Getting Used To It.

Chapter 1: Three years gone…
West Shinjuku.

'I can't believe I'm late on the first day! Mrs Asaji is going to kill me.' A young boy ran through the streets of Shinjuku on his way to school. 'I better get a move on!'

'Hopefully she lets me off without making me stand in the hallway.' He chuckled softly to himself after that thought. 'Ha-ha, what am I thinking? Of course she won't.'

Suddenly the wind picked up and blew his visor off of his head. "Ah! My lucky visor!" He exclaimed while chasing after it and finally catching it before the wind could pick it up again.

"Gotcha. Now any slight chance I did have of getting to school on time is gone." He said to no-one in particular. He set off at a sprint once again.

West Shinjuku High

"Wow, I can't believe Kazu's the one who's late this time." Mused Takato. A boy with a blue hooded jumper over a white shirt and grey three quarter pants.

"Well that's what you should expect from the leader of the Dimwit Duo." Said a fiery redhead.

"Hey! Who ever said Kazu is the leader?"

"Oh, be quiet Kenta." Rika snapped without even looking up from her work.

"Yes Rika…" The green haired boy named Kenta mumbled.

Suddenly a loud thud reverberated throughout the room followed by a faint groan coming from the other side of the door. Rika got up and opened the door and saw Kazu sitting on his backside, rubbing a bright red lump that appeared on his head.

"Hopefully that smacked some sense into you." Rika stated coldly, while Mrs Asaji looked over the lump on her students head.

She looked at him sternly. "I guess that's punishment enough for you being late, Kazu. I honestly expected Takato to be late today…"

"Hey!" Takato shouted, slightly offended at the teachers remark.

"Get over it Gogglehead, you've received worse insults." Rika said matter-of-factly while making her way back to her seat next to him.

'At least one good thing came out of this year,' Takato thought to himself. 'I get to sit next to Rika.' He smiled ever so slightly at that thought.

After the fight against the D-Reaper, Rika had convinced her mother to take her out of private schooling and enroll her into the same school as the rest of the Tamers. Excluding Ryo, of course. Each year she had been put into a class with Takato, Kazu and Kenta. She had opted to sit next to the Gogglehead each year because she would have killed Kazu and Kenta within three minutes.

'He's kinda cute when he smiles. WHAT!? Did I just seriously think that?' Rika shivered at the thought of actually thinking that the 'gogglehead' was cute. She shook the thought out of her head and sat down in her chair, promptly punching Takato in the arm.

'Why did she punch me? Did I do something to make her mad like last time?' A deep, crimson blush crossed his face at the memory of what happened on the first day of school the year before.


Takato ran through the corridor on his way to class. "I can't…believe…I'm late…" He panted between breaths. As he ran from the corridor into his classroom, he ran right into a red haired girl and they both toppled over. Takato opened his eyes to see Rika's staring right into his soul, burning it.

"GET OFF OF ME GOGGLEHEAD!" Rika roared as she blushed slightly at how close they both were.

"Oh…I…I'm sorry Rika!" He stuttered, rather embarrassed at being on top of Rika and the fact her yelling bought everyone's gazes towards them. As he looked around he noticed Kazu, or rather, the look in his eyes signalling that he would never let him live it down.

Then a fist collided with his hip. He had forgotten that he was still on top of Rika and was oblivious that with each passing second, Rika was not only getting more aggravated, but her blush was becoming a deeper shade of red.

He rolled off of her in pain and stayed on the floor for a minute before getting up and cautiously making his way towards his seat next to her. When he sat down he looked at her to apologize again but she crossed her arms and looked away. Only acknowledging his apology with a 'Humph'.

**End Flashback**

"Takato…Takato!" Mrs Asaji tried to get the young boys attention but failed miserably.

"Allow me… GOGGLEHEAD, SNAP OUT OF IT!" Rika yelled directly into Takato's left ear and he fell out of his seat in reply, causing Kazu to start laughing.

"Ow, my head" He moaned as he got back up into his chair.

"Thank you, Rika." Mrs Asaji said to her before continuing on with a slightly dazed Takato. "Now can you tell me what I just repeated?"

"Uhh…We…have homework?" He stated uncertainly.

"No Takato, what I said is that the school is having the kitchens checked for mice and other rodents. So school will be closed just in case they do find something and have to drive them out and kill them."

Kenta went to raise his hand but Mrs Asaji already had an idea of what his question was. "No Kenta, I don't know why they didn't do it during the break."

Takato looked across the room while running a hand through his quickly brushed, but still messy, brown hair. He noticed the look of freedom in Kazu's eyes and chuckled. He noticed Kazu quickly scribble down a note and lob it onto his desk.

"Hey chumley, we should all get together at the hideout tomorrow and hang out." It read in Kazu's typically, messy handwriting.

"What's that?" Rika asked gesturing towards the paper.

"Kazu wants to know if we want to meet at the hideout tomorrow and just hang." He told her quietly as to avoid Mrs Asaji noticing that he was speaking.

"For once visor-boy has an idea I like. I wouldn't mind going to the park." She replied just as quiet.

Takato looked over to Kazu and gave him thumbs up, signalling that he and Rika were up for it. Kazu quickly scrawled another note and threw it to Takato when the teacher wasn't looking.

"Kenta will go and ask Henry and Jeri later."

'Looks like we're going to have a relaxing day.' Takato mused to himself drifting off into his daydreams again.

'I don't understand how he can just drift off so easy.' Rika thought to herself while writing down notes from the board.

"Guilmon…" Takato mumbled, still lost in his daydream. Rika seemed to be the only one who noticed what he had said.

'I guess that's how.' She thought glumly while remembering about her own partner Renamon.

'It's been three years without them now. I wonder if they even remember us. Of course they do. How could they not considering all we went through with the Devas and the D-Reaper' Rika then started to drift off into her own thoughts but, unlike Takato, she had begun to stare at the board so if Mrs Asaji noticed then she wouldn't become suspicious to Rika's lack of work.

'If only there was some other way that didn't involve sending them back…' Kazu thought, apparently along the same lines as Rika and Takato.

'Guardromon wouldn't want me to get all depressed over this. He'd want me to have fun. It's what they'd all want. Besides, Takato promised Guilmon that they would see each other again and chumley hasn't failed us yet!' Kazu thought as the day slowed to an end.

End Chapter 1