Getting Used To It…

Chapter 15: The nostalgic encounters…
Shinjuku – Skies above the Tokyo Metropolitan Building.

"Stop flying away and fight us coward!" BlackWarGreymon screeched at his opponent as they approached the Tokyo Metropolitan Building.

The two dragon warrior Digimon had flown over the skies of Shinjuku, BlackWarGreymon throwing in attacks whenever he had the chance but failing each time as WarGreymon blocked or dodged each and every attack.

"Fine then, our battle shall take place here. Any last words before you and Ryo are terminated?" WarGreymon asked as he raised his Dramon Destroyers, ready to assault Yamaru and BlackAgumon.

"I have a few questions actually, if you don't mind?" Yamaru said from his mutual form.

"I see no harm in it. There is a limit to how much I will let you side-track me though." He advised in an aggressive voice.

"Why are you and Stingmon here?" BlackAgumon queried.

"Simple; to test and if possible we are to destroy you and Ryo." He responded.

"Why us specifically though? Why not the other Tamers as well?" Yamaru asked.

'There has to be some major reason as to why they were sent after us two specifically. It couldn't have been an older foe of the Tamers, they wouldn't know of me yet. Assuming they have any foes, they practically killed anyone that they came up against.' Yamaru thought grimly as he stared his opponent down through the eyes of BlackWarGreymon. 'Gee, I make them sound like monsters with the way I say it.'

"The masters want Stingmon and I to test you and Ryo. To see if you are ready for the epic event that is sure to come. As for the others, they will never be truly ready and they will be of no help to you, child of obscurity."WarGreymon looked over his opponent, trying to find out what emotions where going through his mind, desperately trying to spot a weakness.

'I won't be able to use sheer force against him. He has the power of a human and Digimon within him. This requires a more tactical approach.' WarGreymon contemplated.

"Child of obscurity? What are you talking about?" BlackAgumon questioned his lighter coloured foe.

"When the monsters of obscurity and gloom are united, it shall weaken him. When the monsters of kindness and grace are united, it shall destroy him." WarGreymon answered.

"So there's this big prophecy going on and I'm a part of it. Is there any more to this prophecy of yours?" He asked.

"Well of course there is more to it. I'm not going to tell you anymore though. My patience has run thin so now we fight." WarGreymon said as he lunged forward.

"Great Tornado." He yelled out, as his body started to spin clockwise, creating a yellow vortex that screamed towards BlackWarGreymon.

"Black Tornado." BlackWarGreymon countered as he spun anti-clockwise, creating another vortex almost identical to WarGreymon's except black and silver in colour.

The two tornados clashed into each other and broke apart, causing both combatants to fly back a few meters to regain their composures before attacking again.

"Black Tornado."

"Great Tornado."

Again, the two tornados conflicted and forced their owner's apart, only for both of them to attack each other again. Both trying to wear the other one out but neither of them letting up.

"Great Tornado!"

"Black Tornado!"

Both dragon warriors screamed as they once again, sailed towards each other. However, this time BlackAgumon had another idea. As the two attacks were almost at collision point, BlackWarGreymon broke out of his spin and slashed his claws through the air, causing waves of ivory black to soar towards WarGreymon.

"Dragon Viper!"

The waves of energy collided with the spinning warrior and sent him flying backwards as he screamed in pain. WarGreymon managed to steady himself before he crashed into any buildings and screamed towards his attacker.

"Let's see how your attack compares to mine!" WarGreymon roared as he slashed his claws through the air in the exact same manner as BlackWarGreymon had done.

"Dragon Claw!" He yelled as he came to a stop and sent the flaming yellow waves of energy towards BlackWarGreymon.

Yamaru reached backwards for his shield and brought it up in front of him as he coasted forwards into the energy waves, crashing through them and continuing on. As soon as he had cleared through the waves he placed his shield on his back and continued onwards, raising his claws in front of his face.

