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"DOGS! STOP SOUNDING SO NOT AWESOME! AGAIN FROM THE TOP!" Yes, there were the BTR boys, rehearsing 'Windows Down' for the eleventh time in the past hour. No one really can understand why Gustavo continuously yells at the boys when they're clearly singing correctly with clear harmonies and spot-on melodies. As the big man continues to yell, his assistant, Kelly Wainwright, shakes her head in disgrace. She loves these boys and thinks they deserve better treatment, being that they came from such a small town in Minnesota. The only reasonable answer for Gustavo's behavior is probably that he wants this album to be better than the last two. With all the stress of Hollywood and competing artists and bands, Gustavo lets his feelings out as fits of rage towards the boys.

Carlos, the youngest of the group, stares at his producer with tired eyes. Usually, his eyes are filled to the brim with excitement and eagerness, but being that they've been at the studio for 7 hours rehearsing new songs and dance moves, his luster is gone. He weakly holds onto the microphone as the music begins again and the hard stare of Gustavo drills into his and his band mates' heads. The guitar part starts pounding in his head through the headphones around his helmet clad head as he and the boys begin to sing.

Throw it up!


"CUT!" Gustavo screams into the guys' ears, making them jump a little.

"What now, Gustavo?" speaks their unofficial leader, Kendall. Always speaking his mind and talking back to Gustavo, this isn't unusual behavior for the blond boy. He stares into the man's unforgiving eyes as Gustavo stares back. Kelly elbows Gustavo, turns off the mic so the boys wouldn't hear, and begins talking to Gustavo.

All at once, the boys take the opportunity to sit down and lean against the walls of the tiny recording booth. Leaning their heads against the wall behind them, they close their eyes while trying to get a quick rest. They don't dare to say anything, as their throats are shot once again due to the many hours of singing over and over again. Why do we have to go through this torture? is a thought going through all the guys' minds right now. They can never understand why Gustavo is always so strict when Kelly says they're doing just fine. They all know that hard work is needed to make this the greatest album ever, but they're still human! They need a break once in a while and their only source of one is when Gustavo can't come into work. How is that fair?

"Boys, you can all go now. You did wonderful today. Oh, and you're off tomorrow!" Kelly's sweet voice is heard through the boys' headphones, causing all their eyes to open simultaneously and grins to form on the tired faces.

They instantly stand up and see a grinning Kelly and pouting Gustavo staring through the sound-proof glass of the recording booth. "Thanks, Kelly! Bye!" The boys all say and rush through the door and out the front doors of Rocque Records. Logan immediately begins bowing down to the ground and saying "Thank you!" over and over again. James was too busy fixing his hair in his mirror to notice while Kendall and Carlos sat on a nearby bench and waited for their limo back to the PalmWoods.

Once the limo pulled up, the boys immediately jumped in and closed their eyes. The trip back was silent except for the slight snoring coming from the boys. Being that they doze off every day, the driver was used to having to wake up the boys. He knew to never wake up anyone but Logan because waking up the others was dangerous, so he let Logan take care of it. Once he'd reached the boys' home, he slowly shook Logan's shoulder, causing the boy's eyes to flutter open, muscles to stretch, and a yawn to come from his mouth. The driver waited for the other boys to exit the limo before closing their door and driving back to Rocque Records.

"Man, today went by slow!" Carlos said as he took his normal seat on the L-shaped couch in Apartment 2J.

"I know! I need to seriously spend tomorrow catching up on my beauty sleep!" James called as he plopped down on the couch, too. This was followed by Logan then Kendall.

"Ugh, I need to relax. Movie night?" Kendall asked his friends. Thankfully it's Friday and now they have Saturday off, so it's a perfect time for a movie. Usually, they don't have time for movies, but now feels like a good time to watch one. He receives nods from all his friends, so he looks over to the movie stand to see all their DVDs.

"What genre?" Kendall asks.

"Comedy! Come on guys, we need a good laugh!" Carlos bursts out.

"Yeah, I agree with Carlos. A comedy would be nice." Logan agrees.

