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It pisses me off and I know that it was a common thing in japan in Inuyasha's time, to show that this shit is wrong, I decided to do what I do best.

So I did what I always do. I started writing and here it is the lemony goodness of a twisted love story.

Sesshomaru's Concubine.

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Chapter 1: Ready…or not

The Well was open and so was her way to Inuyasha, without a second thought, Kagome jumped down the Well. Time rushed by her, taking the years and stress from her, turning her back into that fifteen year old girl again. It felt like a caress on her skin, a whisper of good bye to the future as she touched the ground of the Well. Climbing up the Well, she smiled at the sight of the God's tree, it was so odd, but she felt as she was going to get something much different than what she hoped for.

Taking a seat at the roots of the old tree, she slowly fell into slumber's embrace as the stress was lifted from her, she may have been born in the future, but the past was her true home. It was marvellous to fall into a deep sleep in silence again; she didn't realize that she had really missed it.


Sesshomaru sat in his study, controlling his desire to kill his mate of three years and his mother. They stood before him, growling at each other as to why he was still childless, they all knew why, but his mate refused to admit that she was a barren female. He understand that it was a matter of pride, no man would ever that his seed wouldn't take root in a female, and he could care less about being childless, he hated that he had to plant his seed in his mate when he all he wanted was the priestess that followed his brother.

He knew that she was more than able to bare full demon offspring; she wasn't like his father's human woman, the priestess could give him a half demon, but with her powers, she would natural give his young the ability to be immune to powers like hers and there would be low to no chance of the offspring being half-demon.

"Sesshomaru, please tell your mother that you don't need a concubine to birth your children when I can." His mate, Sakura ordered him, he growled at her for the order and for interrupting his thoughts as he drowned out their useless fighting. This wasn't going to end until he had a child and he was starting to lose his control to not kill them, this would end now. "Mother, why are you so insistent about this? Did you find a good female that would breed easy? Is that why you continue to annoy me with?" He asked her, she simply smiled an answering smile that told him that she did. "Go and get her then, I tire of this fighting and if a child is the answer then a child will be born. I know that my seed will not take root in you, Sakura and I need a child. If you behave, I will allow you to mother the child." Sesshomaru told them.

He knew that his mother wouldn't like that, but if he fathered a child then she could care less in the end and they both knew that. "So who is my concubine to be? And is she willing to be my concubine and mother of my children?" he asked, wondering if she was little like his brother's priestess. "A powerful priestess named Kagome appeared from out of nowhere, I thought that the children that she would bear, would be perfect for you. She is asleep at the moment, but I will know soon, what do you think though, Sesshomaru? Is a priestess good enough?"

He smirked at his mother, letting her know that the priestess would be perfect. So his brother's priestess had returned and would be his…how fascinating that fate had decided to give him a gift. He just wondered if the gift would taste sweet on his tongue as he made her scream. "I am glad that you like the idea of the priestess, my son. If you would like to see the mother of your children, she is resting in the harem." His mother's words made him frown, he hated it when he played into her hands and it happened far too often for his liking.

"Has she been checked yet?" He asked, she said nothing, her silence was his answer. His mother hadn't checked to see if she was fertile and a virgin yet, though it wasn't a problem, humans were so easy to fix in that department. It was simply to change a barren human to a fertile one…unlike that of a demon. "I will go see her after she has been checked," he told them in a tone that told them that they were dismissed.


Kagome shifted in her sleep, waking to warmth around her and the soft padding under her, opening her ocean blue eyes to see she was not under the God's tree, but in a beautiful room and on a round futon that looked like a dog bed with a blanket over her. Moving to get up and out of bed when she noticed the beautiful armguard on her, she admired the beautiful craftsmen work of, but something about it unnerved her. "You're awake…that's good, you're stronger than most to wake up so fast, but it's a pity. I'm sure that you plan to fight us on checking your virginity," Kagome around to see a beautiful demoness that look similar to Sesshomaru, but in a female form.

"What are you talking about? And yes, I'll fight you if you think I'm going to lie down and open my legs for you to check!" Kagome snapped at Sesshomaru's mother, not knowing that her fighting spirit was endearing her to the demoness. Sesshomaru's mother walked towards her, with male servants, a physician and a midwife following behind.

The male servants grabbed Kagome's arms and legs, forcing them apart, and pulled the blanket from her body as the midwife moved to them and ripped Kagome's clothes from her body when unsheathed the small dagger at her waist. The physician had the servants spread her legs as far apart as possible for her body before the physician opened the folds of her core and started to painfully probing her. "Well?" Sesshomaru's mother asked, noticing the pain that the physician was causing Kagome.

"Her hymen is intact and she will be very tight for the Lord, and now I need to test her fertile and the chances of full demon offspring." the physician told her as the midwife roughly handed Kagome's breasts and looked at her hips. "She had very good bearing hips, her breasts are good and full…perfect for a demon's pleasure and a babe's hunger." The midwife said happily before cutting Kagome's arm. Kagome hissed of the pain and glared at the midwife…there was going to be an arrow just for her. "Fertility? Baby? What the hell is this about?" Kagome demanded as she turned her glare to Sesshomaru's mother.