"Dragon Viper!" He growled as he slashed his claws across WarGreymon's right shoulder, destroying some of the armour which twisted into data.

"You'll pay for that…" WarGreymon mumbled as he pulled BlackWarGreymon into a bear hug and flew upwards, Yamaru and BlackAgumon using their collective might to try and break free, to no avail.

"You better hope that there are no people directly below us. I've tried so hard to keep this battle airborne so the humans won't freak out but you've forced my hand. It's time to eradicate you." WarGreymon said calmly just before he pointed his head down and took off towards the ground as fast as he could.

"YOUR TIME IS UP!" He screeched as he kicked BlackWarGreymon with all of his power, sending his twin opponent towards the ground at break-neck speed.

BlackWarGreymon slammed into ground as the concrete became cracked and destroyed all around him. People looked on through the dust and grit while others fled to safety, dragging excited and startled children with them.

Someone ran over through the smoke to see what could have possibly caused such an impact. Dirt and small flecks of concrete landed on the man but he didn't notice much at all, maybe it was because he was distracted by the black monster with cracked armour that was slowly getting to his feet. Or maybe it was the other similar yellow monster in the sky that was gathering yellow and orange energy between the palms of his hands.

"Get… Out of here… Now…" BlackWarGreymon groaned in agony. The man wasted no time in listening to the sharp clawed monster that could possibly slice him to pieces if it wished.

The ball of energy in WarGreymon's hands had grown to an epic size that he raised above his head. He drew his arms back and then flung them forwards, sending the blast hurtling towards BlackWarGreymon.

"Terra Force!"

Yamaru and BlackAgumon flew straight towards the centre of the glowing ball of energy. He burst through the outside and as it absorbed them, it caused him immense pain and suffering, but he never once faltered in his movement. As he bust out of the other side, the blast detonated before it could damage any buildings.

BlackWarGreymon drew closer and closer to a shocked WarGreymon, as he drew even closer he started to spin, creating the familiar black and silver vortex.


His claws, at the tip of the tornado, came into contact with WarGreymon's chest plating and started to drill into it. They pierced through the plating and drilled into his chest with such force that BlackWarGreymon flew right through his rival, leaving a giant gap where his chest once was.

BlackWarGreymon didn't even turn to face his foe when he spoke. "Guess we are worthy then." He murmured.

The edges of the hole in WarGreymon's chest started to turn to data as his body flickered. He smirked as he turned to face his foe.

"You fight well BlackAgumon and Yamaru. You should be proud to be a Greymon." He said before he burst into data and it was left to float away, probably back to the digital world where it would reconfigure to make a new Digimon.

"What did he mean by brothers of darkness…He must mean Tahu but, how does he tie into all of this, he doesn't even have a Digimon." Yamaru noted while he searched his mind for possible answers to the questions he still had.

"He could have meant it figuratively." BlackAgumon said.

"What do you mean?" Yamaru asked.

"Well, by brothers he could mean that two Digimon that are always associated with each other. Like Gekomon and how they are always living with a ShougunGekomon." He explained.

"You could be right. We should head back and check on Ryo." Yamaru said as they landed and dedigivolved so they could walk and not tire themselves out having to stay in their form when unnecessary.

Somewhere Unknown.

"I see WarGreymon has lost. Yamaru and BlackAgumon may be ready for what is to come. Ryo and Strikedramon still have their doubts." Belphemon said to the crowd that had gathered.

"What are you talking about?" Lilithmon asked.

"Stingmon is beating them. Strikedramon won't win unless he digivolves to Cyberdramon or someone intervenes. Stingmon is simply too fast. Ryo still has his doubts that Cyberdramon might become battle thirsty and start attacking the others." He clarified.

"This shall be an interesting fight then." Noted a wizard-like Digimon known as Barbamon.

Shinjuku Park.

"He's getting his butt kicked! We have to help him!" Kazu yelled.

