor Seal.

"That's remarkable." He said, coming over to touch my stomach.

"Can everyone warm their hands before touching my stomach, please?"

"Sorry." Doctor Seal said as he inspected my stomach.

"So have you thought of any names?" Katie asked as she leaned over the edge of my bed.

"I guess this will have to just go down in my notes." Doctor Seal said before he left.

"I was thinking of one name but I don't know if James will like it."

"What is it?" James asked me.

"Can I have my ice cream first?" I asked him and he chuckled while handing me a bowl full of it.

"I was thinking about Noah Anthony."

"Two first names? I don't-"

"No, Anthony is his middle name."

"I like it." Katie said.

"Me too." Carlos added. Everyone seemed to agree that it was a good suggestion. Now I was waiting for the only one that truly mattered.

"Noah Anthony Knight." James announced.

"Noah Anthony Diamond." I told him.


"He's much as yours as he is mine. Since I came up with the first and middle, you should have the last. Not to mention, it'll be my last name sooner or later." James smiled before he pulled me in for a kiss.

"Well, we're home, finally." James cheered as he walked into our apartment behind me. I sat down Noah's carrier and took him out, taking his hat off, revealing his brown hair. He was still sleep but he continued trying to wake up, slightly opening his green eyes. We were in the hospital for about a week because everyone wanted to monitor and document mine and Noah's condition.

They were surprised by my fast healing and I couldn't believe it myself but I just had a child, which up until now, I thought was impossible. It was really late so we decided to just head to bed. I got in the shower while James put Noah in his pajamas before we switched.

Once we were both ready for bed, I climbed in while James put Noah in his crib. James climbed into the bed and pulled me close to him. I laid my head down on his chest and hugged him close. Things were completely different than that night on the tour bus and I wouldn't change it for the world.

"I love you." I heard James whisper.

"I love you too." I said before I leaned up and kissed him.

I've never felt complete happiness until now, laying in my boyfriends arm, looking at the baby we created.

The End

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