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Kung Fu Panda: My version

Chapter 1: Little Tigress and Little Po

At the Jade Palace a young female tiger cub was training in the gardens with a blue ball. Her name was Tigress and she dreamed of becoming a Kung Fu Master. A year ago she was adopted by Master Shifu and though he was strict she still cared for him. It was a cool spring day and she was practicing her kicks and speed with the ball. Her fur was a deep orange with black stripes and she had golden orbs for hers. She wore a simple red tunic and threw the ball in the air and leapt up to kick it. But she kicked it too hard and it went over the wall. "Oh no Master Shifu will be so mad", Tigress said getting worried. Before she could climb up to get it the ball as if by magic flew over the wall back into her paws. Tigress looked confused for a second and went to see if someone threw the ball back. If they did the least she could do was say thank you. Getting on all fours she leapt up to the wall and to her surprise saw a little panda boy.

He looked up at her with jade green orbs and said in a soft voice", That was so awesome you leapt all the way up there that is just cool".

"Um thank you", Tigress said not used to getting praise for doing anything. She was about to go back over the wall when curiosity got to her. Every child she knew was afraid of her but this panda boy did not seem to be afraid and Tigress wanted to know what he was doing here. So she jumped down to greet him and got a better look at him. He was chubby but he was a panda with black and white fur and had on yellow pants. "What are you doing here?" she asked for no one ever came this close to the Jade Palace before.

Before he could answer some loud voices shouted", Hey fatty there you are". Three big goat boys came up to Tigress and the panda boy and Tigress could see the look of fear in the panda boy's eyes when he saw the kids.

"Hey guys what do you want?" he asked nervously.

"You know what we want stupid now give us your money or else", growled the leader who was much bigger than the others.

"I don't have any money today I spent it buying a present for my dad", the panda boy explained.

"Oh bad move fatty now you know what happens when we don't get your money", the leader said as they circled around the panda.

"Come on guys can't you cut me a break I can pay you tomorrow I promise", the panda said shaking in fear.

"Okay fatty we will give you a break starting with your chubby arms", the leader said.

"Hey leave him alone!" Tigress growled stepping in front of the panda boy. She didn't know this kid very well but she was not about to stand by and let these punks beat him up.

"Go away girlie this doesn't concern you", the leader said pushing Tigress away.

"Hey leave her alone", the panda boy said getting in the leaders face. He was very scared but he couldn't let them hurt her. The goat boys were in shock as the panda helped Tigress up. "You okay?" he asked looking concerned.

"Yeah I am fine", Tigress replied still not use to being asked that question. Then the panda boy got in front of Tigress and glared at the boys.

"Look you can beat me up all you want I don't care but I will not allow you to harm her!" the panda boy growled. Tigress was amazed no one ever showed her this much concern before. This panda didn't even know her and he was willingly to take a beating just so she wouldn't get hurt. Then an idea came to her and she saw the apple tree behind them and before the goat boys could harm the panda she threw an apple as hard as she could and hit the leader square in the face.

"Oww that hurt!" the leader yelled. The other two lunged at the panda but he picked them up and threw them then grabbed some apples and threw them at the goat boys. They started yelling out in pain and soon disappeared. "This isn't over fatty we will get you sooner or later!" the leader shouted as they ran away.

"Awesome we did it go us", the panda boy said happily as he raised up his paw for a high five. Tigress looked at him strangely and he said", You are supposed to hit my paw like this". He took her paw and gently smacked it with his and said", It is called a high five".

"Oh interesting", Tigress said with a smile. "So, mind me asking why those boys were after you?"

"Oh they always want me to give them my allowance and if I don't they beat me up but sometimes I run and hide until they forget about me", the panda boy explained sadly.

"Is that why you were here you were hiding?" Tigress asked.

"Yeah pretty cowardly huh?" the panda boy asked in an ashamed tone.

"Actually no my Master Shifu said even the greatest fighters know when to fight and when to run", she said.

"Awesome so you actually live here that is so cool", the panda boy said excitedly.

"Yeah it is pretty cool but it is lonely I usually am by myself a lot", Tigress said sadly.

"Yeah I can relate no one wants to be my friend because I am fat and clumsy", the panda boy said sadly. "Oh I almost forgot to mention thanks for the help I really do appreciate it", he said smiling again.

"No problem I actually came down here to thank you for returning my ball", Tigress said smiling too.

"Anytime hey I know we just met but would you like to be my friend?" the panda boy asked. Again Tigress was shocked no one ever wanted to be her friend.

"Aren't you afraid of me?" she asked in a confused tone. People always called her a monster so why didn't this panda see her as one.

"Should I be?" he asked softly with a confused look.

"Well people called me a monster because I was really strong and I have claws", Tigress said frowning.

"Well duh you are a tiger what did they expect you to have long ears and a cotton tail?" the panda boy asked. The comment made Tigress laugh and she hardly ever laughed.

"You are right and you are a panda you are supposed to be a bit heavy it would be unhealthy for you not to be", Tigress said trying to make the panda boy smile again for he had a nice smile.

"Thanks so do you want to be friends?" he asked again.

"Sure my name is Tigress", Tigress said holding out her paw.

"Please to meet you Tigress my name is Po", the panda said shaking her paw and what the two children didn't know was that this was the start of a beautiful friendship.

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