"I agree with Kazu for once. Strikedramon is taking heavy damage; he just can't keep up with Stingmon." Takato agreed.

"I suppose we should help him then, even he doesn't deserve to be beaten so badly." Rika stated.

"No." Renamon interrupted.

"What?" Henry asked, stunned that Renamon refused to help their friend.

"This is just like when Guilmon was fighting Devidramon, it is his fight and I think there may just be something else going on here that only Yamaru and Ryo can explain." She elaborated.

"Well then they'll have some questions to answer to when they get back." Rika said indignantly.

"Ryo, I could use some help here!" Strikedramon growled as he tried to dodge the barrage of kicks and punches being thrown at him from every angle.

"I'm thinking! Speed cards are useless because he is still faster. Power cards are useless because he is faster. Everything except recharge cards is useless!" Ryo yelled in frustration.

"Why are you doing this?" Strikedramon screamed at his opponent as a kick hit him in the thigh.

The insectoid Digimon stopped his onslaught for a moment as he thought of what to say. "I can only release parts of the information on why I am here. Firstly; I am a test for you as WarGreymon is for Yamaru. Secondly; you and your Digimon are the child and monster grace, although not Strikedramon. Cyberdramon is the one of grace and your only hope of beating me." Stingmon elaborated.

'But I can't let him become Cyberdramon, Milleniummon is becoming too powerful. If he takes him over as Cyberdramon he'll be almost un-stoppable.' Ryo thought.

"What are you testing us for?" Strikedramon questioned.

"It is a matter that I'm sure you and your Tamer would prefer to be discussed privately, just in case your friends hear…" Stingmon replied as he walked off further into the park.

"C'mon, we should follow…" Ryo said sternly as he walked after Stingmon with Strikedramon following closely behind.

"Where are they going?" Asked Yamaru as he and BlackAgumon approached Henry, Rika, Takato, Kazu, Kenta and their respective Digimon as well as Impmon who had mostly stayed quiet through all he had witnessed.

"Boy, do you have some explaining to do!' Rika said impatiently while she tapped her foot rhythmically.

'Damn, that's attractive when she does… Okay, stop it Takato. Wake up.' Takato thought.

"We'll explain later. Right now, Ryo needs our help." BlackAgumon said.

"Well it's too bad only…" Terriermon started before he was cut off by Renamon's paw covering his mouth.

"What was that about Renamon? I thought you were the one who said this was Ryo's battle." Guilmon said with a confused look.

"True, but I also said this was to do with Yamaru. He should be the one to help Ryo." She said tranquilly.

"Thank you Renamon." Yamaru said as he walked past the Tamers and Digimon in the direction Ryo had followed Stingmon.

"This sucks, I just get Guardromon back, a Digimon threat appears and we don't even get to fight." Kazu whined.

"God I'm sick of you already…" Rika sighed.

"You and me too, sister!" Terriermon agreed while Rika shot him daggers.

Ryo and Strikedramon had followed Stingmon wordlessly until they had reached a clearing with a slight pond off to the left and a big rock in the middle, which Stingmon promptly hurdled onto, showing his dominance in the situation.

"Okay, we're here, so now you'll tell us?" Ryo asked.

"No, the others are not here just yet, but in a few seconds…" He started just as a rustling was heard from the bushes and Yamaru walked out with BlackAgumon in tow.

"Yamaru thought you might have needed help so he was granted permission by the Renamon to come and help. It does not matter though, what needs to be said Yamaru probably knows already." Stingmon said.

"So I guess that you beat WarGreymon then." Strikedramon noted.

"Barely, he was a challenge and I don't think we can biomerge again for a while." BlackAgumon said.

"May I continue?" Stingmon asked while he looked directly up into the sky.

"Of course." Yamaru replied but received no reply.

"I don't think he was talking to us…" BlackAgumon noted.

Somewhere Unknown.

