Letting Go

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I am going to tell him. I've liked Naruto for a year now. I always wondered why I got this warm feeling when I am around him. Every time he would look at me I would feel as if I'm floating. My mom noticed every time when we were together. One day when he left my house my mom sneaked behind me to ask me what was going on. When I told my mom about this weird feeling. She told me I like him. It made sense of why I had these feeling every time I was near him. Ever since then I've tried to tell to tell him I like him. But I was never able too.

We were playing tag when I got an idea. When I stopped running Naruto suddenly bumped into me.

"Is something wrong Hinata?" Naruto asked worried.

"No, umm Naruto can I tell you something?" Hinata asked.

This is it my hands are sweating as I find a way to tell him. It's now or never.

"Yes, we are best friends after all you can tell me anything" said Naruto smiling happily.

"Naruto, I like you." I confessed.

Naruto smile at me, "I like you too."

I blushed I can't believe it. "So want to go out?" I asked.

Naruto looked at me weird. "What?"

"Well since you know umm both like each other." I said.

He looked at me shocked them looked away " I'm sorry Hinata but you know that I like Sakura not you" Naruto said.

Naruto looked at me sadly but I turned away, I didn't want to look at him. I'm such an idiot how can I think he likes me like that. I felt the tears creeping up in my eyes but I wouldn't let them fall.

I stood there for what felt like hours but what was really seconds. I felt something warm wrap around my waist. I looked up it is Naruto hugging me.

"Sorry" he murmured.

I couldn't stand him pitying me so I pushed him away and ran inside to the nearest bathroom. I locked the door and started crying. Sakura is so perfect unlike me no wonder Naruto likes her.

Someone knocked on the door "Who is it?"

"It's me Kushina your dad is here he asked if you want to stay or leave" She asked.

"I want to go" I said.

I opened the door and ran to living room to grab my backpack.

When I was about to open the door to leave when Kushina grabbed my hand and asked "Why were you crying you can tell me anything?"

She looked worried. I looked around and saw Naruto in the corner. She looked at what I was looking at and saw Naruto. Her brows furrowed in curiosity and worry. Kushina open to her mouth to say something but before she can I hugged her and said thank you. I got into my dad's car.

My dad glanced at me but I shook my head before he would say anything. He decided to stay quiet. That's what I liked about my dad. He doesn't force you talk until you are ready to. It was quiet during the ride home. When we got to the house I ran inside and looked for my mom. When I saw her I hugged her and started crying again. She asked me what is wrong and that's when I told her everything.

"It's okay Hina he doesn't know what he is missing there are plenty of other boys yo-", I interrupted, "I don't want other boys I want him." My mom picked then laid me down on her bed. She let cry on her till I fell asleep.

When I woke up I saw my parents on the bed talking. When they noticed me waking up they looked at each other.

My dad sighed then said "Hinata your mom has to move away because she is feeling sick" I looked at her worried.

"Don't worry baby I'll always come to visit you" she said sadly.

This can't be happening. I won't be able to deal with Naruto without my mom. I shook my in denial. "No, dad can I go with mom instead?"

"You want to move with her what about your friends your best friend Naruto?"

I felt my heart to break again but I faced him and said "They can handle it I just don't feel like I belong here."

Dad looked at mom then asked me "Are you sure?" I nodded.

A week had past. I didn't go to school. I know I'm a coward for not going but I don't want to see him. The days went by fast I distracted myself by playing games and reading. My dad was able to relocate his job so today we started packing everything and putting it in a van we rented.

On Saturday we finished everything. I got into the car with my parents and my little sister Hanabi. I looked out the window as the car looking at what I was leaving behind. When we passed my school I felt liked time stopped. I saw Naruto looking at me he looked relieved yet sad. As fast as it came his face disappeared. It started raining. I see the raindrops land on the window then slide down out of sight. It seems like sky is crying with me. I look back to Konoha and say bye.

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