The month of August drones through with ridiculously hot, muggy days in D.C. and cases that kept them in the southern states, even after Garcia was threatened with removal of all her PCU's if the team didn't get sent to a cooler location.

As the last week of August comes to a close, the team is walking back into the office after a difficult case in Biloxi, MS. Morgan's arm is in a sling due to a dislocated shoulder thanks to the unsub. Emily sets his briefcase on his desk.

"You sure you don't need a ride home? Or, hell, Morgan, you can stay with us if you need to."

He gives her a small smile. "I'll be okay, Em. Promise."

"The only promise I want is that you'll call if you need anything. I don't care the time."

He nods. "You got it."

Emily nods and turns to leave.

"Em?" She turns back to him. "Thanks again. If you hadn't shown up when you did…"

Emily shrugs. "Just watching your back, partner. Sorry I got there too late to prevent the injury."

"Hey, at least you got there before he dropped that brick on my head."

"True. Would have been a shame to hurt that brick."

His laughter follows her as she walks away. Yep…he'd set himself up for that one. Just as Emily drops down into her chair she gets a text alert. She pulls out her phone and reads:

"Bathroom. Now. HURRY!"

Emily's heart starts to pound at the ominous message from her wife. She leaps up and races towards the doors of the bullpen.

"Emily?" Reid calls after her in concern.

Emily ignores him and just barely avoids knocking an intern to the ground as she runs down the hall. She explodes into the bathroom.


JJ is standing at the sink, a look of shock on her face. Emily grabs her hands.

"Jen, what the hell? What's wrong?"

JJ swallows. "It's the right time."

Emily is confused as hell. "What?"

JJ gestures to the small, shaving kit-like pack on the sinks. "I felt…something. I don't really know what but I suddenly felt like I should check and…" she finally smiles, "…according to everything, it's the right time."

Emily looks from her wife, to the kit and back again. Her face breaks into a beaming smile. "Seriously? Like, really? But Rocky's birthday is still a couple weeks away?"

JJ shrugs. "And we know it may not work the first time but, well, what do you want to do?"

Emily is so excited she wants to scream "GET INSEMINATED!" but she knows she has to maintain a least a little calm. She takes a deep breath.

"A week or two won't make a difference in my opinion. If you're ready, let's call Dr. Manton. If you're not we wait a month. Whatever is right for you, baby."


Emily nods. "Really."

JJ pulls her into a hug. "Good. Because I already called and I go in tomorrow morning."

"WOOHOO!" Emily lifts her up and spins her around.

JJ giggles. Once back down on the ground, JJ looks into Emily's eyes. "I take it that means you're happy about this?"

"Oh, Jen, I couldn't be happier if I tried. Let's go tell Hotch you need a sick day tomorrow. Hell, take tomorrow and Friday. Oh, God, Jen, I am so excited. I mean, I know the stats and it may not take the first time but, shit, I am so excited!"

The women hug once more then go together to see Hotch. He looks up as they walk in. He sits back in his chair, their smiles infectious.

"Why do I have a feeling you need a day off, JJ?" he asks.

"Actually, tomorrow and Friday since I'll have to stay in bed for 24 hours."

"I just need the morning, Hotch," Emily adds. "I can come in after I get Jen settled at the house."

He nods. "Take your time getting her settled, Prentiss. And if she needs you to stick around, let me know. Good luck, ladies."

"Thanks, Hotch," JJ says.

"Oh, and you know, Aaron is a great name for a kid," he points out.

JJ nods. 'True. But why would we want to name our child after Straus?" she asks innocently.

He starts to laugh. "A-a-r-o-n not E-r-i-n."

JJ winks. "Ah, my bad."

He rolls his eyes. "Get out before I change my mind."

The two women head back to their desks. Reid looks at them, very worried.

"Everything okay? Emily, you ran out of here so fast? Are you two okay?"

JJ smiles. "Better than okay. We'll tell you more later, Spence. Promise."

He looks from her to Emily. The happiness and pride in her eyes is obvious. He grins.

"You mean…"



"Ah huh," she says with a nod.



"Then 10?"

"You got it?"