"You may tell them some of what you know but not all of it." Daemon commanded.

Shinjuku Park.

"One of my masters has permitted me to tell you of what I know." Stingmon said as he took a seated position on the rock.

"You, Yamaru, are the child of obscurity, one of the brothers of darkness. You, Ryo, are the child of grace. My masters know of your trouble with Milleniummon and have sent WarGreymon and I to test you. You have both proved that you are almost ready, Yamaru by defeating WarGreymon and Ryo along with Strikedramon by holding your own against me." He started. "Ryo, you refused to make Strikedramon digivolve and that was a good choice on your part. You did not succumb to my mockery of Strikedramon and that is a sign of a strong Tamer."

"WarGreymon said something about the child of gloom and the child of kindness. Who are they?" BlackAgumon questioned.

"Yamaru already knows who the child of gloom is; he just refuses to admit it. The child of kindness is someone you already know; you are just too blinded to comprehend it just yet." Stingmon explained.

"So that's it then. My brother is the child of gloom. He doesn't even have a Digimon though so how could he be?" Yamaru asked.

"My masters have decided to intervene a little in the events that will take place. One of them being the unity of your brother and his partner. The other being the child of kindness coming into contact with you." Stingmon elaborated even further into the thickening plot.

"Wait… It's Ken!" Ryo bellowed.

"And now you've come to realize who the four are. There is one more that plays a vital role in this endeavour but neither I or my masters know the identity or location of him." Stingmon explained to the small group.

"Great, just when you think that you've figured things out, it just gets more complicated. Why can't prophecies ever be easy to figure out?" BlackAgumon grumbled.

"When will my brother receive his partner?" Yamaru wondered aloud.

"That depends really. Only one of my masters has the ability to leave his domain and when he does, he is extremely weak so it takes a while for him to teleport from place to place. What seems like seconds to him could really be hours or days." Stingmon clarified.

"What about Ken? How will we get into contact with him?" Ryo asked the green insectoid Digimon who still sat cross-legged atop the rock.

"It will be a matter of explaining the situation and creating a Digi-port in which he can transport through." Stingmon explained. "That is all I know. My task is done here. Perhaps we can continue our fight someday Strikedramon." He said.

"Wait, I have one more question. Do your masters know how to get Milleniummon out of Cyberdramon?" Ryo asked quickly.

"I am unsure. You will figure it out soon enough." Stingmon said as he disappeared in a flash of white light.

"Things are never easy for us…" Strikedramon said as he too flashed white but, instead of disappearing, he turned back into Monodramon.

"Rika seemed pretty mad at us for hogging all the action…" Yamaru said as he and Ryo turned to walk back towards where the others were surely waiting.

"Yep, and I've got just the way to make it worse." Ryo said with a smirk.

"Why do I get the feeling that one of us is going to get hit?" Yamaru sighed.

"Hey Takatomon?" Guilmon said to get his friends attention.

Takato and Guilmon had wandered away from his conversation with Kazu and Henry to sit under a nearby tree where he could easily spot Ryo and Yamaru when they returned, but also where he could think without being bothered by anyone except for Guilmon, who was surprisingly quiet up until now.

"Yeah buddy?" Takato responded.

"I was thinking, if it was okay with your parents, that we could have a reunion party with games and so much bread that our tummies exploded." He said, mimicking the action of his stomach exploding.

"That might not be a bad idea, Guilmon. Remind me to ask them when I get home okay?" He said.

"Okay." Guilmon relied enthusiastically.

"Oh look, here comes Ya…" Takato started to say before he was caught off guard by Rika shouting.

"YOU TWO HAVE SOME EXPLAINING!" She shrieked at them.

"Calm down, they said that they wanted to fight the two strongest Tamers and they just happened to choose Yamaru and me." Ryo said with a sly grin on his face while Yamaru sighed and put his head in his hand.

