Written for the Colors Competition, Orange Category on the HPFC forum

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Paint Splatters

"Lorcan, why are you drawing blue squiggles?" Rose asked, her voice floating across the driveway to the blonde haired boy. They were both told to go away and do "something, anything, I don't care!" by Rose's mom. This of course, was always a dangerous thing to say to a pair of seven-year-olds with an "artistic" nature. Rose immediately retrieved her paints from the art closet, and she and Lorcan set off on their mission of painting the driveway.

"They're not squiggles," Lorcan said defiantly, "They're waves. So we can go swimming, because it's soooo hot." Rose's freckled face broke into a wide smile as she started giggling.

"That's a good idea! Let me help!" she promptly marched over to Lorcan's spot on the concrete and grabbed the blue paint, pouring some on the driveway and adding green paint, mixing it around with her hands. Rose looked at her hands, then at Lorcan. She grinned and rubbed her hands on Lorcan's torso.

"Hey!" Lorcan scowled at Rose.

"But now you're wet, ergo, you're cooler."

"What does ergo mean?"

"Well, Mummy says that..." Rose started into one of her Hermione-like speeches. Rose successfully distracted, Lorcan took the bottle of blue paint and inched toward her. He squirted it all over her and laughed as Rose's jaw dropped.

"Oh, you're gonna get it!" She reached for the purple paint, taking off the top and emptying it on Lorcan. He stopped laughing and lunged at her, smearing purple all over her. They laughed and tumbled back and forth on the now colorful pavement.

"Rose, Lorcan, lunch!" Hermione's call immediately halted all movement. The two children rolled away from each other, exchanging a nervous glance.

"Run?" Lorcan whispered.