JJ had watched the interaction and just starts to laugh. "You two are so freaking cute, my nerdlings. In just a few words you've had an entire conversation."

"Sometimes less is more," Emily says with a proud grin.

Reid just nods. "Right. I'll be crossing my fingers for you two. I can't wait to be an uncle again. Turns out I'm kind of good at it."

"More than 'kind of good', Spence," JJ says. "You're a great uncle. But keep in mind the first time it may not work."

"True. But since you've had Henry already and it's been less than 5 years since that pregnancy your chances for first time insemination success go up exponentially."

JJ and Emily both laugh. "Spence, I hope you never change," JJ says sincerely.

The next morning, Emily has an arm around JJ's shoulder and the other is in the blonde's iron grip. She kisses her temple.

"Easy, Jennifer. Just relax, sweetheart," she says with a calm that belies the butterflies swarming in her stomach.

Emily is watching the view screen as Dr. Kendle Manton carefully implants four embryos. As the last one is set, Emily kisses JJ's temple again.

"There, baby, four little nesters."

JJ grunts a small laugh. "Nesters? Is that a technical term?"

"Sure. Trust me: I went to Yale."

Kendle chuckles. "Yale, maybe. Technical term? Not so much."

The Prentiss women smile.

Kendle slides her gloves off and throws them in the biohazards tub. "Okay, I know you've done this before with Emily but we'll still run it down. Stay in bed the next 24 hours. For two weeks no sex, no hot tub. God knows your job scares the crap out of me but try not to get hit or knocked down. I know Rocky made it through a couple rough knocks okay but let's not tempt the Fates again, okay?"

JJ nods. "Got it, Dr. Manton. If I can, I'll see if I can work any cases the next couple weeks from Quantico."

"Excellent. Let's work to bring the next little Prentiss into the world without all the issues of the first, okay? My blood pressure can't take it."

Emily laughs. "Yeah, tell me about it, Doc."

"Well, you two have my office and cell numbers. Don't hesitate to call especially if anything comes up case-wise that gives you cause for concern."

"Thanks, Doc. We really appreciate the extra care," Emily says.

"And thanks again for running all the tests," JJ adds. "I know you said they weren't necessary and they proved not to be but they made me feel safer and calmer about the process."

"I'm glad then. I'll let you two get straightened up. I'll see you in two weeks."

"You got it, Doc," Emily agrees.

Once they are alone, Emily looks at her wife. "You okay?"

"Nervous as hell but otherwise okay." She pulls Emily close. "I want to this to work for us, Emily. I am so ready to be pregnant again."

"I'm just looking forward to being by your side the whole time. You'll never walk through any part of this alone, Jennifer. Even if I am out of town I am at your beck and call the whole pregnancy," she vows.

JJ smiles. "I know, sweetheart. I know."

After getting JJ home and settled into bed, Emily drives to the office. She gets off the elevator and sees her entire team standing in the middle of the bullpen. She frowns. A case, maybe? Shit. She pushes through the glass doors.

"Hey, guys. What's up?"

Garcia grabs her. "You should know! How'd it go? Is she okay? Is the baby okay? Is everything good?"

Emily laughs. "Jen is fine. It was a perfect appointment. Now we wait for 2 weeks to see if it worked or not." She points at Reid, stopping his stat rattle. "Don't. I can't hear them right now if I want to be able to concentrate on work."

He grins and shuts him mouth. "Right. I'll have them when you need them."

She smiles. "Thanks, handsome."

With Emily's assurance that everything is fine, the team heads back to their desks to try to make it through Thursday. But everyone's mind is on the potential little BAU member to be.

Friday morning Garcia walks into the bullpen. She winces as she looks at Emily.

"I am soooooo sorry, Em."

Emily sighs. "Case?"

"Yeah. Winslow, Arkansas. Serial rapist escalating in Devils Den State Park."

Emily shakes her head. "Thanks for the head's up. Tell Hotch I have to call Jen and let her know. Start the briefing without me if you need to."

"Right. Sorry again, Em."

"Not your fault, Pen."

Emily stares at the phone on her desk. Just that morning she had promised to wait on her wife all weekend. She lifts up the phone…time to break that promise.

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