"My son, Sesshomaru need a child, but his mate cannot have a child and that where you come in." Sesshomaru's mother told her, Kagome felt sick to her stomach as the physician licked the midwife's dagger of the blood. A smile came to his face, "She's quite a fertile female, she will have no problems getting pregnant, and I would say that she should have no trouble bearing full demon offspring to the Lord, but if you wish, there are some herbs that will in increase the number of babes," The physician said as he handed the dagger back to the midwife.

"That's good, but we'll wait until she has had her first pregnan-"

"I refuse!" Kagome shouted at Sesshomaru's mother, she wasn't ready to be a mom and she was only eighteen…way too young to be a mother in her mind. He also was married…or mated, whatever the point was he was in a relationship and she refused to ruin it. Sesshomaru's mother's head snapped around to look at her, disbelief in her golden eyes. "Why? I was told once that you both had met before; you know that he is handsome and a Lord, but you refuse. Why do you refuse?" Kagome heard the bewilderment in the demoness's voice.

"Because he's married, I'm not a whore as your doctor told you, and I'm too young to become a mother!" Kagome snapped at her as the servants let her go and handed her the blanket to cover her body. Confused as to what to say to Kagome, Sesshomaru's mother did the one thing that would insure what they need from a good person like Kagome. "Then I will be force to kill you," She told Kagome, knowing that got to most people, but she didn't know that Kagome wasn't like most people. "Fine," She said, shocking Sesshomaru's mother and everyone else in the room. Sesshomaru's mother stared at the girl, she was liking Kagome more and more every minute, and knew that Kagome's offspring would be her son's if it was the last thing that she did.

"Then I will have some of the army go and destroy villages until you do," Kagome looked at her, shocked by her words.

Kagome looked away, could she be the reason that innocent villagers were killed, but she thought of herself as well and the children that she would have here if she agreed. She had always felt it was wrong for a child to be born to parents that didn't love each other because in the end, all involved were miserable and Sesshomaru was married, she would be the other woman. But she would by the reason that all those people would die…she wished that she had stayed in the future when she realized what she needed to do. "I'll give you time to think about it," Sesshomaru's mother said before she left with everyone in the room, but Kagome.

Sesshomaru's mother smiled as she walked out, she knew that Kagome would cave and give birth to her son's child or she would make good on her threat. She didn't want to, but if the girl forced her hand then she would, she wanted grandchildren and Sesshomaru needed an heir, it was her fault that his mate could not give him one. But with Kagome, she was going to fix that…even if Kagome had to be unwilling in the mating or hundreds of villages burned to the ground, her son would have children from that little human girl.


Sesshomaru sat in the gardens under a cherry tree, thinking of what his mother planned and his brother's priestess that would swell with his child when he planted his seed in her. Strong and beautiful, smart and fertile…she was kind as well, he was not sure if he wanted his children to have that strength that was also a weakness. But he would not force Kagome either; he was not so low a demon as to force a woman, demon or human in his bed if they did not wish to be there.

Sesshomaru noticed when his mother appeared in the gardens and walked to him, but he did not move. "Did she agree? And is she a virgin?" He asked, hoping that Kagome would agree to give birth to his children. "Yes, she did and yes, she is one." She said in half-truth, her scent and body gave him no tell that she was though. "Good…Have her ready for tonight then," Sesshomaru ordered to which his mother bowed in reply before leaving to do a miracle.

He had never seen the priestess without her odd clothes…he looked forward to the night sky and being able to see the sight that the priestess would be.


Kagome stared at the ceiling, thinking of what they were about to make her do. She thought of the child she would bring into the world, and how its life would be. "Have you decided yet?" Sesshomaru's mother asked as she walked in. Kagome didn't answer as she laid on the futon with nothing nothing, but the blanket to her naked body; she didn't want this…she wasn't ready for this, but she also wasn't ready to be the reason that innocent people died for.

"You have to answer me, Kagome. My son wishes to begin tonight, he seems eager to be a father," She told Kagome, who cringed at the thought having sex with Sesshomaru. She had seen Sesshomaru as a friend in ways and an ally in the fight against Naraku, but never thought of him as the father of her children…that had always been Inuyasha. To be in love with the young brother…only to be forced into the bed of the older brother, Kagome knew that Fate had been cruel to her and was laughing at her in that moment. "I don't want this," she told her, if only she could get her hands on a bow and some arrows, she would fight her way out.

"But you will or many people will die. Kagome, this is simple and women do this every day, they bend to their Lord's will, give him children and they live happy lives because they doing fight back like you are doing." Sesshomaru's mother told her, she didn't know of the future or culture that Kagome had grown up in. It wasn't like feudal Japan or Pakistan like that allowed men to have more than one wife. "But I'm not simple like that, I want my freedom," Kagome whispered as she tried to summon her powers, remembering the few times that she had after Miroku and Lady Kaede taught her, but nothing happened.

