If you'd asked Sebastian about his relationship with Hunter, he's tell you it was great and to mind your own business. No one was sure when the two became a couple, most though it happened when some of the Warblers walked in on them kissing and soon after they were seen holding hands, and Hunter was walking Sebastian to class, stupid coupley stuff. Everyone was surprised to hear that Sebastian Smythe was in a relationship even more to hear that 'Not even remotely bi-curious-was gay. Sure no one really gave Hunter trouble about it because no one really cared, and no one wanted to get expelled, and being out at Dalton gave Sebastian not the courage but the passion to try to have an relationship an actually exclusive relationship with Hunter.

Hunter didn't have a problem with going on dates, or just cuddling in public with Sebastian he liked it, because it was in the confidence of Dalton, at Dalton Hunter didn't have to worry about being judge so he was more comfortable about his sexuality and his choice of his lovers but outside Dalton was a different story. Sure Hunter would defend his boyfriend and his friends against bigots and asshole, because that's just who Hunter is he protects the people he cares about….but sometimes Hunter goes about the wrong way to protect someone he cares about.

-Meet me at the track field.

Sebastian started at the message for a second, before letting out a sigh before putting on sweets; the shirt of course was Hunters. Sebastian liked wearing Hunter's clothes for one it drove Hunter crazy seeing his boyfriend in his clothes and because it made Sebastian feel well as lame as the term was loved, of course this though made Sebastian feel like a walking cliché from one his therapist psychology books.

It didn't take long for Sebastian to reach the track fields; Hunter was running hard as he jumped over hurdles only slowing down when he got closer to Sebastian. It should have alarmed Sebastian to see Hunter so out of breathe, but he chalked it up to him running longer and harder than what he was used to.

"Hey got you text!" Sebastian yelled jogging towards the fence to meet his boyfriend; Sebastian leaned forward to kiss Hunter only to have the other pull back. "What's wrong?"

Hunter stared at his foot for a few seconds longer, 'Deep breathes Clarington you have to do this.' He though before looking up, he stared at Sebastian far longer than he should of.

"Hunter?" Sebastian asked concerned, the lacrosse captain was a few seconds away from jumping over the fence.

"I'm breaking up with you." Hunter told him, blank faced and jaw set.

"What? Hunter that isn't funny." Sebastian stated,

"It's not a joke. We're...we're over."

"That's it? No explanation, no fucking 'it's not you it's me' speech!" Sebastian yelled, staring at Hunter waiting for him to say something anything. "Tell me what I did, please, tell me so I can fix it." Tears already breaking free, he wasn't practically begged, Sebastian was begging Hunter.

"There's nothing you can do. We're done." Hunter told him before he continued his run.

"Hunter! Hunter Clarington!" Sebastian screamed, leaning over the fence. "Don't fucking run away from me you coward!"

'Keep running Clarington it's for the best.' Hunter though then ran faster vaulting over the fence and onto an old bike path far out of Sebastian's sight.

Sebastian felt sick, he leant against the chain-link fence to keep from falling over, it toke a few dry heaves before Sebastian could stand again. He stared after Hunter even if he couldn't see his boyfriend, ex-boyfriend. He tugged on the sleeve of Hunter's hoodie; he contemplated ripping of the shirt, the familiar smell of Hunter was making him sick.

With a scream Sebastian tore off the shirt not caring if it was negative degrees outside and he was only wearing a tank. He needed to get out of Dalton, he needed to think no he needed to forget and move on as much as it would kill him he needs to move on. He needed to go back to the way he was before; he needed to rebuild the walls he kept around his heart and it was time for the heart on his sleeve to go back to his cheek.

Finding something nice to wear was a challenge Sebastian found that every shirt, every tight ass hugging jeans made him think of Hunter, how Hunter loved these jeans, how Hunter hated that shirt, how these two together would drive Hunter crazy. Tearing threw his closet Sebastian ended up taking clothes from Jeff not giving any explanation to his friend, as he got into his car and drove to 'Temptation'. He would buy a new wardrobe later right now he just wanted a drink.

Temptation was a great gay bar a few hours from Westerville but it was perfect, the dark lights the loud music, better booze and packed to the teeth with hot guys. Just what Sebastian needed to forget, he hadn't been sitting at the bar long before someone bought him a drink the guy was exactly like the guys went after before Sebastian liked Hunter. God damn Hunter ruined his taste, completely fucked up his type made them all undesirable.

When Sebastian finally got enough liquid courage down he started dancing he backed off when someone tried to grind against his back or front he visible froze when anyone touched him. It was conditioned he never wanted Hunter to think he was cheating on him; he never wanted Hunter to doubt him. When Hunter found out about his insecurities he didn't know how to comfort his boyfriend, they spent the afternoon in bed in each other's arm discussing what they considered to be cheating and what wasn't.

"I trust you." The words Hunter spoke echoed in his head, causing Sebastian to leave the dance floor and leaned against a wall. Then a fucking 'Whistle' came on, the one song Sebastian couldn't listen to without getting hard. Hunter singing the song had a worse effect on him; he remembered their first time together. Hunter huskily singing it in his ears, as he mapped every inch of Sebastian's body with his hands as Hunter drove Sebastian mad. They didn't have sex because Sebastian knows sex every kind of sex even what they did was made love; Hunter was the first person ever to make him feel loved.

Fighting back the tears Sebastian pushed his way out of the club, and down into the alley, where he screamed yelled knocked over trash cans, for like the millionth time that night Sebastian's phone vibrated in his pocket, pulling it out as he slipped down to the ground readying the message dozens from Jeff, Nick Blaine even! All of them asking about Hunter's sudden Facebook statues update.

Going to his Facebook notification Sebastian saw it.

'Hunter Clarington is single'

They never really updated their status to dating, they just said 'taken' Sebastian never really liked Facebook anyway he felt it was an overrated updated version of Myspace, Hunter felt the same way…Instagram was a different. Both of the accounts were full of pictures of each other and the warblers.

"What's the matter fag, you're boyfriend broke up with you?"

Hunter felt so lost…both literally and figuratively as he tried to find his way back to Dalton, he regretted breaking if off with Sebastian but it was for the best no matter how he felt he knew that must sure having Sebastian hate him wasn't part of the plan the break up wasn't how he wanted it to go. He wanted to explain everything but he wasn't sure what other way to explain it. he was a coward plain and simple.'

He made it back to Dalton and to his room…the room he shared with Sebastian, 'Shit way to go Clarington forgot that little detail didn't you?' Hunter wasn't sure what he expected to see when he opened the door maybe Sebastian tearing up his stuff, angrily crying in the shower or his bed maybe rooming with Niff or anyone else really so seeing the room empty and un-touch saved for his closet.

Most of Sebastian's clothes rested on his side of the room, some of them torn apart other in the trash, Mr. Puss was hissing and yowling in his kennel Pierre squelching loudly his food bowl and water bottle empty, quickly reacting that Hunter toke out his phone to see messages from ranging from Nick to Blaine it was late in the day. Hunter tried to hold in his anger he needed to get out, out of Dalton, Westerville fucking Ohio!