"You are so lucky that I feel bad for Monodramon getting his butt whooped that I'm not gonna kick yours." Rika said threateningly.

"Hey, Takato. You better get over there and distract Rika. If you know what I mean." Terriermon said as he swung down from a branch in the tree.

"How long have you been up there?" Guilmon asked.

"Not long. I climbed up there so I could swing down for dramatic effect." He explained.

"Oh." Was Guilmon's reply.

Takato stood up and shakily walked over to Rika and called out her name to get her attention. "R-R-Rika?" He stuttered.

"Uh, yeah goggles?" She replied uncertainly.

"Uh… would you like to… Come to a reunion party at my house sometime in the next few days?" He asked, steering away from the intended question, much to Terriermon's disappointment.

"What a wuss." He muttered to himself.

"Oh… Sure, I guess. Just, you know, tell me the day and yeah…" She replied.

"Hey what about us?" Kenta interrupted.

"Oh, yeah, I was getting to you guys." Takato lied as he had actually forgotten about everyone else as he had been looking at Rika.

"Of course Kenta and I can make it, chumley." Kazu said cheerfully.

"I'll bring Suzie with me then." Henry stated.

"You should come too, Yamaru. I know I said it was a reunion party but you're a Tamer now and we're a team." Takato said to the brown haired boy.

"Really? Thanks Takato, where do you live though?" Yamaru asked him, quite unsure of weather he was the one that lived in the bakery or not.

"It's not far from here actually. The Matsuki Bakery." He replied.

"What about you, Ryo?" Henry asked.

"I don't think I'll be able to make it. My dad would be mad for me leaving without telling him and Monodramon is pretty banged up, sorry." He apologised unhappily.

"Yeah, poor guy." Henry agreed.

"I guess we should be heading home. Our parents would be worried sick, they just got us back and we got into a fight that we didn't actually fight in…" Rika said.

"Well, I guess I'll see you guys at my house on like, Saturday night?" Takato asked the group.

"Saturday is fine with us, Takato." Kenta replied as he and Kazu walked off with Guardromon and MarineAngemon.

"Fine with me too." Yamaru agreed. "Now to go look for my brother…" He sighed as he walked away. "Knowing him, he hasn't gone home and he's walking around somewhere."

"See you Saturday." Henry called as he waved goodbye.

"I'll uh… See you then… Takato." Rika said as she brushed and walked off hastily.

"Did she just call me Takato for once?" He asked no one.

"Yeah, and Henry forgot me!" Terriermon pouted.

"Are you sure he forgot you Terriermon?" Takato asked mockingly while Guilmon tried to stifle a laugh.

"Hey, be quiet wussy boy. You better ask her next time, you promised." Terriermon said. He then ran off to catch up with Henry as Takato and Guilmon walked to the bakery.

Shinjuku – Streets of Shinjuku.

"Man, my brother, a Tamer!" Tahu said to himself as he walked through the streets of Shinjuku, contemplating on how his brother could have hidden it from him all this time.

"Yes, that's right; your brother is a Tamer. A wonderful Tamer actually." Said a voice from a narrow side street.

"Who's there?" Tahu called.

"How would you like to be a Tamer young man?" Asked the deep voice as Tahu walked into the side street.

"Oh no, who'd ever want to be a damned Tamer?" Tahu said sarcastically.

"You humans do amaze me sometimes." Said the voice as two figures appeared in front of the young boy. One an angelic looking man who had black and white wings on different sides of his body, the other a small black reptile Digimon wearing what seemed to be a fur coat. The angelic Digimon disappeared and only the small reptile was left.

Tahu bent down to the little Digimon to examine him. "Who are you?" He asked inquisitively.

"I am BlackGabumon, nice to meet you." BlackGabumon said as he extended his paw out for Tahu to shake.

"I'm Tahu Tadanoka; it's great to meet you too." He said as he clasped his hand firmly in BlackGabumon's. As their hands made contact a bright light shone from Tahu's belt and he felt something shift around.

