A/N: Hi! I literally just wrote this, unbetaed. Rather like Memorial Day, it is for fun and has no relation to anything I have written, not even Marionette, which has a couple similarities... except not really. For anybody who likes Memorial Day, particularly its darker trends, this is the one for you.

The season is Xros Wars, the setting is a successful D5. How it began, how it will end, some of that could be up to you if you'd like. This fic will likely not make immediate sense but that's okay. All will become clear.


Warnings: This contains references to murder, character death, violence, OOC, AU, and swearing. Any other warnings will be mentioned in future ficlets.

At Peace

I. Mercy

"It's okay; I'll give you mercy too."

Sometimes he thought of the dream.

It was a dream where he was taller, where there was always a shining sun in the daytime and a white moon in the evening. He was ordinary, he was a sportsman.

Sometimes he thought of the dream where he repented his sins properly. He was well-liked, his heart was strong.

His sempai looked out for him.

"How long will you be dreaming, Amano Yuu-kun?"

The small blonde shuddered and looked up at the gaze before him. It was a gentle sort. Even now, even though it was now a deep, abyssal black, those eyes were still gentle. The person held out their hand. It was not to take. It was to drive away. Around it glowed scarlet wisps, spiraling in an inferno of pain. A smile played across the lips. Yuu trembled once more.


The other widened his smile, catlike in its very serenity. "Amano Yuu-kun," he repeated steadily. "Are you ready?"

"No," Yuu said miserably. "How could I be?"

Taiki shrugged without mercy. "That doesn't mean it won't happen." Licking his lips, a violet gleam formed in the center of those black eyes. There weren't pupils there, never again. "Don't worry Amano Yuu-kun. It will be quick; painless. You were useful to him; therefore, I am to be merciful to you." The wisps settled themselves into a small, twisting orb as he added. "Perhaps you will be able to keep dreaming."

His body shook with an ocean wave. "No…" he whispered.

"Yes," Taiki said softly with a shake of his brown head. "Sayonara…Yuu."

His vision was darkened with red.