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Dr. Helmswick stared at the multiple monitors in front of him, jotting down notes every now and again. His research was going well so far and it was much easier to do now that Tony, Fred, Roy, and Mark installed hidden cameras around Apartment 2J.

On his notepad, he had written down the various symptoms each boy had gone through, amount of time asleep, and medicines they took. So far, all the boys seemed to have experienced headaches, extreme tiredness, dizziness, and slight nausea. It was also observed that each boy took two pills of aspirin with water.

"Sir, is there anything we can do?" the doctor jumped at the sudden appearance of Mark in the room. The man awaited an answer patiently while Dr. Helmswick caught his breath. He was so used to being alone most of the time that he wasn't used to the presence of others. He thought for a moment before responding.

"No, you and the others may leave. I may need you in the next few days, so be ready."

Yes, sir." Mark walked out of the research center and down the hall into a different part of the building.

The doctor soon began writing more on the notepad as he began to predict the next set of symptoms. He knew how much torture these boys would go through and knew that each stage of the disease was worse than the last. And from the looks of it, the boys were in for it.

Kendall sat in bed feeling extremely uncomfortable. He felt as though he was going through hot and cold flashes every ten minutes and had a knot in his stomach. His vision was distorted due to dizziness, but he managed the will power to grab his phone to text Kelly that's they'd all be out sick. The letters swam in his head as he attempted to write out the few sentences to their producer's assistant.

Finally, he succeeded in typing his text and sent it to Kelly, but it was at a price. His body was overrun with nausea and he quickly grabbed the turquoise colored waste bucket next to his bed. Kendall began to retch, eliminating whatever contents were left in his stomach.

The horrid sound of vomiting and smell of stomach acid was enough to wake Logan from his dreamless slumber. He gently began rubbing his eyes and noticed that his headache hadn't subsided, rather it had increased. Turning his head to the right, Logan saw his friend sitting on the side of his bed with his head in his bucket. Logan felt terrible, physically and emotionally, and didn't know what to do for Kendall. It was obvious now that medicines were useless for Hindericks.

Somehow, Logan managed to pry himself from his own bed and make his way over to Kendall's. He slowly rubbed circles on Kendall's back to soothe him as he purged. Noticing that the episode had ended, he helped his blond friend lie back down. The back of his hand connected with Kendall's forehead to see if he was warm. There was definitely extra warmth radiating from Kendall, leading to the conclusion that he had a fever. He noticed Kendall was shivering and quickly covered him with all the blankets on his bed.

Logan trudged back to his own bed, barely able to put one foot in front of the other. He was completely drained and ready to collapse. He lied on hid bed now, suddenly being hit with a heavy nauseous feeling. Acting quickly, he grabbed his baby blue bucket as he felt bile trickling up his throat. He mentally sighed as he began to retch, knowing he was alone on this one. Kendall was out cold after his puke-filled adventure as his body tried to regain the energy it had lost.

Logan's mind soon went back to what was going on now as he noticed the bucket filling quickly. Thankfully though, it was a short vomiting spell, so he didn't have to worry about a messy clean-up.

His eyes sprang open, trying to take in his surroundings. Noticing an extra weight, he maneuvered his body to see a short Latino laying right there on his bed. Not happy, he began to wake up the boy.

"Carlos, get lost." Kicking his shoulder, James attempted to wake the slumbering Carlos. So far, he was unsuccessful.

"Carlos! Get up!" with one last hard kick, James managed to wake Carlos. The younger boy opened his eyes, immediately putting his hand to his aching shoulder.

Exhausted from the yelling and kicking, James gave one last command. "Get off my bed, you're all sweaty."

"Yeah you're one to talk." Carlos responded weakly while he tried to get to his own bed.

The taller boy gasped and grasped at his face, trying to feel for excess moisture on his skin. And he didn't like what he felt. Suddenly alert, he felt his clammy skin, a lot of sweat and the hair he had worked so hard on was now soaked and clamped to his forehead.

"Shit! My hair!" James said, forgetting his 'sudden illness' and grabbing his mirror. He reached down quickly, pulling out his mirror from the nightstand drawer and looking at his complexion.

Unfortunately for the brunette, the motion was too fast for his sick head and he instantly grew nauseous. Well, that and what he had seen in the mirror had contributed. Acting quickly, he reached for his red bucket and retched right into it. His throat became raw and a weak feeling took over all throughout his muscles.

"Oh, James!" Carlos said as he looked at his poor friend.

Out of nowhere, James lifted his head from the bucket, dazed and confused, then began balling. He curled his knees up to his chest and put his head down, all the while having Carlos's eyes watch from across the room.

Carlos' eyes went wide as he watched the display. James NEVER cried in front of ANYONE. He couldn't even recall the last time he'd seen him cry. Not since…ever! James and Kendall were the rocks. They could never be broken down, they could only be built up and ready to protect the smaller ones, such as Logan and Carlos. But now, this was a totally different story.

He wished he could say something, anything, but he was at a total loss of words. Sitting dumbfounded and staring at his emotionally deteriorating best friend, Carlos tried to think of something to do.

"B-buddy, what's wr-rong?" shakily Carlos asked, not used to the situation at all. And frankly, he was quite nervous.

"I-I can't take this! It's o-only been one freaking day and I-I…I hate this shit!" James said with a nervous breath. He never handled illness well, being that he was rarely sick. It was Carlos that was always sick, but now that they're ALL dealing with stupid Hindericks, he just doesn't know what's going to happen.

"Me too. But we've gotta stay strong if we wanna…you know…live and stuff." Carlos muttered the last part with a gulp. The fact that they could die from this was enough to make his entire body shake uncontrollably.

"A-And I never got to pursue my other d-dream of becoming an actor! And a m-model!" Going into hysterics again, James put his head back down between his knees.

"James, we will make it through this and continue to be singers. Then you can be an actor and a model. Just keep your head high." Carlos said, taking the position of Kendall for once. It felt strange, but at the same time felt so right.

"But what if I can't do this?" James said weakly, becoming increasingly tired from his emotions running on high and the headache settling in.

"I have faith in you, Mr. Diamond." Carlos said with a smile. Although he was feeling poorly himself, he masked his pain with a smile for his friend because him mom had always said to put others first. Crawling to the edge of his bed, Carlos hoped off and made his way to James, engulfing him in a tight embrace for comfort.

James gladly accepted the hug by grasping a shaky boy in his own arms. Forgetting about his own problems, he turned to his friend once more. "Thanks buddy. I have faith in you, too."

Releasing the hug, Carlos smiled at his friend and thanked him for the compliment. But before completely parting, he spoke up. "You're warm, James. Here, Logan probably left these pills here for us to take. Take those then go to sleep for me, okay?"

Nodding, the brunette grasped the two pills and water, thus consuming them then resting his head upon his pillow. The entire time, Carlos remained smiling, even after taking the pills and realizing that his nausea was building, because he knew he had helped James for once instead of the other way around.

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