"Huh? That's my phone… What the heck is it doing?" He wondered as he pulled it out, only, it wasn't his phone it was a small black device with three grey buttons and a white ring around a square screen.

"This is… This is a… It's one of those things that my brother had clipped to his belt all the time!" Tahu exclaimed excitedly.

"I believe that's called a D-Arc." Yamaru said from behind his brother. "I've been looking everywhere for you and then I heard some shouting and figured that was my best bet. Looks like I was right, also looks like you're a Tamer now." Yamaru said with a large smile.

"Yeah, it's so cool! I get to be partners with BlackGabumon!" Tahu said as he pumped a fist into the air.

"BlackGabumon?" BlackAgumon asked.

"Is that you, BlackAgumon?" The reptile asked as he walked out from behind Tahu. "It is you!" He called as the two Digimon ran over to each other and high fived.

"You two know each other?" Tahu asked surprised.

"Yeah, we used to spar with each other all the time in the swamp level." BlackGabumon exclaimed.

"How quaint. Anyway, we better get home; mum will be waiting for us." Yamaru said to his younger brother as he walked out of the narrow street.

"How are we going to explain to Digimon to her?" Tahu asked.

"I haven't the slightest clue." Yamaru said with a chuckle.

'So it's settled. Tahu is now a Tamer which means he is the child of gloom. We just need to contact Ken somehow and find a way to release Milleniummon. But where could we release him? Definitely not in any town or city, he could cause too much destruction. Ugh… I'm too lazy to deal with this stuff.'

Odaiba – Soccer fields.

A young blue haired boy sat down on the seats at the soccer fields, watching his team play while he waited to be switched on. A green worm-like creature sitting on the bench beside him, watching his friends' teammates kick the ball up and down the field, dodging the opposing teams' members so they could score a goal.

"I'll never understand why you like soccer so much, Ken." The worm Digimon said as he looked up to his partner.

"I don't expect yo to Wormmon. It's just fun I suppose." He replied with a small chuckle.


"Huh? Ken your D-Terminal is getting a message." Wormmon said.

"It's probably from Davis sending me another one of those funny cat pictures." He said sarcastically, putting emphasis on the word 'funny'.

"Huh… It's not from Davis." Ken muttered as he opened the message.

"It's been a long time, Ichijouji.

I hope you remember me; after all, you were the one who sent me back to that damned place and ruined my attempt at obtaining the dark spore.

"No, it can't be…"

But, alas, this isn't about revenge. This is about much more pressing matters. Your old friend Ryo is in trouble, Milleniummon is making a comeback and is trying to take over Cyberdramon. Long story short; get to your computer and travel to the Digital World as you normally would. This is of the utmost urgency and needs to be dealt with. Milleniummon is a threat even to me.

Sincerest regards;

"What is it Ken?" Wormmon asked, worried by the look on his friends' face.

"It's a message from Daemon but, that's not what bothers me. He says that Milleniummon is coming back and that Ryo needs my…Our help." He responded.

"Do you think it's a trick?" Wormmon asked.

"Actually, I don't think it is. C'mon, we need to head home and tell mum that we'll be going camping or something like that." Ken said as he picked up his soccer bag in one hand and Wormmon in the other and walked away from the soccer fields.

"Are you going to tell any of the others?" Wormmon asked, yet again worrying about something.

"Nope, mum will tell them that I've gone camping. If I don't tell mum where I'm camping then she can't tell them and they won't look for us. Well, Davis Veemon won't, they're way too lazy." Ken chuckled.

'But still, why would Daemon want me to help. Surely Milleniummon can't reach him in the Black Ocean World?'

End of Book 1.

I've decided from the very beginning of writing this story that I would end the story here with a few cliff-hangers. :D Over the course of writing this story, I tried to develop my writing skill as well as make chapters larger and more informative.

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