"Your powers won't work, Kagome. I had them sealed and yes, you're not simple like the noble women of humans. You're stronger and your childr-"

"Would be half-demon like Inuyasha, I don't want this." She whispered, cutting in on what Sesshomaru's mother was saying. "No, that's a falsehood, Kagome. You're a priestess, Inuyasha's mother was not. For some reason, priestesses and priests can have full demon offspring with high ranked demons like me or my son. The chances though are small for them…but not with you, you're far stronger than any priestess or priest that I had ever seen and the physician tasted your blood."

"So I can't leave here and I'm going to become Sesshomaru's Whore and broodmare, and if I don't do as I'm told innocent people will die…you're a cruel bitch, you know that?" Kagome muttered at she finally sat up on the futon, she could see the demoness was flattered instead of insulted. "Thank you, but you're right about everything…except being a Whore and a broodmare. Yes, my son will take you to his bed to get you pregnant, but you have too much fire to simply be a Whore or a broodmare…you will become something more to him in the end, I just know it." The demoness said as she sat down on the futon.

"Something more...like what? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PLANNING?" Kagome Shouted at Seshomaru's mother, blue fire alight in her eyes with anger. "You'll see," Sesshomaru's mother said calmly with a smile before getting up. Kagome wrapped the blanket and moved to the door, she was leaving, after she could get out of there, then they would have to chase her if they want to force her. As she left the room, she stopped dead in her tracks.

A demon stood before her with a blade to a little girl's throat, "If you don't obey me and don't go to my son's bed tonight, that girl will die," Sesshomaru's mother said to her loud and clear. Kagome stared into the innocent brown eyes of the little girl for a moment before turning her head to look at Sesshomaru's mother, cursing the demoness in her head.

"You win," Sesshomaru's mother smiled in victory, a little disappointed that the challenge was already over. "For now," the smile widened, the challenge was over yet, it seemed and she liked that.


Kagome glared at Sesshomaru's mother as she was dressed in a light blue Yukata with the skirt stopping to her inner thigh, there was no kosode under the Yukata, and with an Karaginu and Mo, the Obi was tied in the front. She blushed as they did that, though Sesshomaru's mother had told her that she wasn't a whore, tying the Obi in the front was telling the world that she was Sesshomaru's whore! The only reason she didn't rip the Obi from her was that she wasn't in the mood to be naked anymore and that she didn't want the girl to be hurt because of her disobedience.

Sesshomaru's mother eyed the Obi, it pissed her off a little that the stupid servants tied it in the front, making Kagome appear to be a Whore. She knew it was Sakura's doing, without a second thought she used her whip to destroy the Obi without harming Kagome and hit the servant that tied in the face. "Do it, right or next time, I'll kill you." She growled, the servant was crying from the wounds on her face and moved to leave so she would get in the way from the servants moved to tie another Obi around Kagome's waist. God, she felt like a painted doll as they moved onto her hair and makeup. "Braid her hair loosely and keep the makeup light. Light lip paint is all she need," Kagome looked at Sesshomaru's mother; from how she was talking, it seemed that his mother was praising her on her looks.

"Perfect!" Sesshomaru's mother said happily, her blank face lighting up to look like a goddess's. It made Kagome wonder for a moment if Sesshomaru smiled like that and if he would smile when he learned of her being pregnant. She snapped herself out of those thoughts, she knew that she was going to get in bed with Sesshomaru and they were going to be parents together, but that was it. He was married to another and she was going to be enough of a home wrecker when she got fucked by Sesshomaru, but she going to go no further than that.

It would be like a divorced parents with shared custody of their kids…if he allowed her to be in their kids' lives.

"Now for this," Kagome heard the demoness muttered as she took a sake cup from one of the servants and handed to her. Kagome stared at the sake cup warily and the green liquid in it, "What is this?" She asked. "It's an aphrodisiac that will make you unable to resist my son's scent." Sesshomaru's mother told Kagome, she hadn't planned to use it since Kagome was a virgin and the effects on her would be…unkind, but her hands had been tied when Kagome had refused to breed with her son.

Kagome looked at the demoness for a moment before drinking it, it was sweet and tasty, and she wanted more, but she wasn't about to ask for more. "Good, now let's go to Sesshomaru's rooms."


Sesshomaru looked around his room, smelling the Priestess's scent all over his room; he was surprised to find that she wasn't there until he noticed that the doors to his balcony were open. He walked out to see her admiring the starlit sky and the moon, she was a vision to behold and her scent was alive with a fragrance that he had only come across in china once. It was starting to make him hard, "what is that scent on your body?"

Kagome turned to looked at him when she felt like she punched in the stomach, he felted like the essence of intoxication and though she didn't want to obey its siren call…her body did. She walked over to him, her hips swaying on their own; her eyelids felt a little heavy as she looked into his eyes. "Your mother had me bathed to all scents, but my own, she say that my natural scent was better than the cherry one that I like to use." Kagome told him before he took her into his arms…she wondered if she was ready for this mentally because it seemed her body was ready for this.