Chapter 12: The End

Po walked through the streets as his heart raced rapidly. This was it he was fighting Tia-Lung and there was no turning back. A voice screamed in his head telling him to run that he would be killed. But he shook that voice away as he remembered his friends and how they were hurt trying to help him. Well now he was going to make sure Tia-Lung never harmed another innocent again. He saw Tia-Lung in the market place terrorizing villagers as they ran for their lives. "Oh, Dragon Warrior come out, come out wherever you are", Tia-Lung called grinning like a mad man.

"Tia-Lung!" Po yelled as he stepped out of the shadows. The leopard faced Po with utter shock as if he wasn't actually expecting Po to fight him. Then he gave Po a cold smile that chilled Po's heart to the core. Don't look afraid Po whatever you do don't look afraid, Po's mind told him. "I heard you were looking for me so since I am here it looks like your search is over", Po said giving Tia-Lung a glaring look.

"So, you are the Dragon Warrior hmm not much to look at are you?" Tia-Lung teased as he stepped closer.

"Let's find out shall we?" Po challenged.

"Hold on let's get to know each other a bit after all this must be a shock for you being the Dragon Warrior and now having to fight me surely you must be scared", Tia-Lung sneered.

"I already know all I need to know about you. You were trained to be the Dragon Warrior but when things didn't go your way you turned on Oogway and Master Shifu the very person who raised you since you were a cub", Po said stepping closer.

"He promised me I would be the Dragon Warrior instead he allowed Oogway to deny me my right and when I was sent to jail he erased me from his mind like I never existed!" Tia-Lung growled.

"That was not his fault he had no say in Oogway's decision a true warrior would have accepted it and moved on. But you threw a huge temper tantrum like a spoiled child that didn't get his way and wound up hurting innocent lives. Now it is up to me to make sure you don't hurt anyone ever again!" Po shouted as he got into a fighting stance.

"You think you can beat me you are more stupid than you look. I am the great Tia-Lung you saw what I did to your friends and I wasn't even trying", he cackled.

"All I see is an arrogant leopard that talks too much", Po said.

"You will pay for your words panda!" Tia-Lung yelled.

"My name is Po, remember it!" Po yelled and the two warriors locked arms. Tia-Lung's fist began to glow and he punched Po right in the stomach. But the hit only tickled the panda as hid fought back a laugh. "Tigress hits way harder than you", Po said as he threw a punch at Tia-Lung. The leopard flew straight into the ground as he got up and continued to fight Po. He held up his fists in the air and hit Po directly in the back. Po let out a moan of pain and shakily got to his feet. Tia-Lung was a tough fighter but Po wasn't about to quit he couldn't quit.

"Give up Po and give me the title of Dragon Warrior and I will allow you to live", Tia-Lung said softly with a triumphant grin. There was no way Po could beat him just no way.

"Not happening", Po said in a soft voice as he got to his feet. The grin fell from Tia-Lung's face and an angry expression was in its place. He let out a growl and lunged at Po as the two warriors exchanged blows. Po grabbed Tia-Lung by the tail and whacked him against the stone road. Then threw him as he crashed into a wall and knelt down to catch his breath. All the villagers had taken cover but watched with horror as the Dragon Warrior fought Tia-Lung.

"I will not lose to a stupid fat panda!" Tia-Lung screamed. Po was out of breath and his entire body was sore and hurt real bad. "Remember this Po I offered you mercy now I shall kill you and take the title of Dragon Warrior!" he roared.

"You don't know the meaning of the word", Po whispered. He knew of only one attack that could defeat Tia-Lung but he would have to be quick and right now that was going to take all of his energy. Tia-Lung rammed into Po as he brought fist after fist into the panda's face. Po covered himself up the best he could but it was no use. I can't let him win I have to win no matter the price. Tigress I promised you I would never leave you and I am sorry my friend but that is one promise I will have to break. Good bye everyone I love you all and if I could live my life over I would do it all again the exact same way. See you all on the other side it is time to end this, Po thought as he grabbed Tia-Lung's paw and twisted it around. Kicking him in the side and with his last bit of strength he did the Wooshi Finger Hold.

"You don't know how to do that! Shifu would never have taught you that move", Tia-Lung said his face full of fear.

"Didn't…have…to…I figured…it…out…Skadoosh", Po said and a huge flash was done and went throughout the village. Tia-Lung was defeated for Po had won. He smiled his last smile and then fell to the ground for he could no longer stand. Back at the Jade Palace Tigress saw the flash and feared for Po's life so even though her body was still sore she ran down to the village. Her heart stopped when she saw Po on the ground not moving. She ran over to him and held him

"Po, Po wake up please wake up!" Tigress cried as tears fell from her face. He remained silent and Tigress listened carefully for a heartbeat and she heard a faint one. A small feeling of relief spread over her as she picked up Po and carried him to a healer's hut. "Don't you dare leave me Po, I love you and I can't lose you", Tigress whispered as she kissed his lips as he lay in his bed. She watched over him till Shifu came for her. The next day Po was awake but he saw a white light and that could only mean one thing.

"I knew it I am dead", Po grumbled.

"No you are not", Tigress said happily.

"Hey Ti, when did you get here?" Po asked smilingly as his friend hugged him.

"Just a little while ago, how are you feeling?" Tigress asked her eyes flashed with concern.

"A bit sore but I will live at least I hope so", Po said softly.

"Oh you will panda I will make sure of it", Tigress told him. Just then the others and Po's dad came in.

"Hey dad, hey guys what is up?" Po asked smilingly. His dad hugged him and told him he was so proud of him. Viper cried as she slithered over to him and hugged him. All of his friends were happy to see him alive and Po was happy to see all of them. When he looked at Tigress smiling that beautiful smile of hers in his heart there was still one more thing he had to do. About a week later Po was back at the Palace and after dinner he took Tigress up to the Peach Tree to talk. "Ti, I need to tell you something", Po began.

"I am listening Po", Tigress said smiling a secret smile.

"You are my best friend and I care about you a lot and I want us to be more than friends but if you don't feel the same way I understand", Po said nervously.

"Po", Tigress interrupted.

"Yes, Ti", Po said.

"Shut up and kiss me", she said as she got eye level to him. Po smiled and kissed her lips and he held her tight. In that moment this is what they had been waiting for since they were teens. From the first time they saw each other all the way up till now. This time nothing would separate them for on this night two halves of a soul had become one now and forever.

The End

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