"Aw, I wanted to watch something with action! I kinda wanna stay awake for the entire movie!" James complains to his friends.

"I gotta go with James with this one. Action sounds cool!" Kendall says. A riot is about to begin.

"Comedy!" Carlos and Logan yell.

"Action!" James and Kendall yell back.





Throughout all the yelling, they are oblivious to all else. Being that they live in an apartment building with all other teens and kids, there's really no need to lock the front door. There have never been any break-ins in the history of the PalmWoods so there wouldn't be any reason to believe there'd be one now. Until now. The door quietly opening and closing went unnoticed by any of the boys.

The bickering between the two different genres was subsided and replaced by an all-out brawl between the friends. James was taking on Logan while Carlos and Kendall battled it out. It was a pretty unfair fight considering how much bigger Kendall and James were than Logan and Carlos, so the fight came and went quickly.

"Action it is then." Kendall said standing up with a grin on his face and high-fiving James. This received groans from Logan and Carlos.

"At least let us choose since you got to pick what kind of movie we're watching." Logan bargained with his friends.

"Yeah! How about a Mission Impossible movie? Or one of the Iron Man movies? Oh, how about a James Bond one? Or, we can.."

"CARLOS!" The rest of the guys yell. They know how Carlos can go on for hours and hours without being stopped.

"Oh, sorry!"

"Um, I'm feeling a Tom Cruise movie would be good for tonight. Let's do Mission Impossible 2. Carlos, does that sound good?" Logan would pick the movie that has to do with disease.

"Sure! I'll go get popcorn! Woo!"

"Ok, hold on, Logan left the DVD in our room. Be back in a
sec." Kendall states before running to grab the movie.

"Thank god we're watching this movie. Tom Cruise is a great person to look up to! He's an actor, gets all the celebrity women, plus he has great muscle tone and not to mention the hair! He's like an older me!"

"Wow, I never really noticed that before, James. Good comparison." Logan says to his brunette friend.

"Yeah, it took me about 3 weeks to think of it after we saw that Risky Business movie!" This receives a shake of the head from Logan.

"I'm back! Let's do this!" Kendall announces after coming back from his and Logan's shared room.

Beep! Beep! Beep! The microwave beeps, signifying that the popcorn is ready.

"Perfect timing! Carlos, hurry up! The movie's not gonna wait for you!" James calls.

"I'm here! I'm here!"


The movie plays and begins to spill the contents of the plot to the boys for the tenth time since they've been in LA. They don't have many movies because they don't usually watch them, but who can pass up a Mission Impossible movie?

Halfway through the movie, something catches Logan's eye that's on the floor in the dark apartment. He ignores it and continues to watch the screen. The 'thing' Logan saw moves behind the couch, along with the other three 'things' Logan didn't see. They quietly sit behind the couch awaiting their time to strike.

Soon enough the movie is over, leaving the boys very tired. They continue to sit there, too lazy to go up to their rooms, let alone take the movie out of the DVD player.

"Man, I'm beat. Gustavo really left me drained." Logan says.

"I know. I don't even want to get up." James says as he cuddles into couch with a fuzzy blanket.

"Same. I can't believe the torture we went through today at the studio." Carlos states.

"That's not the only torture you're gonna go through."

"What, Kendall?"

"I didn't say anything, Carlos. But I did hear something. Guys?" He turns to his friends on his left, but quickly wishes he didn't. There's Logan and James, sitting straight with unblinking eyes at the blank TV screen with blue veins popping through their skin. Fear doesn't begin to describe the look on their faces, which looks like aren't able to move. Their eyes scream for help but their mouths remained closed. Kendall quickly turns his head to the right to see Carlos in the same position as the others – his now wide chocolate eyes contrasting the blue on his neck and sides of his face. Kendall then feels a slight prick on the back of his neck, instantly finding how hard it is to breathe, let alone move. Paralyzed.

The sound of heavy boots is heard by all the guys as it appears to be coming from behind them. Soon, they find themselves being forced to stare at four large men in black with hard faces and large biceps.

"Hello there, Big Time Rush."

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